Boston Breakers add Tiffany Weimer

The Equalizer Staff February 9, 2017 31
Tiffany Weimer played for the Breakers in WPS back in 2010. She's heading back for the 2017 season. (photo: Boston Breakers)

Tiffany Weimer played for the Breakers in WPS back in 2010. She’s heading back for the 2017 season. (photo: Boston Breakers)

The Boston Breakers continued their roster overhaul on Thursday by signing Tiffany Weimer. The 33-year old striker has been knocking around the professional scene since she was drafted to FC Gold Pride ahead of the inaugural WPS season in 2009. She previously played for the Breakers in 2010, making eight appearances. Weimer spent some time in 2016 with FC Kansas City before leaving to play for Kvarnsvedens IK in Sweden.

“I’ve had some great conversations with Tiffany, and she’s hungry to come back to Boston and the NWSL,” Breakers head coach Matt Beard said. “She’s gone away and had a great season in Sweden, and she will be another great addition to our team. She is a technically gifted player with a good soccer brain, and I’m looking forward to bringing Tiffany back to the Boston Breakers.”

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In NWSL, Weimer spent 2013 in Portland and the next two in Washington. Her best day as a pro was the 2013 semifinal when she scored the 65th minute equalizer for the Thorns against FC Kansas City just nine minutes after entering the match. She later assisted on Allie Long’s extra time winner. The Thorns trailed 2-0 after 25 minutes that day. A week later they beat the Flash to win the inaugural NWSL Championship. Weimer did not play in the final.

Weimer is also the founder of Our Game Magazine.

The Breakers have finished at the bottom of NWSL two years running and Beard has overhauled all three lines of field play in hopes of the club rising up the table. They are the only one of the league’s original clubs that has never qualified for the playoffs.

  • wosofan

    They won’t qualify for the playoffs this year either but hey at least they should be above the Spirit.

    • FawcettFan14

      And probably Orlando.

    • No one expected the WNY Flash to make the playoffs last year, but they won the whole thing.

  • Steglitz49

    for a second I thought that this was about Dorothea Wierer

  • Diane (DeeG)

    “In WPS, Weimer spent 2013 in Portland and the next two in Washington.” I think you meant to say NWSL, not WPS. At any rate she’s a solid, creative, experienced player and what club can’t use that? I like that Beard appreciates what a vet can bring to a younger team.

    • Steglitz49

      Why is she still playing? Her train has left the station and she is not on board. High time to join the adult world.

      • Constant Weeder

        If you’re talking about the NT train, Weimer was probably never fast enough to buy a ticket. She’s also small for a striker. On the other hand, she loves to play, and her soccer intelligence and technical ability make her fun to watch; she will be a huge asset for Boston, maybe for several years to come. Assuming her finances permit it, why shouldn’t she play?

        • Breakers fan

          Breakers site is calling her a midfielder. Has she played there too, in addition to striker, do you know?

          • Rdalford

            Breakers site roster listing for Weimer also list height as 5’8″ ? most other bio’s list 5’3″ (which is also probably generous)
            so might want too take everything listed with grain of salt.

            Weimer was used as forward and in midfield in Washington and she and Diana Matheson (at 5’1″) worked well together.

          • Breakers fan

            I like what I’ve read about her. I do think it’s important to have some quality veterans and she strikes me as one of those.

          • Steglitz49

            The fact that Tiffany was willing to go and play for Kvarnsveden in Sweden shows some get-up-and-go. Indeed, apart from Sweden she has also played in Brazil and in the Åland Islands, which are part of Finland.

          • john

            Among Tiffany’s qualities is the ability to link the different groups within a team, which can be invaluable. That might be a bigger contribution than her on field one. Make sure you get to the games early enough to watch warm ups – “Ocho” lives to nutmeg people and will do it several times during that period (if pattern holds).

          • Breakers fan

            Thanks for this, John, glad to hear what you wrote. I don’t discount this factor by any means. And thanks for the pre-game warning. I’ll try and arrive early.

          • Constant Weeder

            In Portland she played sometimes at forward and sometimes (mostly, I think) at midfield. I said striker because that’s what was in the article. She’s not that big for a midfielder either; I don’t care how she’s listed, she’s not 5’8″.

          • Breakers fan

            Will look that game up – many thanks for that! I have to think they plan to try her at midfield, considering all the other forwards they have.

        • Steglitz49

          I note that Tiffany played for Kvarnsveden in Sweden. It is a small club in a railway junction in the south of Dalarna, one of the most beautiful provinces in Sweden.

          Thus, Tiffany has gotten a bit of something extra out of her soccer.

          Kvarnsveden gained promotion to Damallsvenskan at the end of 2015 and has since stayed up. Kvarnsveden lists as many as 5 Anerican players in their squad — Adelaide Gay, Robyn Decker, Sarah Elnicky, Megan Toohey and Tiffany Weimer, who we now know is joining Boston.

          Kvarnsveden can’t afford to pay what Linköping, Rosengård and Göteborg can, and we know those teams lose players abroad all the time. Again, how is Tiffany keeping body and soul together?

          • Constant Weeder

            She strikes me as an intelligent, articulate, and energetic woman. Why would you assume she has no other source of income? In any case, I imagine she’s capable of making her own decisions, which really aren’t my business, or yours.

          • Steglitz49

            As you type, one assumes that she has private means and if playing soccer floats her boat, why not? She once tore her ACL.

            I understand her playing in Brazil, Sweden and the Åland Islands. She could try Japan or Iceland next but preferably not China. It just seems a bit odd at 33 to play in Boston for a pittance, though she hails from CT so maybe its local to her.

      • Diane (DeeG)

        Don’t have a coronary or anything but apparently not everyone agrees with your assessment of her abilities. And news flash – working for a living IS the adult world. In addition to being a successful professional athlete she’s also a successful business woman. It’s very condescending of you to say that her, or anyone, playing as a #WoSo professional isn’t being an adult.

        • Steglitz49

          You answer the question raised elsewhere, whether she has private means. If she is a successful business woman, more power to her elbow.

          Do you know what Tiffany’s business is? Is it seasonal? (seeing that she has played a bit all over the place). Magdalena Neuner, Tiril Eckhoff and Emma Wikén knit though only Neuner and Eckhoff seem to have made much money from it.

          • Diane (DeeG)

            She’s owner of Our Game Magazine and is at least a partner in new venture – duKTIG brand. Neither is seasonal. Not sure of eithers financials, but she’s not depending on soccer alone.

          • Steglitz49

            “Duktig” is a Swedish word with multiple meanings, all positive. It can mean excellent, skilled, able, very good (as in a crack player), competent, gifted etc but always with the connotation of goodness.

            You praise your dog by saying: “duktig hund” = “good doggie”. A the same time, the expression “han är en riktig bror Duktig” is damning with faint praise, a sort of “goodie two-shoes”.

    • Silver Frost

      Has she started even one game since 2013? This is the last hurrah. And Boston is close to her Mom’s place in CT.

      • Diane (DeeG)

        Not every player is marquee, some are just good, solid, dependable and make the team better by their presence, creativeness and a willingness to share their experiences. Weimer is all of those things and a bit more. She has a spark and love of the game that’s infectious. She’s fun to watch.

        • Steglitz49

          Tiffany has made the most of her soccer. She spent a year playing for AIK in Stockholm, the capital of Sweden, and a couple of seasons for Fortuna Hjörring in Denmark, who are in the QF of this season’s Champions League, and also in other places like the Åland Islands and Brazil. Before she came to Boston, she played for Kvarnsveden in Sweden and, by her own account in a Swedish paper, loved it.

  • Timber Dave

    Glad to see Boston is at least trying to get better. Not sure how much they can improve in one season, but they’re changing things up and that can only be good.

    April seems a long way away. Can we just start the season now? Please?!

  • Daniel Strick

    Best wishes to an articulate, unique individual, She’ll be playing the Beautiful Game until there’s no team anywhere in the world willing to give her a contract. Someone who truly plays for the love of the game.

  • Ron Rocha

    I’ve got a question and I know of no other place to ask it even though I might get booed of the internet for sounding like a male sexist pig. Watching Morgan with OL she seemed… well… bustier. Then I began to notice that the whole team seemed more so than usual. Are there differences in sports bras in Europe? Go ahead… I’m holding on.

  • Bruce

    The Breakers hadn’t signed a forward in over a week. I was starting to get worried.

  • By the Shore

    When she left KC, what happened to her rights?

    • Rdalford

      Weimer was waived by Spirit at end of March 2016. Weimer did go to FCKC and was practicing with FCKC, but as near as I can tell (FCKC news items) FCKC never signed her to pro contract and her 4 appearances (17 min) for FCKC in 2016 were as amateur call-up player while NT’s were out.
      Weimer left FCKC in August 2016 to play for Kvarnsvedens IK in Sweden.
      Boston signed Weimer as a discovery player on Feb. 9, 2017