Monday Roundup: Lyon announce Buchanan signing

The Equalizer Staff January 9, 2017 55

Also in today’s roundup, Clare Polkinghorne becomes first 100-cap player in W-League and the 2016 CONCACAF awards results are in

Olympique Lyonnais announces signing of Kadeisha Buchanan one day after she's named NCAA top women's player (Photo: Canada Soccer)

Olympique Lyonnais announces signing of 21-year old Canadian Kadeisha Buchanan. (Photo: Canada Soccer)

On Saturday, Olympique Lyonnais confirmed the signing of Canadian-defender Kadeisha Buchanan. Lyon, the defending UEFA Women’s Champions League champions, welcomed Buchanan to the team via Twitter two days after she was announced as the NCAA’s top women’s player.

Buchannan arrived in Lyon on Sunday, just two days after accepting the MAC Hermann Trophy in St. Louis for her collegiate play at West Virginia University. She is a four-time NSCAA All-American and Big 12 Defensive Player of the Year.

At 21 years of age, Buchannan has 63 caps with Canada’s full national team. In 2015, her performance in the FIFA Women’s World Cup resulted in her winning the Young Player Award, being named Canada’s Women’s Player of the Year, and also her inclusion on the shortlist for FIFA Women’s Player of the Year.

She is the second Canadian to sign with a French team in the recent weeks, as Ashley Lawrence signed with PSG early last week. Buchanan joins Alex Morgan as the second of two major North American signings for the club. Buchanan will be joining one of the best defenders in the world in French-superstar Wendie Renard at the center back position once she completes her medical today.

Olympique Lyonnais sits in second place behind PSG in with 27 points through 10 games and a record 9-1-0 to date.

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Clare Polkinghorne becomes first 100-cap player in W-League

Clare Polkinhorne of the Brisbane Roar became the first player to make 100 W-League appearances when she took the field on Saturday against the Western Sydney Wanderers. Not only is she the first 100 cap player in the league, but all of her appearances have been with one club: the Brisbane Roar, where she signed in 2008.

The Brisbane Roar sit mid-table with 13 points through 10 games. They are one point shy of fourth place and four points shy of third. Next up, they take on the Newcastle Jets on Saturday 1/14.

USWNT players headline 2016 CONCACAF Awards

Heath wins 2016 CONCACAF Female Player of the Year (Photo Copyright Erica McCaulley for The Equalizer)

Heath wins 2016 CONCACAF Female Player of the Year (Photo Copyright Erica McCaulley for The Equalizer)

The fourth-annual 2016 CONCACAF Award winners were announced on Monday as USWNT players took home all eligible player-awards. Voting concluded Sunday at 11:59pm EST and consisted of voters from member association coaches, captains, media members, and fans. Here are the results:

Female Player of the Year: Tobin Heath, Portland Thorns FC | USWNT

 Female Goalkeeper of the Year: Ashlyn Harris, Orlando Pride | USWNT

Female Best XI- Defender: Ali Kreiger, Orlando Pride | USWNT

Female Best XI- Midfielder: Tobin Heath, Portland Thorns FC | USWNT

Female Best XI- Forward: Christen Press, Chicago Red Stars | USWNT

Female Coach of the Year: Amelia Valverde, Costa Rica national team

Tobin Heath took home both Player of the Year and Best Midfielder honors after concluding 2016 with six goals and eight assists for the USWNT in 22 matches. The Portland Thorns midfielder was also named U.S. Soccer Female Player of the Year last month.

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  • Ron Rocha

    Wasn’t PSG penalized 4 points for playing a player who wasn’t on the game day list and dropped back behind OL?

    • Som Termanni

      PSG is appealing the sanction, per French media.

      In related news, Patrice Lair submitted his resignation as head coach of PSG. PSG initially refused it. He slept on it over the weekend and decided today to rescind his resignation.

      • tonysocref

        Speaking of PSG. Is there anywhere I might find the full match report for PSG’s French Cup match this past week without having to subscribe and pay to read the articles. Only reports I have found so far gives the final score, location and referees. Would be interesting to see who did what in a 19-0 blowout match.

        • Steglitz49

          Another reason for the FIFA POTY result.

        • mockmook
          • Steglitz49

            as in Roland Rat?

        • Som Termanni

          Le Figaro:

          La Nouvelle Republique:

          – Cristiane scored 7 goals, Marie-Laure Delie 4 goals, Pajaniandy 3 goals, Lahmari and Palacin 2 goals each, and Boquete, Cruz, and Périsset 1 goal each.
          – PSG started scoring at 4′ and scored a goal once about every 4′ afterward. They were up 10-0 by halftime.
          – The 4,500 spectators were double last year’s.
          – The 19 goals were a PSG record, breaking a 15-0 record set in 2012’s cup round of 16 vs. Saint-Georges-de-Montaigu.

          • guest

            the french cupcake league.

          • Steglitz49

            I suspect it was a game in the French Cup where the differences can be large because the Cup is open to all clubs, not just the best.

          • Gary Diver

            After being up 10-0, isn’t it bad taste to run up the score further on a third-rate team?

          • Steglitz49

            No. The opposite is considered bad form.

          • Gary Diver

            Interesting, for most other sports I know of running up the score is not considered good sportsmanship.

          • guest

            To me, far more embarrassing to have an obviously superior team toy around with you and just play keep away for an entire half or make absurd rules like only left footed shots.

          • Steglitz49


          • Steglitz49

            Please see “guest’s” reply because s/he will keep you right.

            Briefly, if team X lose 0-53 against Lyon today and 0-33 next year, you would take note. If Lyon stepped off the accelerator and they ended 0-23 and 0-20, you would not take note, would you?

            In 1999 the US inflicted the heaviest ever defeat on Japan: 0-9. In 2011 the Japanese returned the favour, waltzing off with the silverware.

            In Og-16 Colombia drew 2-2 with the US. All those drug-lords must have smoked an extra pipe, don’t you think?

          • tonysocref

            Shows what happens when you have a D1 team loaded with NT players against a D2/D3 composed primarily if not all amateurs.
            Not bad attendance for a French Cup match at round of 64.

          • Steglitz49

            In most European (though not all) WoSo the domestic Cup competitions are open to all teams. It is a tradition that goes back to the very first men’s FA Cup and which made soccer the sport it is today.

  • Arcie Tillydee

    “Olympique Lyonnais announces signing of 21-year old Canadian forward Kadeisha Buchanan.”


    • Steglitz49

      Well spotted. Goes a long way as explanation for the FIFA POTY result.

    • mockmook

      At WVU, she was often put at Forward when they were desperate for a goal.

      • Gary Diver

        “Often” or “sometimes”? Nobody sees Buchanan as a forward on Lyon.

        • mockmook

          It’s just a label.

          • Steglitz49

            Lyon is Lyon and PSG is PSG and sometimes the twain do meet;
            the heart of women have long been sore and long is like to beat.

        • mockmook

          And, was merely pointing out that the label isn’t totally absurd.

  • Tom F

    they say Alex Morgan will make her debut for Lyon this Saturday,hopefully they stream line the game.

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    • Som Termanni
  • She signed for Brisbane Roar in 2008 and just reached 100? Do they only have 11 games/year?

    EDIT: The W-League played 10 games/yr regular season until 2012 when they played 12/yr. (Thanks, Wikipedia!)

  • Gary Diver

    Buchanan and Lawrence Not Finishing College?

    Here is an recent article from “The Globe and Mail” about Ashley Lawrence skipping NWSL and going to Paris.

    1. Lawrence can speak some French and wants her PSG teammates to speak only French to her so she can improve. (Can you imagine Alex Morgan saying something similar to her Lyon teammates?)

    “[Lawrence] studied French in high school and says it is coming back. She has asked her teammates only to speak French, to help speed up the transition.

    2. Are Lawrence and Buchanan skipping finishing college to play pro soccer? It appears like they are. [Lawrence and Buchanan were roommates for their 3 1/2 years at WVU.] If would be sad, but logistically it will be hard for them to complete their degrees at WVU while playing pro soccer full time and being on the national team. It would be much harder than Morgan Brian finishing her degree at UVA. Has anybody heard anything more about this situation?

    3. Canada has a Friendly against Mexico in Vancouver in a few weeks.

    “Lawrence hopes to make it home for Canada’s Feb. 4 friendly against Mexico in Vancouver, a game billed as a celebration of the team’s Olympic bronze-medal performance last summer in Brazil. PSG has league games on Feb. 1 and 5 but Lawrence says negotiations are under way.”

    USWNT doesn’t seem to have any Friendlies before the SBC tournament during the first week in March. USWNT should have one or two warm-up matches before SBC, otherwise they will be “leading with their chins”.

    • Steglitz49

      Do we know how much PSG and Lyon are paying these lasses? Probably not as much as Alex Morgan is getting but probably more than they would get in the NWSL even as Canadian allocated players.

      What is your guess? $15,000 per month?

      • Gary Diver

        I have no idea, but as you have said many times, there is no shortage of money for top European WoSo teams.

        I do wonder how Lawrence and Buchanan going to Europe affects Canadian allocations to NWSL. How committed is CSA to NWSL? In theory they are, but . . . . I hope they are thinking long term for the future of WoSo.

        It is interesting that a number of Canadian news articles have implied that Hermann may want his troop closer for OG20, but nobody has mentioned WC19.

        • Som Termanni

          By 2019, Canada might well have a women’s league of its own to launch. For all of Vancouver’s rumbling about an NWSL team in 2018, they could just as soon be lining up a women’s team in a theoretical women’s CPL.

          • Gary Diver

            Today in The Globe and Mail were was an article about the future of professional women’s hockey.

            “Interest in the game spikes every four years when the Olympics rolls around, but wanes in between. The creation of two competing professional leagues [one in Canada and one in the US] has given more women the chance to play at a high level outside of their national team and college programs, but are those options sustainable? Joining forces and improving ties with the NHL may be the best path forward.”

          • Steglitz49

            Verily and forsooth.

          • Steglitz49

            All Canada cares about is hockey which = men’s hockey.

            They conveniently forget 8-1 in 1981 — but who wouldn’t?

    • DNG

      “(Can you imagine Alex Morgan saying something similar to her Lyon teammates?)”

      Doesn’t Canada push bilingual initiatives in their schools since their country has 2 official languages? I don’t think your criticism of Morgan is entirely fair here.

      • Gary Diver

        Canada is officially “bilingual”, but in reality it is a “dual-language” countries. Very few Canadians are bilingually fluent (other than in Quebec), able to switch back and back between English and French. Most anglophones rarely speak French unless than can and have to. The issue boils down to Lawrence’s high school experience, which may be difference than Buchanan’s high school experience. Both probably had “high school” French which isn’t much different than American high school French.

        Yes, my criticism of Morgan was a bit unfair. Americans, in general, don’t make an effort to learn foreign languages. Heath and Horgan (3 years) played in France and made no serious effort to learn French. It would be a news story of an American went abroad to play soccer and learn French. Compare with Amandine Henry who brought over a language-coach companion last year to speed her English speaking abilities.

        • Steglitz49

          All criticisms of Alex Morgan are unfair ex officio.

    • kernel_thai

      Well, yeah I guess I can imagine Morgan learning French considering her husband is Mexican and she speaks Spanish

      • Gary Diver

        Out of curiosity, do you know if Morgan can speak fluent Spanish? Several years ago, Jennifer Lopez made an effort to learn Spanish well enough to do interviews. My understanding is that her Spanish was/is respectable.

        • Steglitz49

          Where are you going? Is the Brazilian Wax used by soccer players? Btw it was invented in Manhattan, so maybe the USWNT uses it?

        • kernel_thai

          I wouldn’t say fluent but she is conversational and Ive heard her do interviews. There is always a rub that the western dialect isn’t actual Spanish anyway. If Morgan stays a year and a half it wouldn’t surprise me to hear her comfortably giving interviews in French tho I doubt she’ll be fluent in that language either.

      • Steglitz49

        L8 learnt French. She was interviewed by French media. The people of Lyon loved her.

  • Gary Diver

    CONCACAF Awards

    Could somebody please explain the CONCACAF awards? Krieger winning best defender and Harris winning best GK makes absolutely no sense.

    • Steglitz49

      It is no more absurd than the results just unveiled in Zurich.

      • Gary Diver

        Comparing absurdities is similar to comparing infinities – hard to do. But Krieger has more or less lost her starting position on USWNT and Harris played only a couple of matches for USWNT. Hardly anybody on this sites sees Harris as a better keeper than Alyssa Naeher.

        • Steglitz49

          The electoral college for the FIFA awards until this year were the NT captains and coaches and the media. This year they added a fan vote.

          FIFA has a right to expect NT captains and coaches to be knowledgeable and informed. That should be expected of the media too, but the media clearly are not. As for the fans, the fans are the fans.

          What has been criticized was the 10 players listed to be voted on, specifically the exclusion of Ada Hegerberg and Hedvig Lindahl. — I do not know how that committee is constituted these days but it used to be mainly French sports journalists and personalities, and probably still is.

    • guest

      They could rename it the Lesbian Choice Awards.

      • Steglitz49

        Touché. A bit close to the bone — whichever one you prefer.

      • newsouth

        insulting the half-german won’t be tolerated.

  • Som Termanni

    Jeff Plush trashes the Flash’s facilities to his pals at Fox Sports:

    > “They’ve given so much, but they don’t have this type of soccer complex,” NWSL commissioner Jeff Plush said, from North Carolina, of the Flash. “So when we look at this situation – it’s a fantastic city, great soccer tradition, and a world-class facility – it’s something we’re really excited about. It’s about timing and the evolution (of the league).”

    • mockmook

      I forgot that they are going from Turf to real grass — just that makes the whole move worth it 🙂

      Let’s see, only Boston, Portland, and Seattle left on Turf if I’m right.

  • Som Termanni

    Scotland retains head coach Anna Signeul through EURO 2017:

    • Steglitz49

      Wise people those Scotch. That Swede, Anna Signeul, has raised the Scotch lasses from the laughing stock of EU WoSo to a real team. With Kim Little safely back in the British Isles, it is looking good for the Scotch.

  • Orange

    What a Joke!