U.S. Soccer to honor Christie Rampone during SBC

The Equalizer Staff February 2, 2017 7
Christie Rampone (Getty Images)

Christie Rampone (Getty Images)

Dropped in during Thursday’s press conference to announce NWSL’s new partnership with A+E Networks was the nugget that Christie Rampone will be honored at next month’s SheBelieves Cup.

When Sunil Gulati came to the podium he opened with a joke about A+E President and CEO, Nancy Dubuc getting more applause than he did. Then he briefly turned his attention to Christie Rampone who was also seated at the dais.

“I haven’t seen Christie in quite awhile because she retired from the national team,” Gulati said. “But she’s still playing and we’re going to honor her in about a month at a game.”

Reading between the lines, it seems the honor will come at Red Bull Arena when the U.S. face England in the middle leg of the SheBelieves Cup. That match is at Red Bull Arena in Rampone’s home state of New Jersey. The New Jersey native made 311 appearances for the United States, second only to Kristine Lilly. She was a bench player on the 1999 World championship team, played in the next four Olympics winning three golds and a silver, and was still on the team in 2015 when the United States reclaimed the World Cup. Jill Ellis invited her to camp ahead of the 2016 Olympics but she withdrew her name saying she was not prepared for the rigors of the international game. She still played for Sky Blue FC though, logging all 1,800 minutes during the season and being named to the league’s second XI.

Gulati’s reference to Rampone being retired from the national team appears to be the first time that word has been used to describe her status. His reference to her still playing is another in a long line of subtle hints that at 41, Rampone intends to continue her NWSL career at Yurcak Field this summer.

  • GT

    Christie Rampone – well deserved recognition. A class act.

  • Gary Diver

    “I haven’t seen Christie in quite awhile because she retired from the national team,” Gulati said. “But she’s still playing and we’re going to honor her in about a month at a game.”

    Did Gulati confuse Rampone with HAO? O’Reilly retired on September 15 after a friendly match against Thailand and is listed as retired on Wikipedia. When did Rampone retire from the national team? Doesn’t Rampone still have a contract with USWNT? Is it a Tier 1 contract?

    • Rdalford

      There had been no public statement by USSF or Rampone on USWNT contract status for Rampone – although plenty of speculation – since Rampone declined invitation to USWNT camp pre OG roster finalization.
      so the USWNT contract status for Rampone was basically unknown.

      Gulati’s statement today was first time that USSF has stated publicly that Rampone had/has retired from USWNT.

      We now know she has retired (but can still only speculate as to when that retirement actually took place) My speculation
      imo most likely that Rampone’s USWNT contract ended at the end of 2016

      Good news for NWSL and Sky Blue (imo) that it appears that Rampone may be planning to once again play in NWSL for Sky Blue for 2017 season.

      Also nice to see that USSF soccer has talked Rampone (who had previously said she did not want to USSF celebration match for her retirement) into a retirement honor at one of the SBC matches

      • Gary Diver

        Thanks for info. Rampone is definitely a classy lady.

  • dw

    US Soccer is going to do something right for a change?

  • AlexH

    Kudos to the real Captain America!

  • SpiritFan80

    A little bit about her plans post-soccer
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