Houston Dash sign defender Claire Falknor

Allison Lee February 24, 2017 16
(image courtesy Houston Dash)

(image courtesy Houston Dash)

The Houston Dash announced on Friday that they have signed American defender Claire Falknor for the upcoming 2017 season, pending receipt of her International Transfer Certificate.

Falknor, 23, comes to Houston via Germany, where she played for FC Bayern Munich of the Frauen-Bundesliga in 2016. There she won the league title and reached the quarterfinals of the UEFA Champion’s League. 

“Claire brings a playing style that fits nicely with the way we play here in Houston. She’s very skillful, with the ability to play anywhere across the back line,” Dash head coach Randy Waldrum said. “She has a high soccer IQ and will adapt quickly to our way of playing. She’s highly competitive and knows how to win, proving that both at Florida and with Bayern Munich.”

Falknor is the second defender Waldrum has brought in from overseas this offseason, as the Dash signed South African captain and center back Janine Van Wyk in December. The Dash’s defense was a weak spot last season, and starting goalkeeper Lydia Williams was second in the league for goals allowed and third in saves as a result. Falknor could bring some much needed help to the Dash back line.

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An All-American at Florida her senior year, Falknor made 93 appearances on the Gators back line, scoring 2 goals and recording 5 assists. She was also called up to the U.S. U-23 team in 2015 and was named to its Four Nations Tournament roster. She made one start over two appearances for the team during that tournament.

Following her senior season at Florida, Falknor reportedly signed an 18-month contract with Bayern Munich. However, the club announced in December that she would be leaving early, spurring rumors that she was leaving for the NWSL.

In an offseason marred by Americans departing the NWSL to play overseas, Falknor is now the second American to return to home to play in the NWSL after playing overseas. Sky Blue FC signed Manchester City midfielder Daphne Corboz last month after initially taking her in the 3rd round of the 2015 NWSL College Draft.

  • kernel_thai

    Good for the Dash. They gave up way too many late goals last year costing them valuable points and a shot at the playoffs.

    • Silver Frost

      Now they need to find a replacement for the rarely seen Carli lloyd. Let’s hope Dash prove effective and dangerous this season, a real playoff candidate.

      • mockmook

        They already have all the fwds and mids needed to not miss Lloyd.

        • Terry Lash

          The Dash may need a new coach, however.

      • Guest

        Midfield: Andressa, Brian, Brooks, O’Sullivan
        Forward: Ohai, Beckie, Daly, Ochs, Prince

        I think they’ll be fine as is.

  • Weltmeister

    A Bench Player at Bayern München
    Not the Best
    Is the NWSL DOOMED ?
    A wrong Media Deal with a Little Little Tv Channel.
    All good Players Go to Europa
    What is with the NWSL?

    • One of weltmeister’s drugs

      Since all your predictions proved to be wrong we can now be ensured that the NWSL will remain strong and will continue to exist

      • Tom F

        predictions? Weltmeister’s German team won the Olympics where as the US flopped the quarter finals. The Bund’s BM, TP & Wolfsburg are all stronger than any NWSL team but then the NWSL takes over all the way until we hit the Boston Breakers

        • Calci0

          I see BM, TP, and Wolfsburg all fighting for a playoff spot in the NWSL. No way do I see them clearly better than all the NWSL teams.

          • Tom F

            if you go with the current injuries to the BUND teams, you’ll probably right, but on paper, Bayern Munich would match up well with the Thorns as they got 7 former or current German NT’s, 1 J NT in Iwabuchi, 1 former US NT in Gina Lowendowski & a bevy of other solid internationals including their superstar fwd, Miedema(who I think is better currently than either Sinclair or Nadim,
            Wolfsburg though it’s in a class by itself, their no more just a German team(as they only start 4 Germans) they’ve picked up during winter break, Pernel Harder, who I think’s about the best pl;ayer in the world right now. That to go along with Carole Graham Hansen, who in my book might just be the best player around if it’s not for her constant injuries. If she’s in top shape though, I predict a Wolfsburg, upset in the CL over what on paper, should be the top team in the world, club or NT, which of course is Lyon(Morgan, Marozsan, Hegerberg, plus most of the best French NT’s)

          • Steglitz49

            BM have Fridolina Rolfö too.
            Pernille Harder — like Pernilla Wiberg. They have Nilla Fischer too.
            Lyon has Kadeisha Buchanan and Caroline Seger too.

    • Guest

      Love how they pack’ the seats for the league games for the women’s games in Europe. Nice to have the Men’s clubs subsidizing the women’s teams with those nice salaries. Just need to work on getting people to show up.

  • wosofan

    Couldn’t cut it at Bayern, likely will be a backup for Houston. Not sure this deserves a story of its own but whatevs.

    • atalba

      If they needed a CB, they probably should have traded for her ex-CB partner Christen Westphal. Falknor was a banger, but slow, and the least talented between the 2 at UF.

      • guest

        Given Boston’s poor trade history, Houston might still work out a Falknor for Westphal trade

      • mockmook

        One problem with that strategy: You have to trade away someone of value.