Lloyd leads four Americans on FIFPro Women’s World XI

The Equalizer Staff March 8, 2017 34


Four Americans including FIFA World Player of the Year, Carli Lloyd have been named to FIFPro’s Women’s World XI.  Hope Solo, Ali Krieger, and Alex Morgan were also voted to the team. Lloyd and Solo are repeats from the inaugural list of 2015. More than 3,000 players from 47 countries voted on the FIFPro Women’s World XI which was announced Wednesday in conjunction with International Women’s Day.

Two members of Germany’s Olympic gold medal team–Leonie Meier and Dzsenifer Marozsan–were also named to the World XI as was UEFA Player of the Year, Ada Hegerberg. Others honored were: defenders Wendie Renard and Nilla Fischer; midfielder Marta; and forward Eugenie Le Sommer. Renard and Le Sommer, both part of the French team that won the SheBelieves Cup on Tuesday night, are also caryovers from 2015.

FIFPro is a Netherlands based organization representing and defending the rights of 65,000 soccer players around the globe.

The 2016 FIFPro Women’s World XI

GOALKEEPER: Hope Solo (USA/unattached)
DEFENDERS: Leonie Maier (GER/Bayern Munich), Nilla Fischer (SWE/Wolfsburg), Wendie Renard (FRA/Lyon), Ali Krieger (USA/Orlando Pride)
MIDFIELDERS: Dzsenifer Marozsan (GER/Lyon), Carli Lloyd (USA/Manchester City), Marta (BRA/Rosengard)
FORWARDS: Alex Morgan (USA/Lyon), Ada Hegerberg (NOR/Lyon), Eugenie Le Sommer (FRA/Lyon)

note: club affiliations are current and may not reflect 2016

  • Rami

    Oh dear… it’s hard to take these lists seriously when you keep seeing results like that. I suppose if we need to have one token American in there then it should have been Heath. But the FIFA player of the year has to be theire I suppose.

    • Kevin

      Yeah, these lists are a joke and not even worth a chuckle at that.

      • Marnipreed

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    • Arcie Tillydee

      Yep…this is just silly.

      • Timber Dave

        Off topic: Spain just won the Algarve Cup, beating Canada 1-0. And in the 3rd-place game, Denmark beat Australia on penalties.

        On topic: That list is ridiculous. No, it’s more than ridiculous, it’s ludicrous.

    • Ethan

      I don’t disagree with your point, but I don’t think the phrase “token American” applies when votes from players, not a single committee, determined this list. Did they all come together to say we have to vote at least one American into this lineup?

      • DNG

        No, instead a whole bunch of players decided that they were going to vote for the Americans without following them the entire year. Full disclosure Heath would not have been in my world XI. No American would have been. Of the choices available though Heath was probably the closest

        • Ethan

          Well, that whole bunch of players probably didn’t follow any player the entire year. I may be wrong, but comments in this article make it seem like people thought a committee came up with this XI. I suppose posters probably know, but the wording is strange to me considering these players that voted have no hidden/ulterior agenda/motive like a committee might have.

          • DNG

            I actually have a difficult time blaming the players who vote for not following the sport since it is difficult to follow. That is why my stance is really just to not take these awards seriously.

            I wasn’t actually going by trying to put 2 CFs, 2 CMs, 2 Wingers, 2 CBs and 2 FBs in a true best XI since these lists normally never follow that guidline. For the three from the midfielders list I would have chosen Behringer, Fishlock, Abily and Harder although I would make the argument that Harder should be with the attackers. It’s not that I don’t think Heath played well though she’s right on the cusp of that third spot for me. If we did as, I think you were suggesting, and chose based on the distribution I put up top, then yes Heath probably deserves to be in the XI.

  • dw

    At least the propaganda machine is still working.

  • NYRick

    And they wonder why the sport isn’t taken very seriously. Krieger? She was probably doing a happy dance when she got her camp invite in January.

  • Esk22

    It’s like they made a list of the World XI for 2012 and then realized it was 2016, so they added a few youngsters from the 2012 U-20 world cup.

    • Ethan

      Well, this was voted on by players, not some designated committee. So, who’s “they”? If you’re solely just making a joke, then disregard my comment.

  • Ashley C

    These lists always reflect on how long women’s football has to go. Certainly the game has made massive strides but you see these lists and think ???? Like Lloyd winning POTY again.

  • A_Dog_Without_A_Clutch

    Does Not Belong:

    Hope Solo- Quit her PROFESSIONAL JOB because of national team PR mess.
    Alex Morgan- Cause you wouldn’t Olivier Giroud on a men’s list and that is what her season equated to.
    Carli Lloyd- DNP
    Ali Krieger- Over Irene Paredes, Lucy Bronze, Tabea Kemme, Stephanie Houghton, Saki Kumagai
    Marta- Cause you wouldn’t put Mesut Ozil on a men’s list and that is what her season nearly equated to
    Nilla Fischer- See Krieger
    Dzsensifer Marozan- Her work at Lyon makes it OK for her to be on the short list, but she had a rather ho-hum season for Frankfurt- so that should exclude her for the best 11

    The Aggrieved:

    Melanie Behringer
    Lucy Bronze
    Pernille Harder
    Lynn Williams
    Vivianne Miedema
    Alyssa Naeher
    Mizuho Takaguchi
    Saki Kumagai
    Zsannett Jakabfi
    Stephanie Houghton
    Jessica McDonald
    Tobin Heath
    Nadia Nadim

    • Steglitz49

      If you had listed some aggrieved Swedes, you would have merited consideration.

      You are just another name-recognizer.

      • A_Dog_Without_A_Clutch

        All I know is that Marta did not have an exemplary season in Sweden and Rosengard and Marta did not have an impressionable Champions League.

        jakobsson, I recall had a similar year to Maroszan- where her comme-ci comme-ca first half hurts her fantastique second half.

        Other than that, I am not put any stock on the OG games to the FIFPro list unless it is a tie-break.

        • Steglitz49

          Just look up the names of those that were successful on the Glorious 12th and learn them off by heart.

          You must have known the name of the goalie and those that took the 5 penalties, as well as the lass who scored in play.

          The rest you can memorize today.

  • Steglitz49

    Germany claims Olympic Gold by beating Sweden by an own goal, Sweden having turfed the US out of the OG without a medal.

    Therefore, 2 Germans to 1 Swede could be considered OK, but are they the correct players?

    Ada Hegerberg I can understand BUT how can there then be 2 French and 4 Americans players doing in this list to 2 Germans and 1 Swede?

    We complain that the FIFA POTY is meaningless. How is this any better?

    • Kevin

      One of the Americans on that list was benched almost the entire year too on the USWNT.

  • DNG

    This list is a joke let’s move on

  • What year is this?

  • A_Dog_Without_A_Clutch
  • newsouth

    Am I suppose take this serious like MLB All-Star fan voting?

  • AlexH

    Ah irony! You always satisfy.

  • guest123

    Speaking of Marta…This solves Orlando’s midfield and play making issue. If this is true, no other NWSL international signing can top this.


  • htm222

    How is Bronze not on this list and Krieger is.

    • Kevin

      Bonus points for bench-warming?

  • Bruce
    • Kevin

      Not sure it’s that much saner…

      The first 3 (out of 5 total) best XI’s have 10, 9, 10 Europeans on their team and almost all are from FRA, GER, SWE, plus Hegerberg.

      • Bruce

        Euro-centric: sure.

        But at least it’s based on last year’s performance.