Spain upsets Canada to win Algarve; Swiss win Cyprus

The Equalizer Staff March 8, 2017 38

Spain win AlgarveSpain completed a Cinderella week in Portugal by knocking off Canada 1-0 to win the Algarve Cup in their first trip to the event. Leila Ouahabi’s 5th minute goal stood up under intense, late pressure from the Canadians whose bid to repeat as champions came up short. Canada continued their youth movement though with John Herdman unveiling 15-year old Jordyn Huitema, who started the match on her debut for the Maple Leaf. For Spain the Algarve trophy represents a successful start to Jorge Vilda’s coaching tenure. He took over after the players forced Ignacio Quereda out following the World Cup after 28 years in charge.

In other Algarve placement matches…

3RD PLACE: Denmark 1, Australia 1 (4-1 on penalties): Pernille Harder’s 80th minute goal cancelled out Kyah Simon’s go-ahead tally on 36 minutes, and Denmark converted all four penalties to secure third place from favored Australia. Sam Kerr, on the occasion of her 50th cap, had her PK saved, as did Clare Polkinghorne.

5TH PLACE: Netherlands 3, Japan 2: A Rumi Ustugi own goal in stoppage time gave the Netherlands a wild victory and 5th place as they prepare to host the Euros this summer. Anouk Dekker and Lieke Martens put the Netherlands up 2-0 after just 19 minutes. Japan quickly countered with Kumi Yokoyama splitting the lead in half just a minute later. Japan then pulled level at 77 minutes on Sheila Van den Bulk’s own goal before Utsugi returned the favor.

7TH PLACE: Sweden 4, Russia 0: Kosovare Aslanni and Nilla Fischer gave Sweden a 2-0 lead inside 10 minutes, and they were off and running to salvage what was a disappointing week even after it opened with a win over Australia. Asllani added her second before the half, and Fridolina Rolfo added the cherry on top in the 2nd.

9TH PLACE: Iceland 2, China 1: Erna Sigurordottir scored early in both halves to carry the day for Iceland. Wang Shuang brought China level near the end of the 1st half, but they conceded less than two full minutes into the 2nd.

11TH PLACE: Norway 2, Portugal 0: A dreadful tournament for Norway ended on a high note with a win over the hosts. Ingvild Isaksen and Guro Reiten provided the scoring.

Switzerland takes Cyprus Cup

Switzerland, never better than 4th at any prior Algarve or Cyprus Cup, completed an undefeated run through Cyprus by edging South Korea 1-0. Lara Dickenmann’s 58th minute goal stood up to hand the Swiss their first trophy. The week was full of drama as Selina Kuster scored late to earn a draw with Belgium in the opening match, and then Rahel Kiwic scored late to beat North Korea 1-0 in the second match. The goal was the first conceded by South Korea, who won two group matches and drew Austria, 0-0.

Elsewhere at the Cyprus Cup…

3RD PLACE: North Korea 2, Ireland 0: Wi Jong Sim and Kim Ryu Song provided the goals to put both Koreas on the podium. Ireland’s 4th place finish in Colin Bell’s coaching debut was their highest ever finish in four trips to the event.

5TH PLACE: Scotland 0, Wales 0 (6-5 on penalties): No goals through 90 minutes, but the UK rivals filled it up in penalties where they required extra rounds before Kim Little’s Scotland got the better of Jess Fishlock’s Wales. Little, though, did not feature in the match and was not on the bench for the Scots.

7TH PLACE: Belgium 1, Austria 1 (3-1 on penalties): The teams traded 2nd-half goals before Belgium prevailed on penalties. Tessa Wullaert put Belgium ahead in the 63rd minute, and Verena Aschauer pulled Austria level in the 78th. The 7th place match was an ominous place for teams who drew the respective finalists in group play.

9TH PLACE: New Zealand 3, Hungary 1: Following a disastrous group stage, the Football Ferns left in 9th place after a decisive win over Hungary. Rosie White scored twice to give her three goals for the tournament and some good form to take with her to the Breakers for NWSL preseason next week. Jasmine Pereira also scored for New Zealand.

11TH PLACE: Italy 6, Czech Republic 2: Cristian Gereli’s two quick goals late in the first half turned the tide of the match after Jitka Chlastakova put the Czechs ahead in the 9th minute. Alice Parisi scored moments before the half time whistle, and the Italians were off the running. Barbara Bonasea, Melania Gabbiadini and Maniela Giugliano added to the scoresheet after the break. Katerina Svitkova hit a 2nd half penalty for the Czech Repblic.

  • Ashley C

    Been a strange couple of days in WoSo but good to see the predictability factor isn’t as high anymore.

    • guest

      agreed. Boring to watch USA win everything.

      • Steglitz49

        Not if you are an American.

      • Berkley

        Like all the WCs between 2000 and 2014?

      • Jean Perroni

        For your record. USA didn t win any World Cup since Bill Clinton was president, before they won it in 2015. In that period Germany won it back to back and Japan once.

    • Mike

      Agree. It has been boring watching the USA win every time. Exciting times ahead!

      • Steglitz49

        Remeber the Glorious 12th, 2016?

    • Steglitz49

      The circle closed after 13 years.

      2003 on US soil — Germany beats Sweden by a Golden Goal
      2007 in China — Germany bests Brazil
      2011 in Germany — Japan walks off with the silverware
      2015 in Canada — the US beats Japan

      2016 after 4 golds and a silver, the USWNT is sent packing without a medal — Germany claims the gold by beating Sweden on an own goal — we are back in 2003. Yeehaw!

  • guest

    Love to see the rest of the world catching up. The Men’s world cup is a fantastic and captivating event because of so many competitive teams. I would love to see the Women’s World Cup look like that one day, even if the age of American dominance is over.

    • Marnipreed

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    • Jean Perroni

      Women s World Cup was about Germany and USA but other nations are catching up. France and Japon are in the same level as those nations today. Brazil when on top can beat any teams as well. Swede and Norway have had strong team even they haven t win major tournaments lately. Spain, Netherland and Swiss are teams that are on the rise.

  • Bob

    Traditional woso powers Canada, China, Norway, Japan, Australia, all losers. Tines are a changing.

  • Steglitz49

    Only 5 comments. Now 6 with this, an increase of 20%.

    Not surprising that WoSo struggles in the market place.

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      football is moving around its on its feet oh boy so much better now

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      steglitz himself is coming down from the stands. he has a trophy in his hands to give to me for saving football

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  • Miami66

    Underdogs winning has become much more common which is nice to see. Hopefully the Euro furthers that.

    • Steglitz49

      Last year we saw someone else than the US win the OG since 2000 (when Norway won): Germany.

      • Miami66

        Ha yes. Well I guess the obvious choices to take the Euro from Germany would be England or France. Underdogs that could possibly make a surprise run to the final: Sweden, Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland. Maybe Iceland?

        • Steglitz49

          Iceland’s ladies have had fair outings in the Euros in the past but not as spectacular as their men did last year. Wales too were fine, which goes to show what can be achieved with top players in key positions.

          Iceland’s men had Lars Lagerbäck but he has been persuaded to take on Norway’s MNT. Let’s hope Iceland’s ladies can find their grove too. They play in the group with France, Austria and the Swiss.

          • Dicky

            They will lose all three matches

        • sudeep das

          Super excited about the Dutch and the Spanish. What a game Van de Sanden had against the Nadeshikos.
          France vs Spain or Netherlands will be a great final – although a tad predictable maybe in the outcome.

  • BarcaSiempre

    Spain won without their most famous player, Vero. She was on the bench??? Sinclair was on the bench for most of the time for Canada.The coaching change in Spain looks like it has made a big difference. That was a pretty disheartened team after WC15.


    • Steglitz49

      Eviva Espana! Espana por favor!

      • BarcaSiempre

        Yeah how about Barcelona yesterday?The meltdown of PSG was totally epic.

        But I was wondering if anybody who follows PSG women know why Vero did not play in the Algarve Final. I found nothing on Marca and she was listed as an available substitute against Canada. Injured? Sick? ¿Que pasa?

        • Steglitz49

          A poorly refereed match.

          Don’t know about Vero. Spain won, though.

  • guest

    Wow lol. Shows how dominant USWNT is considering we pummeled the Swiss and they won the Algarve? Canada is terrible.

    • guest

      is that you Jill? improve your reading comprehension