Thursday Roundup: Sauerbrunn speaks out against Muslim ban

The Equalizer Staff February 2, 2017 19


Necky Sauerbrunn -- world class defender who isn't recognized for it. (Getty Images)

Necky Sauerbrunn — world class defender who isn’t recognized for it. (Getty Images)

USWNT co-captain and defender Becky Sauerbrunn spoke out against the recent executive order issued by President Trump denying entry to citizens from seven predominately Muslim countries, as well as any Syrian refugees.

“When I represent my country on the field I do so with heartfelt gratitude to the people who fight for and defend our fundamental freedoms – to believe in whatever I want, to love whoever I want, and to be a valued member of society while doing so,” Sauerbrunn told Stars and Stripes FC in an email. “This Muslim Ban is un-American – a betrayal of the values that make this country great. We can, we must be, we are better than this.”

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Former USWNT goalkeeper Hope Solo is scheduled to appear on 60 Minutes Sports next Tuesday to discuss the ongoing equal pay debate as well as the future status of her career. Solo, a 16-year veteran of the national team, was suspended and had her contract terminated last August after making controversial remarks regarding the Sweden WNT, who eliminated the U.S. in the Rio Olympics. After undergoing shoulder replacement surgery, she has been vocal about her desire to return to the pitch.

While on the team, Solo was a member of the group of players who publicly represented the team in the CBA negotiations and equal pay lawsuit. Her former teammates Carli Lloyd, Becky Sauerbrunn, Christen Press and Morgan Brian were featured in a segment on 60 Minutes last November to discuss the labor fight. Solo made an appearance in the segment as well, albeit separately.


The Washington Spirit released their preseason schedule for the upcoming fifth season of the NWSL today. As they have in years past, the team will host Penn State (former home of midfielder Joanna Lohman and defender Whitney Church), Duke and UVA at the Maryland SoccerPlex. For the first time ever, the Spirit will also travel to Virginia to face North Carolina, who boast many NWSL players among their alumni, including recent Spirit draftee Cameron Castleberry.

NWSL preseason begins on March 13. The first preseason match for Washington is on March 18, and they will wrap up on April 8.



  • rkmid71

    Hope Solo? Who cares? Somebody tell her to shut up. Assuming somebody wants her, she can return to the pitch in the NWSL or some other club team. Let’s see if she can perform. Last time for the USWNT she sucked and embarrassed the team to boot. Spouting off on 60 minutes is meaningless.

    • FawcettFan14

      Time marches on. Hope was a starter in three World Cups (barring the Scurry situation) and three Olympics. She is not entitled to the USWNT goalkeeping position forever. Over the past 2 years she has been more error prone, not as infallible as she once was. She brings drama with her. There are reasons for Ellis to move on. Harris and Naeher are solid enough, and there are young keepers emerging.

      • Almost 6 months already?

        We now know that she had shoulder problems.

        • rkmid71

          You mean another unfit player claiming to be fit at the OG? Next we’ll hear that Rapinoe has gotten a knee replacement and is 100%, ready to go.

        • Som Termanni

          What part of her shoulder prevented her from stopping the ball going between her feet vs. Colombia?

          • guest

            the injured part of her shoulder connected to her arm.

  • Som Termanni

    After this morning’s rah-rah from Gulati about the CBA, Sauerbrunn and Rapinoe say the revamped union is more focused on a good deal than a fast resolution. Andrew Das of the NYT, who also covered the TV deal announcement, has the story with many details about the considerably reorganized USWNTPA:

    • guest

      what happened to an equal deal? guess the uswnt players didn’t want to give up their uswnt salaries and benefits after all. what a shocker!!! just a big waste of everyone’s time and money the last year and a half.

      • guest

        not to mention the dishonest and disparaging comments made about the ussf and the usmnt.

      • Lorehead

        This talking-point, that somehow the old USWNT-NWSL contracts were a sweetheart deal, is really tendentious. Yes, there are some really vital things, like health insurance, that get covered by the men’s clubs and the women’s NT. In the absence of clubs that will pick those up, you couldn’t just give the women the same NT contract the men have. The resentment over things like women getting time off when they’re pregnant is really irrational.

        • mockmook

          “The resentment over things like women getting time off when they’re pregnant is really irrational.”

          Where do you pull these strawmen out of your ass?

          • Lorehead

            Some posters here, such as CED, really do complain about that.

  • Som Termanni

    The W-League semifinals matchup between Canberra and Melbourne City is rescheduled due to heat policy.

    • Rdalford

      with rescheduled times now both semi-finals are now early am events for viewers in USA. WatchESPN/ESPN3 has picked up the adjusted times so appears that both semi-finals will be streamed live in USA via ESPN3
      Perth v Sydney 2:30am (EST) Sat 4th
      Canbarra v Melbourne City 4:00am (EST) Sun 5th

  • Betsy

    Have you ever noticed athletes, movie stars, musicians, etc. always have bouncers, police and security surrounding and protecting them? Just a bounce of immature “Babies”! Get your facts straight. But when do facts matter anyway?
    I predict if these so called professionals keep mouthing off their business might be hurt. Typical liberal attitudes. In the end sales will falter and they will wonder why. Good Luck!

    • atalba

      Facts? Where’s yours?

  • atalba

    Athletes have a voice and have a responsibility to use their voice. Their voice doesn’t have to represent the majority. But if they believe there is an injustice, and they represent many people who feel impacted by this injustice, it incumbent of the athlete to voice their opinion. One athlete who could have made a huge impact on society was Michael Jordan. He is, by many, rightly accused of not stepping up to his responsibility to his base of followers.

    In the case of the so-called Muslin ban, there are many facts by many objective viewers that side with her. Becky has a right, and a responsibility to voice her opinion.

    Here, here Becky!

  • Chak Khan

    Whatever! Moving forward, here is the real question: When do we get to watch the NWSL World Championship?!!