Friday Roundup: Canada to play friendly in Germany

The Equalizer Staff January 20, 2017 30

Also in today’s roundup, Australian star Larissa Crummer injures foot and Lauren Holiday posts Instagram message to her baby daughter on inauguration day

Canada GermanyCanada Soccer announced on Friday that the national team will travel to Germany during the April FIFA window for a friendly against the European and Olympic champions. The match is set for April 9 in Erfurt.

“We want to take this team from fourth to first and the only way to do that is to consistently play tier-one, world-class teams like Germany,” Canada coach John Herdman said, referencing Canada’s current world ranking and the one they aspire to.. “We’ve made a commitment to play the best and this match in April will give us an opportunity to test ourselves against the best in the world.”

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Canada and Germany squared off twice during last summer’s Olympic games. In the final group match Canada rallied behind a Melissa Tancredi brace to beat Germany 2-1 and win Group F. In the semifinal rematch a week later Germany converted an early penalty on their way to a 2-0 victory. Germany then beat Sweden for the gold medal while Canada upended Brazil for their second straight Olympic bronze.

“It was just such a great moment for our team, beating the European Champions and securing first in our group,” Herdman said.

Herdman opened an assessment camp on Friday as a leadup to a February 4 friendly against Mexico.

Larissa Crummer’s W-League season over

Larissa Crummer, one of the brightest young stars on Australia’s national team, had her club season cut short by a foot injury not long after returning from absence due to an injury to the opposite ankle. The recently turned 21-year old posted the news on her personal Instagram account. The injury is a blow for holders Melbourne City FC who face a crucial weekend test against Brisbane Roar.

Crummer made her U-20 debut at age 14 and her professional debut for Sydney FC at 16. That season she helped Sydney win the W-League. Last season Crummer scored 11 goals to take the golden boot while helping Melbourne City to an undefeated championship season.

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As an 18-year old, Crummer scored the only goal in Australia’s 1-0 win over the Netherlands at the 2015 Cyprus Cup. Her other international goal was in 2016. She was part of Australia’s World Cup and Olympic sides as a teenager.

Lauren Holiday writes Instagram message to daughter

On the day Donald Trump was inaugurated as the 45th president of the United States, former U.S. national team star Lauren Holiday posted an Instagram picture of her baby daughter sporting a “Mom for President” onesie. Accompanying the photo is a message about equality with references to Holiday’s faith.

I may not be the president, baby but I'll promise to be your Mom. I'll teach you that your brown skin is beautiful. I'll show you that being a girl and a woman is a privilege. How being incredibly powerful means serving those around you and fighting for those who cannot fight for themselves. I will tell you about Jesus and how he taught us to love unconditionally. We will have many talks about equality and I will always encourage generosity. One day if you ask me what you can be, I will smile and say absolutely anything. I'll tell you whatever it is you choose, be kind. I'll fight for you, I'll cheer for you and I'll love you along the way. But most of all, I'll make sure you're hopeful. So today, baby, I'll choose hope.

A photo posted by Lauren Cheney (@laurenholiday12) on

Holiday is recovering from surgery last fall to remove a benign brain tumor. She has remained mostly out of the public eye since retiring as a soccer player near the end of 2015. All reports on her health have been positive. Her husband Jrue took a leave of absence from the NBA’s New Orleans Pelicans to look after Lauren and the couple’s daughter. He returned in November after missing the team’s first 12 games.

  • Steglitz49

    Good to hear that Lauren is doing well.

    Wonder if Canada has any other matches planned for the trip Europe at the beginning of April?

  • guest

    I already miss top OG16 scorer and enforcer/entertainer Melissa Tancredi. lol. Jessie Fleming is obviously an exciting young talent but not called up to camp… too busy having fun at college, as she should be.

  • wosofan

    Well someone should let John Turdman know that according to those Fifa rankings he is using the best team in the world is the the US of A. USA USA USA

    • Steglitz49

      Those rankings did not avail much in Brasilia when they bombed out.

    • Gro

      Just cause they play all their games at home. An unworthy no. 1

    • Ashley C

      Nobody who watches soccer should take rankings seriously.

  • HOFCToDi

    Meanwhile, the USSF is too cheap to send the Senior USWNT to Europe.

    • Because..

      the European teams are willing to come here; it must be a better financial deal for them.

      • Hope S

        The Europeans would also be willing to host games against the USWNT. But it seems the USWNT doesn’t dare anymore. Cowards!

    • TsovLoj

      A lot of Canada is still not ready weather wise for soccer on grass in early April. I lived in Calgary a couple years and we still got blizzards that late.

      • HOFCToDi

        The USWNT has not played an international women’s friendly on foreign soil in nearly two years.

        France will host the 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup. Japan will host the 2020 Summer Olympics Games.

        • TsovLoj

          Why should they? The attendance and accordingly the money earned is way better in the US. Not so true in Canada. It’s more important that they play decent teams and not pushovers, and they seem to be working on that at least.

          • HOFCToDi

            The USWNT does not play decent teams:

            COL, RSA, CRC, THA, ROM

            Tomato cans.


            Meanwhile, SUI was missing five starters from the 2015 FIFA Women’s World Cup:



          • TsovLoj

            We’re about to play the Germans, French and English. How much more intense can you ask them to find?

          • Som Termanni

            So far in 2017, Canada has the following scheduled:

            Mexico (Feb. 2 friendly)

            Denmark (March 1, Algarve Cup group)
            Russia (March 3, Algarve Cup group)
            Portugal (March 6, Algarve Cup group)
            Probably either Australia, Japan, or Sweden (March 8, Algarve Cup placement)
            Germany (April 9, friendly)

            US has the following:

            Germany (March 1, SheBelieves)
            England (March 4, SheBelieves)
            France (March 7, SheBelieves)


          • HOFCToDi

            The USWNTPA would throw a temper tantrum if a road international women’s friendly was scheduled. The attitude established by the former USWNTPA leaders (Rampone, Wambach, Boxx) has passed on to this generation:


          • mockmook

            I bet that by the end of the year (barring a strike), that the USA plays more Matches/Friendlies than Canada and that the average ranking for the USA’s opponents will exceed Canada’s

            But, the threat of a strike is likely going to put a damper on the USA scheduling matches — I think it already has.

          • Steglitz49

            Given that Euro-17 and then WC qualifiers limits the freedom of European WNTs, the US may be hard pushed to get matches.

            Without the CBA sorted, the USSF cannot agree to matches in Europe leading up to Euro-17 and after there is no market for them like Christmas Trees on Boxing day.

          • guest

            gotta be able to win on the road if you wanna be a champion. or you end up with a rio olympic disaster.

        • Steglitz49


          I guess as TsovLoj notes: they earn more money in the USA. I guess foreign teams don’t mind coming here because they get 1/3rd of that gate.

          Money talks — like Lyon’s 25,000€/month.

  • Rdalford

    Nice to read/see the uplifting post by Holiday. God bless her and her family.

  • Steglitz49

    Colombia launches ladies league

    18 clubs will participate in the first version of the Colombian Women’s Eagle League. They will be divided into 3 groups of 6 clubs each. In “Group A” will be Union Magdalena, Real Cartagena, Bucaramanga, Cúcuta, Real Santander and Envigado. In “B”: Patriots, Santa Fe, Fortaleza, Equidad, Huila and Pasto. While in “C”: America, Orsomarso, U. Popayán, Cortuluá, Quindío and Pereira.

    The championship will play hexagonal with round-trip matches. This will rank the top 2 of each group and the top 2 third. Thus, 8 clubs advance to the quarter-finals, semi-finals and final will be played, with home-and-away. In July the first ladies Eagle League champion will be crowned.

    The champion club will represent Colombia in the next Women’s Libertadores Cup of América. They will also play a round-trip match with the champion club of the Spanish Women’s League. In addition, as a prize, the champions will receive scholarships to study at the Universidad Sergio Arboleda plus other benefits from sponsors.

    • kernel_thai

      Key word in that blurb was sponsors.

      • Steglitz49

        Are you implying that they are drugbarons’s daughters?

  • Tom F

    New coach Stefi Jones has brought a more direct style to the German NT, but she keeps starting two rather lightweight CB’s in Henning & Peter. Hence, I do see the US beating them at the Sheba Cup, unless Jones rectify’s the situation and brings in these defenders instead; Hendrich, Elsig & Deman

    • FawcettFan14

      Yay! We don’t have to watch Krahn and Bartusiak pass the ball slowly and endlessly between each other anymore. Though you are right the replacement duo is not good either (very slow). In addition to the alternatives you mentioned, I wonder if she might try Goessling as a center back.

      • Steglitz49

        The proof of the pudding is in the eating thereof.

        Germany beat sweden by a Swedish own-goal to win OG-16 gold. The USWNT Bombed out in Brasilia against the Swedes.

        What was your point, if any?

      • Tom F

        Goessling usually plays the lone DM, but she’s been one of those players these days that keeps getting re injured. which means Marozsan usually has to take that spot(though most German fans prefer Maro at AM instead).
        The best CB right now for Jones is Hendrich, but she usually plays every other position(except DB) in her club career. Eslig is the top CB in the Bunedsliga, she’s giving a monster perfromance for her unheralded Turibine Potsdam team which is currently way on top of the league standings, but apparently black listed on the NT

  • Som Termanni

    Canberra United’s shot chart vs. WSW in their 1-0 loss. CU blew their best shot left at reaching top of the table thanks to Sydney FC’s earlier upset loss to Newcastle:

    Katie Stengel had the game-winner for WSW on a brilliant run and assist by Paige Nielsen.

    Match stats:

    • Steglitz49

      Sounds like the USWNT.