Kadeisha Buchanan wins 2016 MAC Hermann Trophy

Allison Lee January 6, 2017 26
Kadeisha Buchanan poses with the MAC Hermann Trophy and Nikki Izzo-Brown, head coach of WVU. (photo courtesy WVU Women's Soccer)

Kadeisha Buchanan poses with the MAC Hermann Trophy and Nikki Izzo-Brown, head coach of WVU. (photo courtesy WVU Women’s Soccer)

West Virginia University and Canadian-international defender Kadeisha Buchanan won the 2016 Missouri Athletic Club (MAC) Hermann Trophy. The MAC Hermann trophy is the award given out to the best collegiate player in the country. Buchanan beat out Morgan Andrews (USC) and Andi Sullivan (Stanford) to win this year’s award and is only the second defender to ever win the award.

Over the past four years, Buchanan has been a standout player for WVU. Her assertiveness, daring and tenacity on the ball is unparalleled by most in the NCAA. As a two-time captain, Buchanan helped lead the Mountaineers to their first ever NCAA College Cup final this past December, where they ultimately fell to fellow finalist Andrews and USC.

Leading into that match, Buchanan was a contributing force in earning a program record 18 shutouts this fall while allowing only 12 goals in 27 matches. As a dual threat who is just as effective in the attack as she is on defense, Buchanan tallied three goals and three assists on the season, increasing her career total to eight goals, nine assists and 25 total points. For these accomplishments, Buchanan also won the 2016 Honda Award, named espnW’s female soccer player of the year.

Although it was her collegiate play that earned Buchanan the Hermann trophy, she also achieved notoriety at the international level this past year when she won an Olympic bronze medal with the Canadian women’s national team. For Canada Buchanan has 59 starts over 63 appearances, three goals and two assists.

Because of her excellent play this year for WVU, many American fans hoped to see her declared for the 2017 NWSL College Draft, but rumors have put her signing with a team overseas instead. As of Friday, January 7, Buchanan had not declared for the draft, although the deadline is not until January 11.

  • Som Termanni

    Jesus, EQ. It’s the 2016 trophy.

    Source the bloody MAC site: http://www.machermanntrophy.org/

    “Ian Harkes, Kadeisha Buchanan awarded 2016 MAC Hermann Trophy”

    You know what, screw it. I’m hanging it up. See y’all around.

  • Rdalford

    Congrats to Buchanan, well deserved.
    West Virginia University and Canadian-international defender Kadeisha Buchanan won the 2016 Missouri Athletic Club (MAC) Hermann Trophy

    EQ 2016 not 2017

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  • Ashley C

    She deserves it.

    • Gary Diver

      Was she the best college player or the most valuable college player?

  • newsouth

    what were her stats? how did she fair against other candidates in head-head comp? After dinky virginia and noyola, i don’t trust the process anymore?

    • guest

      from CBC sports write up
      “Buchanan started 90 of 91 games for the Mountaineers. The lone game she missed was the Aug. 19 season opener against Penn State while she with Canada at the Rio Olympics, where she won bronze.

      Buchanan anchored a Mountaineer defence that posted an NCAA- and Mountaineer-best 18 shutouts this season.

      West Virginia allowed just 62 opponents’ goals and posted 55 shutouts since Buchanan joined the team in 2013. This season, the Mountaineer defence allowed just 12 opponent goals and did not allow a goal throughout the Big 12 Conference regular season.

      A dream season ultimately ended in defeat Dec. 4 when the Mountaineers lost 3-1 to USC in the NCAA championship game. Buchanan still turned heads, earning NCAA Tournament Defensive MVP honours en route.

      Buchanan was also a finalist last year when the award went to Penn State’s Raquel Rodriguez.”

      Buchanan is a four-time all-American

  • Gary Diver

    Is the award for the best collegiate player or the most valuable collegiate player? They are confusable, but they are not the same thing. Would anybody argue that Morgan Andrews was surrounded by better players than Kadeisha Buchanan?

    • guest

      I think that Cat and Kadeisha may be the only defenders to win MAC Hermann trophy on women’s side.

    • xanthophobe

      I could be wrong but my understanding is that it’s the best collegiate player. I agree, the distinction is very important.

    • Steglitz49

      This is one of the reasons why I am not in favor of these type of awards that are voted on by the good and the great. I understand why they exist, like dog shows, but they leave me a bit cold.

      The fact that so few defenders (and goalies) win the Hermann trophy shows that it is not truly objective. If you divide the field players into attack and defense, you usually have 5 or just 4 of the former and 5 or 6 of the latter. If you do it by striker, AMF, DMF and backs it is usually 1-2, 2-3, 2, 4.

      The Hermann trophy seems a bit more transparent and less open to manipulation than the FIFA POTY award, though whether that comparison says anything is a good question.

  • Gary Diver

    A couple of years ago John Herdman anointed Buchanan in the Canadian press “the Christine Sinclair of defensive”. Herdman is now going to be even more insufferable than he has been in the past for now in addition to be a strategic genius he is also a prophet.

    • Rdalford

      Herdman may be a blow hard, but Sinclair (won MAC Hermann twice) and Buchanan won the awards on merits of their performances – imo

    • Steglitz49

      Herdman’s Canada has 2 Olympic bronzes to their credit.

      (Granted, more people live in Canada than in the Nordic countries combined and you can probably throw Holland in for good measure, certainly Switzerland.)

    • Ashley C

      Yeah God forbid Herdman loves his own players…

  • Steglitz49

    Now she can sign with her French club if she has not already but then let it be public.

  • Forgedias

    That is pretty impressive that a defender won the Mac Herman Trophy. It almost always goes to an offensive player whether they be a midfielder or forward. Congratulations to Kadeisha, wherever you play hope you have all the success.

  • Tom F

    haven’t watched college soccer, but Buchanan had a sizable rep all ready as she was chosen as one of FIFA;s top ten players of 2015. I personally like Buchanan’s Canadian & West Virginia’s team mate, Ashley Lawrence, better. Looking at last year’s Olympics, Buchanan got a red early in the 1st half vs Australia. it was Lawrence that did a yeoman’s job, having to take on her fb & now cb role, while leading the Canuck’s to the win. Next game, Buchanan naturally set out. Yet without her, Canada was able to upset Germany in group play, partly based again on Lawrence strong defense.

    Last year there’s was some debate on who’s the better cb, Buchanan or Sauerbrunn?(who didn’t make the FIFA top ten list). While Buchanan might be more physical, the Broonski is less mistake prone, or at least doesn’t miss with her exceptional tacking, and can lead the team from the back with some excellent passing

    Bur from I’ve seen, give to the German’s credit again; it’s a little known German girl named Johanna Elsig who’s my pick as the world’s top central defender. While she might not have the tackling ability, she simply dominates the air war with her phenomenal headers. She’s led her otherwise unheralded Turbine Potsdam team to the top of the Bundesliga standings. In their upset over the mighty Bayern Munich, she cleared the ball with dozens of headers away from the danger areas. I guess it’s her ability to be in the right place, at the right time, that helps too..
    Luckily for the rest of the world, she made some racist comments during a game, four years ago, and that’s why she’s been probably out of Germany’s NT squad

    • DNG

      Sauerbrunn is an excellent defender and in my opinion much better than Buchanan at the present moment. She’s strong, clean with her tackles and excels at reading danger in front of her. She struggles a little in space against fast attackers which shouldn’t really come as a surprise. I don’t agree with your assessment that she’s excellent at passing. Passing range is argueably the weakest area of her game. Her and JJ constantly need CMs to drop deep and pick up the ball because neither of them can make the precise passes past the first level of defenders. I believe this is the reason Ellis has experimented with Allie Long in the back line the last 4 friendlies as she’s a much better passer than any of our CBs.

      • Steglitz49

        Sauerbrunn got torched in the Bomb in Brasilia.

        Buchanan’s weakness is her propensity for fouls that sometimes result in penalties as in the OG-16 SF and not infrequently in yellow cards. Unless Buchanan can learn to check her play she will be a footnote in the history of Woso.

    • mockmook

      “Luckily for the rest of the world, she made some racist comments during a game”

      Without context, this is a very funny line 🙂

      • Tom F

        I wouldn’t know how to put it any other way. oddly enough previous coach Neid;s picks at cb, Bartusiak & Krahn, were the weakest part of her team. They were good technicians and were able to handle most of their slower Euro counterparts:(which made up most of their opponents tanks to the over long WC & EC qualifiers) but get eaten up alive every time they played vs the US or like at the Olympics where AU Sam Kerr tore right through them.
        Gemran’s are odd like that; when you look at Loew’s men’s side; for so many years they had two rather unremarkable fwds in Klose & Gomez switching in the lone striker spot , yet the spend a good deal of their pro career on the bench at Bayern Munich. lucky to score a goals or two by season’s end

        • mockmook

          What you wrote was perfectly fine (and likely accurate).

          Again, only if stripped of context does it become funny:

          “The rest of the world is lucky that someone wrote a racist comment”

  • Steglitz49

    According to Lyon’s website, Kadeisha Buchanan has arrived in Lyon for her medical check-up, the last remaining stage on her path to joining Lyon. According to Lyon she said: — “Je suis heureuse d’être ici à Lyon. Jouer en Europe est un rêve pour moi. Il y a les meilleures équipes du monde en Europe et les meilleures joueuses de la planète dans cette équipe de l’OL.” — but whether she said in in french-Canadian or English I have not the foggiest.

    • Som Termanni
    • Timber Dave

      For non-French speakers, that would be,
      “I’m happy to be here in Lyon. Playing in Europe is a dream for me. There are the best teams in the world in Europe and the best players on the planet in this OL [Olympique Lyonnaise] team.”