Hope Solo wants a chance at France 2019

The Equalizer Staff February 7, 2017 31
Hope Solo, here with hisband Jerramy Stevens, wants to play in the next World Cup. (Photo Copyright Denise McCooey/Prost Amerika)

Hope Solo, here with husband Jerramy Stevens, wants to play in the next World Cup. (Photo Copyright Denise McCooey/Prost Amerika)

During an interview on Showtime’s 60 Minutes Sports, suspended U.S. goalkeeper Hope Solo hinted that she would like the opportunity to be the team’s goalkeeper at the next World Cup in France.

“No one beat me out physically,” Solo told Norah O’Donnell. “For me not to have the opportunity to see if there is another goalkeeper better than me — that doesn’t seem right.”

Two major obstacles are standing in Solo’s way. One is right shoulder replacement surgery she underwent last year. Solo showed off her scar to O’Donnell and said her recovery is well ahead of schedule. “I expect to be back and able to perform at a high level within the next year,” she added.

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The other obstacle is whether U.S. Soccer wants her back on the team. Her six-month suspension is set to expire later this month, but there has been no indication the team is prepared to call her back in. Solo said on 60 Minutes Sports that she has not heard from any U.S. Soccer staff members since she was suspended. That includes head coach Jill Ellis and U.S. Soccer president Sunil Gulati.

Ellis was asked in October if she had given any thought to whether or not Solo would be brought back and relied flatly: “I haven’t given it any thought.”

During the segment, O’Donnell said that during their interview, Solo was critical of Ellis’s leadership and tactical skills as head coach. Those comments were not aired as part of the segment.

Showtime subscribers can watch the segment here.

  • wosofan

    We need Solo, Harris and Naeher just don’t stack up.

    • sudeep das

      And the young one – Casey Murphy. What a game she had against the Little Nadeshikos in the U20 WWC semi-final !!!

      • guest

        USA lost U-20 WWC semi-final to Korea DPR ( 2-1 win by N Korea)
        so perhaps you are referencing the USA 0-1 loss to Japan at U-20 WWC which was the match for 3rd place.

        • sudeep das

          My mistake. Thanks for the correction.
          Casey Murphy had a “mixed” match against N.Korea in the semis.

    • Movement

      They’d be silly not to give Solo one more chance to prove herself as being the best goalkeeper still out there for the USWNT. She has done her time (as of later this month), and it’s time to see if her game still has that rhyme.


  • sfgreek

    We need Ellis gone if we want to win against good teams. She’s tanking this team. Rio is the USWNT’s future unless she’s replaced.

    • wosofan

      Um, she did have the team beat France Germany and England in three straight matches in 2016. That isn’t an easy accomplishment.

      • sudeep das

        And they beat France again in the Rio Olympics. Curiously Solo played a huge role – almost single-handedly kept the USWNT in the match – in those games against France.

      • benny b

        At home at the SBC cup… They were prepared for it, the three visitor teams not. This wasn’t a huge accomplishment. They will win those games again this year.

        They choked in Brazil when it mattered.

        The managed to beat France in Brazil. But they were the weaker team.
        Not sure whether they woukld beat Germany, France or England in away games when those teams would be prepared

        • #1Fan

          usually the details of these wins is overlooked. You are correct. Playing at home, in optimal conditions in front of your crowds. vs opposition that is often using the games as preparation. Wins are wins, but the SBC is not a major tournament no matter how much significance the US tries put behind it.

          • DNG

            Eh the wins are relatively meaningless but I don’t think the results ultimately went a different way from what I was expecting. France has outplayed just about every top team in the last year but can’t finish. England were a very strong team defensively at the world cup and at SBC but lacked bite in their attack at both tournaments. I think Germany have struggled with the US’s pace for a while now. I do think the USWNT needs to start playing more away games in preparation though. I’ve always been a bit more skeptical of home field advantage in major international events. I think there’s more variance than say a league match at home.

  • Som Termanni

    I’d like to see her play some competitive club soccer anywhere before we rush her back into the WNT lineup. “Shoulder feels better” and “shoulder holds together after 90 minutes, 10 dives, and 3 hard collisions” are two totally different things.

    • guest

      she called Ellis a poor leader and bad tactician in this interview… not sure she helped her cause here LOL

      • Another career?

        Many of us here have questioned things about Ellis, but none of us expect to be working for her.

        • rkmid71

          It’s like with Sermani … maybe Solo is trying to orchestrate a coup because she’s not getting what she wants. It worked once for those veterans I guess. I highly doubt Gulati is listening this time.

          • Steglitz49

            JE won the world championship. The first US WC for 16 years. It would be unreasonable not to let her have a chance to retain it. Neid survived the WC-11 debacle on home soil.

      • guest

        True. Yet it is good to hear truth to power.
        Best wishes, Hope.

      • guest

        do you have anymore detail about what hope said about ellis? i don’t know why they left this part of the interview out of the segment. those opinions would seem pretty integral to getting back on the team.

      • Lindacphipps

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    • rkmid71

      I think JE learned her lesson with Rapinoe (OG roster selection, 100% fit claim, playing her in the key game, etc). That was the last straw for those “veterans”. And then Rapinoe piled on with the kneeling, defiance of JE and USSF, etc. And Solo (as an alleged USWNT leader) stupid, immature, unOlympic type comments and Sundage basically laughing at her. Solo coming back is more than being able to last 90 minutes, make 10 dives and 3 hard collisions. It’s no longer what she did in the past, she has to consistently perform at a very high level (relative to other GKs) in NWSL or some other league PLUS have a new non-entitled attitude. The chance of that happening are near 0.

      • guest

        and what happens if the uswntpa accepts a less than equal pay new cba? is hope going to accept that or is she going to be causing drama about it for the next four years?

        • rkmid71

          Hope accept? Is Solo still part of USWNTPA? She seems to be making a lot of noise. If so, she will likely vote against any compromise deal even though they’ve already crossed that bridge. Unless Lloyd tells her it’s the only hope she has of gaining some goodwill going forward. Who besides Lloyd actually cares what Solo thinks? I recall she didn’t even make US Soccer’s All-Time Best XI team in 2013, That would be Scurry. Not going to happen now.

          • Katie Curtiss

            Lloyd isn’t part of the players side anymore that is in negotiations with regards to the CBA, nor is Hope, Hope is making a lot of noise about the negotiations because the girls fired the lawyer that Hope brought in when this all began.

  • Steglitz49

    “Take a chance on me”, sang ABBA but it is not one of their big hits like “Dancing Queen” and “Waterloo”.

  • guest

    hope solo just doesn’t get it. her uswnt contract wasn’t terminated due to performance. her uswnt contract was terminated due to violations of the uswnt employee conduct code. hope solo doesn’t have a right to play on the uswnt team. just like megan rapinoe doesn’t have a right to protest on private property without the owners consent. it is a privilege to play on the uswnt team. a privilege hope solo no longer deserves.

    • guest

      it is truly astounding the level of entitlement some of these uswnt veterans show. but ultimately, that is partly the fault of the ussf for running the uswnt like a club team with guaranteed salaries instead of an equal opportunity national team it is supposed to be.

      • rkmid71

        Agree. Hopefully the new CBA will make the USWNT equal opportunity.

        Is Solo basically saying that she thinks the position should be hers until someone beats her out physically or deemed to be “better than her”? I believe that ship has sailed. JE already made that decision and hasn’t given Solo any thought. So what if Solo disagrees. JE is the head coach. And certainly won’t be giving Solo any future thought if those critical comments are true. JE isn’t going anywhere until after 2019/2020.

        The way I understand it, it’s up to Solo to go to back to work and through her performance, behavior and attitude persuade JE to give her another chance. That’s a long time from now. And even if that was perfect, Solo is past her prime and will be further past her prime 2-3 yrs from now. In my mind, she was crazy to go on 60 minutes and even crazier to be critical of JE. Solo probably realized afterwards and somehow persuaded 60 minutes to edit it out.

  • mockmook
  • newsouth

    how many guardians come out of the ncaa yearly? and the yahoos @ USTet can’t find a replacement for solo? that’s unbelievable. is she like the michael jordan of guardians or something? am i missing just how good she is?


  • guest

    Yep, called it, she is trying to come back to the national team. I don’t see her playing club without the NT glory either. She thinks she was fired because of the Equal Pay thing, not anything else she has done or her declining performance. If she comes back and hijacks the program for another cycle it wouldn’t be surprising.

  • Ashley C

    It was going to be difficult for her either way to get back into the team but even more so now after her comments about Ellis. Although I do agree with what she said about Ellis. It’s a shame we didn’t get to hear the specific details that 60 Minutes did not air. I’d be surprised if Solo ever plays for the NT again.