Tuesday Roundup: Canada to host CRC in two-match series in June

The Equalizer Staff February 21, 2017 48

Also in today’s roundup, Thorns sign Australian forward Ashleigh Sykes, Cabrini names 23-player Italy roster ahead of Cyprus Cup and the Spanish Federation announces Algarve squad

Canada returns home for two-match series against CRC in June. (photo by Canada Soccer)

Canada returns home for two-match series against CRC in June. (photo by Canada Soccer)

The Canadian women’s national team announced on Tuesday that they will host the Costa Rican women’s national team in two friendlies in June. The team continues to add to its action-packed spring slate as they will compete in March at the Algarve Cup, followed by matches against Germany and Sweden in April before returning home to take on Costa Rica on June 8 in Winnipeg and June 11 in Toronto.

This will be the first meeting between these two teams since February 2016 when Canada eliminated Costa Rica from the CONCACAF Qualifying Tournament and then proceeded to clinch its spot in the 2016 Rio Olympic Games.

Head Coach John Herdman is excited for the two-match series against Costa Rica according to the federation’s official release. “Getting to play in front of Canadian fans is really special, so we are obviously thrilled to be coming home for another June two-match series,” he said.

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The team will be returning to Winnipeg for the first time since 2014. As for Toronto, this will be their first time back at BMO Field since June 2016 when the team lost to Brazil ahead of the Olympics.

The Canadians open Algarve Cup play against Denmark on March 1 and then continue to face off against Russia and Portugal in group play.

Thorns sign Australian forward Ashleigh Sykes

Ashleigh Sykes has signed with the NWSL's Portland Thorns. (photo courtesy Canberra United)

Ashleigh Sykes has signed with the NWSL’s Portland Thorns. (photo courtesy Canberra United)

Today, the Oregonian confirmed that the Portland Thorns signed Australian forward Ashleigh Sykes. The Sydney-native will join the Thorns on June 1 and evidently will not be in Portland once the 2017 NWSL season kicks off. The 25-year old spent most of her professional soccer career playing with Canberra United of the W-League since 2008.

On the international stage, Sykes first debuted for the Matildas in 2008 but saw most of her action for country come in 2015. Since then, she has appeared for her country 19 times, scoring five goals. Most recently, she was named to the 2015 FIFA Women’s World Cup roster for Australia where she made her World Cup debut in the group stage against the USWNT.

Cabrini announces Italy roster ahead of Cyprus Cup

Head coach Antonio Cabrini named his 23-player roster for Italy for the upcoming Cyprus Cup yesterday. The team is set to kick off the tournament on March 1 against North Korea. They will then take on Belgium and Switzerland to close out group play. The Azzuree squad finished last year’s Cyprus Cup in third place after coming out of their group in 2nd place and beating Czech Republic 3-1 in the third place match.

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Goalkeepers (3): Alessia Gritti (ASD Mozzanica), Chiara Serafino (S. Bernardo Luscerna), Sabrina Tasselli (Sassuolo)

Defenders (7): Sara Gama (Brescia), Eleonora Piacezzi (Cuneo), Elena Linari (Fiorentina), Lina Cimini Tucceri (S. Zaccaria), Federica Di Criscio (AGSM Verona), Lisa Boattin (AGSM Verona), Giorgia Spinelli (Inter Milano)

Midfielders (9): Daniela Stracchi (Mozzanica), Marta Carissimi (Fiorentina), Alia Guagni (Fiorentina), Barbara Bonansea (Brescia), Alice Parisi (Fiorentina), Aurora Galli (AGSM Verona), Valentina Cernoia (Brescia), Valentina Bergamaschi (Neunkirch Frauen), Valery Vigilucci (Fiorentina)

Forwards (4): Daniela Stracchi (Mozzanica), Marta Carissimi (Fiorentina), Alia Guagni (Fiorentina), Barbara Bonansea (Brescia), Alice Parisi (Fiorentina), Aurora Galli (AGSM Verona), Valentina Cernoia (Brescia), Valentina Bergamaschi (Neunkirch Frauen), Valery Vigilucci (Fiorentina)

Spanish roster for Algarve Cup released

Veteran Vero Boquete will help lead Spanish squad in 2017 Algarve Cup (Getty Images)

Veteran Vero Boquete will help lead Spanish squad in 2017 Algarve Cup (Getty Images)

The Spanish federation announced its roster ahead of the Algarve Cup under head coach Jorge Vilda. The group that will represent Spain this upcoming March kicks off play for the tournament on March 1 against Japan. They will face Norway and Iceland in the group stage as well.


Goalkeepers (3): Sandra Paños (FC Barcelona), María Asunción Quiñones (Real Sociedad), Esther Sullastres (Valencia Feminas)

Defenders (6):Andrea Pereira Cejudo (Atletico Madrid), María Pilar León Cebrián (Atletico Madrid), Marta Torrejón Moya (FC Barcelona), Leila Ouahabi El Ouahabi (FC Barcelona), Irene Paredes (PSG), Ivana Andres (Valencia Feminas)

Midfielders (9):Silvia Meseguer Bellido (Atletico Madrid), Amanda Sampedro Bustos (Atletico Madrid), Andrea Sánchez Falcón (Atletico Madrid), Alexia Putellas Segura (FC Barcelona), Jennifer Hermoso Fuentes (FC Barcelona), Vicky Losada (FC Barcelona), Patri Guijarro (FC Barcelona), Virginia Torrecilla (Montpellier HSC), Veronica Boquete (PSG)

Forwards (4):Marta Corredera Rueda (Atletico Madrid), Sonia Bermúdez Tribano (Atletico Madrid), Olga García Pérez (FC Barcelona), Mariona Caldentey (FC Barcelona)

  • Steven

    Is there anyone in the NWSL who’s not North American, or Australian, and who’s name isnt Amadine Henry?

    • DNG

      Yes. Galton, Daly, Erceg, Sanderson, Haavi, Nadim, Brynjarsdottir, Fishlock, Utsugi, Kawasumi, Corsie, Ordega, Bowen, Poliana, Andressa, O’Sullivan, Monica, Rodriguez. Not sure if I left any others out but there are quite a few.

      • Steglitz49

        That is an average of less than 2 per team but this is explained by non-allocated Canadian players use up an international slot.

        Many of the players you list are or were in their prime very good indeed. At the same time, it says a lot for the US that the NWSL can attract players of such quality.

        Nevertheless, Steven’s point is well taken.

      • Guest

        Debinha, Rosana, Van Wyk, Bruna Benites, DaCosta, Rosie White, Stott, Banini

        • DNG

          DaCosta is American. Thanks for the others. I don’t quite know all the new signings this year yet. So that makes it 24 total international players not including Australians and Canadians.

          • Steglitz49

            Good catch on Amanda! I thought Banini had gone too and that Debinha and Rosana were heading for China.

          • mockmook

            Banini does appear to be gone for at least this year.

            Debinha and Rosana just signed this off-season, so I don’t see them going to China (unless they are cut).

          • Ethan

            Doesn’t DaCosta play for Portugal?

          • DNG

            She was born in the United States so I assume her parents have Portuguese lineage. Similar to if Sofia Huerta decided to play for Mexico.

      • mockmook

        Dowie, Camila, Jensen

    • Steglitz49

      Your point is well taken even though as DNG points out, there are some other foreigners. Nevertheless, the NWSL looks like a training league for the Matildas — eat your hearts out, Mexican lasses.

      The Aussie season dovetails nicely with the NWSL. The ladies speak English and can passe blanc as they used to say in the Big Easy of old when it was needed. A few play in Europe but not many.

    • Som Termanni

      Chioma Ubogagu is London-born but played on US YNTs.

      Eunice Beckmann (Germany), Ghoutia Karchouni (France), Michelle Cruz (Puerto Rico), Janice Cayman (Belgium), and Laura Del Rio (Spanish) were also among foreign players on NWSL rosters in 2016 who aren’t in 2017.

  • Rdalford

    interesting read on Australian player’s union site
    with player’s union vision for woso in Australia

    Professional Footballers Australia (PFA) ( http://www.pfa.net.au )
    “MELBOURNE: Tuesday, February 21, 2017
    Professional Footballers Australia (PFA) has today unveiled its vision for women’s football in Australia by releasing its Grassroots to Greatness Roadmap.

    – See more at: http://www.pfa.net.au/?p=6432#sthash.VQXJqrS8.dpuf

    among the recommendation highlights
    – a 60 @ 60 concept
    ( CBA agreement with clubs & federation to provide for at least 60 players at $60K )
    – and $11,500 min salary for W-league professional players
    – federation providing $175k annually to w-league clubs (for use towards player payments) plus w-league clubs generate at least $385k annually

    for context,
    The current CBA with PFA provides for Australian WNT Matildas
    – top tier Matildas receive $41,000 per annum, with a second tier set at $30,000 per annum plus match fees and daily allowances for all players during Matildas camps and matches
    – plus separate contracts with W-League clubs
    (also plus any separate player contracts with foreign clubs)

    worth noting,
    listed $ amounts are Australian $, with current Tier 1 ($41k) plus W-league club salary (and NWSL/Europe/Japan/etc club salary) some Australian WNT players would already be at/above the $60K target – so $60K is not high target at least for WNT players, but 60 @ 60 concept would expand pool to at least 60 for players making at least $60k (vs approx 20-24 players currently receiving tier payments from federation).

    near as I can tell from article, the W-league (which has a historical youth development objective) would continue to hold some roster spots for amateur youth players and those amateur w-league players would continue to receive only expense allowance payments (currently between $60 to $150 per week for a maximum 16 week period) consistent with the men’s National Youth League and National Premier League.

  • Steglitz49

    Not a single player from Athletic Club of Bilbao in their squad. Does anyone know the reason (apart from Bilbao being in the Basque area)?

  • Guest

    Thorns probably should put more emphasis and need towards replacing Klingenberg than the front line

    • Guest

      Why she is free? What they should do is play her in the midfield. Coaches do what NT coach wants.

      • Guest

        What about her game makes her a good fit for the midfield? And more than that, what makes her a better option than Henry, Horan, Long or Dagny?

        • DNG

          The only MF position I could see her playing is RM during the Euros if they need cover and have someone like Kendall Johnson play LB

        • Guest

          I’m talking about wide midfielder. Klingenberg sucks so much, she’s been starter on WNT. She started every game in the world cup playing every minute. You know the WC that WNT won. Idiot hater

          • wosofan

            She was tired at the end of last year so a lot of people think that her form then is who she is going to be for the rest of her career.

          • DNG

            It could be. She needs to prove detractors wrong.

          • Guest

            She has also fallen out of favor in the WNT lineup, so your argument doesn’t hold much weight. Abby Wambach also started games in the world cup, and Christie Rampone would have if not for her injury at the Algarve that introduced Johnston. So that part of the argument does not really hold much weight either.

            She also started in the Olympic Games where the WNT had their worst ever Olympic performance……

          • Really

            Blaming Olympic PK loss on one player? I believe more than one person played that day.

          • Guest

            Did I say that? No. You said she started during the World Cup they won and I said she started during the Olympics they lost.

        • KT5000

          Kling is a different kind of player than the 4 you listed, all of whom are at their best in the center. Playing as a wide mid, here’s what I see (and I’m not suggesting that she – or any other player – shows 100% of these attributes 100% of the time):
          – experienced reader of the game
          – good crosser from left or right
          – better feet than we’ve seen lately. Plus, anyone switching to playing farther up the field has slightly less pressure (in general, pass completion rates are higher) on them, so she could settle and use her ball skills more.
          – with exception of Heath, the Thorns have always had issues in wide midfield. Kling seems a more natural fit than 75% of the players we’ve seen there.

    • DNG

      I’m not a big Klingenberg fan but how many LBs are definitely better than her in the league? Catley and who else?

      • Guest

        Short, Barnes, B Taylor, Hinkle, Dydasco, IMO

        • DNG

          Definitely better? Maybe Short but I think you’re stretching things a bit with the rest of those names. I rate them similarly. Klingenberg is definitely better going forward than Barnes and Taylor. She’s also a better passer than all of the above. Her pace is definitely an issue but one that was only really exploited by one team last year and she was carrying a back injury. So I guess that even though I don’t see Klingenberg as a great LB(certainly not a fifpro best XI LB) I don’t think she’s this huge crutch the Thorns need to upgrade immediately. I might try to upgrade Reynolds at RB first for example. That being said she and her team does need to understand her limitations so the Thorns don’t have a repeat of the semifinal last year. I’d also take the wait and see approach since she’s presumably healthy after carrying a back injury most of last year.

          • Guest

            What did klingenberg do going forward for the thorns this year???

          • mockmook

            Apparently she invented a time machine, but you won’t tell us where it is…

          • DNG

            She was positive in build up for the Thorns and had one assist. The Thorns didn’t really play with a target in the box though so the assist numbers don’t really bother me. It was important that she provided Heath a solid player to play off of in possession. Just look at the right side of the Thorns attack with Nadim and Reynolds if you want to see the difference. Nadim was often isolated because Reynolds is not very good getting forward or that great with her feet. Tobin is definitely a different type of player than nadim and that influences this too. However, Heath would have had a more difficult job if she was playing on the right in front of Reynolds.

    • BarcaSiempre

      With Nadia Nadim’s knee injury having another really good forward is a bonus.

  • Steglitz49

    Meanwhile, the 100 days countdown to the ladies Champions League final in Cardiff has started. Wales manager Jayne Ludlow lifted the trophy as captain of Arsenal Ladies 10 years ago in 2007. She is an official 2017 Women’s Champions League Final Ambassador.

  • Reality
    • DNG

      Personally, I’m rooting for this to come to fruition.

      • Reality


        • DNG

          I want to see Lloyd play for a European team where she will presumably have to earn her place in the lineup.

          • Reality

            Peut-être, mais la vanité d’Aulas et l’orgueil de Lloyd sont une combinaison empoisonnée.

          • DNG

            That’s Lyon’s problem to sort out if they end up signing Lloyd

          • Reality

            Experience is the best teacher if one is willing to learn from it. However, it is best to learn from other people’s mistakes.

          • Steglitz49

            WoSo is far too ken on biting the hands that feed them. Respect, please.

          • Steglitz49

            Remember. If it were not for Aulas in Lyon and Akers at Arsenal, big European men’s clubs would not be spending on WoSo. Man Utd and Real Madrid still don’t, though Utd have crept partly to the cross by having a U17 WoSo team.

          • Steglitz49

            and, Man City is not such a team, pray?

  • Som Termanni
    • Som Termanni

      Per AWK, unsigned players include:

      CHI – Green
      FCKC – Averbuch, Groom, Kastor
      NC – Hinkle (if unallocated), McDonald
      ORL – Catley, Fields
      SEA – Rapinoe (if unallocated)
      SBFC – Loyden (if she’ll be a player-coach), Kerr
      WSH – Banini (if returning)

  • Som Termanni

    First Team SC opens lobbying for NASL and NWSL teams in Atlanta: http://atl2018.com/en/home

    > In the spring of 2018, we will stand up a men’s professional team to compete against some of the best competition in the land.

    > In 2019, we will bring women’s soccer back to our community, and bring Atlanta the franchise our city so richly deserves.

    > We will be playing in a new 15,000 seat stadium, surrounded by more than 20 full sized soccer fields. A unique place that will be home not only to the soccer heroes of today, but also to the next generation of the game.

    Not much meat behind the story yet, as various groups have lobbied for an Atlanta team for years. Most of the new push comes from the $200M Atlanta Sports City project announcing a Plex-style configuration and 15,000-seat main stadium. http://www.dirtysouthsoccer.com/2017/2/22/14699504/atlanta-sports-city-announcement-nasl-nwsl-atlanta-expansion

  • FawcettFan14

    Sykes gives Portland a speedy presence up front. Sinclair and Horan do not offer that. Nadim is still injured I believe and is faster than those two but still pace is not her best attribute. Doubt Sykes will be a full time starter but it’s nice to have speed in the back pocket.

    • another guest

      Is Sykes start date ( ” …will join the Thorns on June 1″) related to Portland having other international player(s) heading for UEFA Women’s EURO prep in June and thus making an international slot available?