Tuesday Roundup: PSG introduces Lawrence

The Equalizer Staff January 3, 2017 24

Also in today’s roundup, the NWSL may be expanding north, FCKC is reportedly off the market, and Cayman returns to Europe

PSG officially announced the signing of Canadian international Ashley Lawrence on Tuesday. (photo courtesy of PSG)

PSG officially announced the signing of Canadian international Ashley Lawrence on Tuesday. (photo courtesy of PSG)

Canadian international and West Virginia University midfielder Ashley Lawrence has officially signed with Paris Saint-Germain, a move that has been rumored for weeks. Lawrence, who most recently helped WVU advance to the 2016 NCAA College Cup final, forewent the NWSL draft in favor of a contract through 2019 with the French club.

“Joining this very big club is the next step in my career. Everything the coach and directors had to say convinced me to sign here and give my all for the club. I have big ambitions here with Paris Saint-Germain,” Lawrence said in a statement released by the team.

Lawrence, who is just 21, has 46 caps and four goals with the Canadian women’s national team and recently won and Olympic bronze medal with the team in Rio.

“Ashley is one of the most promising young players in the world under 22 years of age at her position,” Olivier Létang, Paris Saint-Germain Sports Director, said in the team statement. “It’s very satisfying to see her sign for us looking to continue her development and show her talents to the Parisian fans.”

Lawrence is reported to be joining her new team sometime this week.

Vancouver reportedly getting NWSL expansion team in 2018

In the latest round of NWSL expansion news, Away From the Numbers (AFTN), a Canadian soccer website, reported that Vancouver would be one of the next cities to get an NWSL expansion team, possibly as early as 2018.

The team may or may not be a resurgence of the Vancouver Whitecaps Women of the USL W-League, but it would likely be affiliated with the Vancouver Whitecaps of MLS. If so, it would be the fourth MLS-backed team in the league.

There have been “discussions” about Canadian NWSL teams as far back as 2015, mostly on the heels of the interest in soccer in Canada during and immediately after the Women’s World Cup. However, as interest in soccer once again waned, so did talks of the league expanding north of the border.

No official word has been made from the Whitecaps or NWSL regarding a NWSL expansion team in Vancouver as of yet.

FC Kansas City may be under new ownership by start of season

The Kansas City Star has reported that Elam Bauer, a Minnesota businessman, is in the purchasing process to buy FC Kansas City. Bauer, the founder and CEO of North Central Equity in Minneapolis, claims that the deal has been approved by the current owners and is expected to be finalized before the start of the upcoming 2017 season.

“The seller is in the process of transferring the company to us,” Bauer said. “But there are still some final things that need to be done to actually close the transaction, and that’s something that doesn’t happen overnight.”

Under Bauer’s ownership, head coach Vlatko Andonovski would take full control of the team’s roster, while the general manager duties would be divided among multiple people in the wake of former general manager Huw Williams’ resignation last month.

Bauer not only has said he will keep the team in Kansas City, but he has already rented out office space in the city and has hired people to fill current jobs within the FCKC offices, while other positions will continue to be filled by current team staff.

FCKC is currently owned by Chris Likens and his two sons, Greg Likens and Brad Likens, and Brian Budzinski.

WNY Flash’s Janice Cayman signs with Montpellier HSC

Janice Cayman, a Belgian international who won the 2016 NWSL Championship with the WNY Flash, has signed with the French club Montpellier HSC for three seasons. The 28-year-old midfielder joined the Flash midseason, signing on July 11. She made three appearances for the team with one start.

Cayman is also a member of the Belgian women’s national team, where she has scored 17 goals over 60 caps. She recently scored four goals for the Belgian side in the 2016 Algarve Cup tournament, making her the tournament’s top scorer.

Fans of NCAA soccer may remember Cayman from her days at Florida State University, where she played for two years after transferring from Catholic University Leuven in Belgium in 2010. She made 48 appearances for the Seminoles and helped the team make it to the 2011 NCAA College Cup.

  • Paul Klee

    I wonder how much French language Lawrence and Buchanan have. And how important going to an English speaking squad was for Dunn?

    • Gary Diver

      How well Lawrence and Buchanan speak French depends on who their parents are, where they live, and what schools they went to. Though officially Canada is bilingual, it is more accurate to describe it as a dual language country. Only a small fraction of Canadians are truly bilingual in the sense of having the ability to switch between the two languages. Probably Mr. Google can tell you how much French Lawrence and Buchanan know.

      • Steglitz49

        I reply to you because the Painter has blocked me.

        Briefly, when Lotta Schelin went to Lyon she bothered to learn French. She was interviewed on French TV and generally was part of the community. The same has been for the other Swedes, though not all of them may necessarily have become as fluent as Lotta did.

        Jess Fishlock commented on her time in Frankfurt that because she had no German she was an outsider in the locker room. The team, including foreign players, spoke German.

        It is true that Daunn went to an English speaking country — something I predicted she would do — but I suspect that the resources that Chelsea has that matters to her, maybe also being in London.

        • Gary Diver

          Ali Krieger can speak fluent German, but Heath and Horan didn’t make serious efforts to learn French. Actually, it is sad to see Heath and Horan make jokes about their poor French. It is not something to be proud of.

          P.S. It will be interesting to see when Ellis lets Krieger and Meghan Klingenberg go. I’d be very surprised to see either on the WC19 roster.

          • guest

            Almost none of the US players made serious efforts to learn the language when playing abroad in a non English speaking Country. Marta did, the Germans in France do, the Swedish do whereever they Play, the Norwegians do. It seems the English or welch seems to join the US folks as Steglitz pointed out with the Fishlock example.
            It seems to be in the nature of English speaking folks to not being interested in learning a different language as they know and think “English ruls the world”

          • Gary Diver

            Amandine Henry vs Alex Morgan

            It was interesting to see that Amandine Henry brought over a language companion when she moved to Portland. A year ago I don’t think Henry spoke any English, but her English three weeks after arriving in the US was impressive for someone just learning it.

            I doubt Morgan will make any effort to learn French. It is only a part-time gig for her. But I wonder if only French is spoken in the Lyon locker rooms? That would be awkward for Morgan.

          • Steglitz49

            They want to get the full American experience and realize that without language you are on the outside looking in.

          • Steglitz49

            Marta speaks fluent Swedish. Accented, admittedly, but fluent.

          • anon

            Krieger lived in Germany for years, IIRC so that makes sense. Heath and Horan weren’t in France for very long. It’s also possible Krieger studied German in her school years. Press spent multiple seasons in Swedish but said she learned more Spanish there from her housemates, and her Swedish is very poor.

          • Steglitz49

            Where have you seen rumors of Klings and Kriegs? Neither are in Australia so it may be possible that they are thinking bigger, but where?

  • Steglitz49

    HOFCtoDi and ego already discussed Janice Cayman under the CBA thread.

    Those who block HOFCToDi probably found the thread strange.

  • Alexandre Feaud

    Vôtre championnat es surcoté ! vos joueuse américaine ne viennent pas en
    Europe , car vôtre fédération les bloques , si elles ne les bloquais
    pas elles viendrais toute joué chez nous et vous le savez très bien …
    Vos joueuse sont juste rapide et physique , elles n’ont pas de techique
    mise à part tobin heath !! ET lyon es la meilleur équipe au monde !!!

  • Alexandre Feaud

    Your championship is surcharged! Your American player does not come to
    Europe, because your federation blocks them, if they did not block them
    they would come all played with us and you know very well … Your
    player are just fast and physical, they do not have Techique apart from
    tobin heath !! AND lyon es the best team in the world !!!

    • JL

      Typical Eurosnob comment. US bench players would be automatic starters in almost every other NT.

      • Steglitz49

        Yes and no. Population ratios US v Ger v Swe v Norway v Iceland is 1000 v 270 v 30 v 15 v 1.

        Thus your statement is true but at the same time it puts Sweden’s achievement in OG-16 in spite of the incompetent ref crew into context.

        • Khan

          That statement including the “almost” would also be true for the French and teh German national Team bench players. Let’s rather not start another pointless and stupid “we are better than you nanananana discussion here”

          • Steglitz49

            Facts are sacred; opinion is free.

            Canada’s population in that series would be at about 110.

      • Khan

        Typical Ussnob comment. Both comments are childish

      • guest

        Why typical? Who besides Mr. Feaud from above and the infamous gerd-karl aka weltmeister troll springs to your mind?
        while I guess the USsnob comments are much more frequent……

  • Gary Diver

    From today’s article in “The Globe and Mail”, Canada’s “national newspaper”.

    “The signing shifts the spotlight to fellow Canadian international Kadeisha Buchanan, who has played on the same team as Lawrence since the two were nine years old in Brampton, Ont.”

    “Her agreement with PSG appears to free her up to return to North America prior to Canada’s final push for the 2020 Olympics.”


    Lawrence is committed to PSG through June 2019, but WC19 starts June 1, 2019. In all Canadian articles I’ve seen about Lawrence and Buchanan, OG20 is mentioned and WC19 is ignored. Is that just media ignorance?

    • Steglitz49


      The US, during the 16 years of impotence talked up the OG for WoSo and Canada has had much better success in the OG than WC so that is natural too.

  • Alexandre Feaud

    je ne pense pas dire de bétise , j’ai les preuves , vue que cette année vous avez pas de compétions international vous avez déjà 4 joueuse qui sont partie alors imaginé un instant qu’elles sont libre d’allé partout quand elles veulent . Vous pensez réellement qu’elles vont resté chez vous ? alors que elles pourraient joué en europe et joué la ligue des champions touts les ans et avoir de meilleurs salaires !! Soyez sérieux un instant Svp au lieux de dire que je suis un noub lol

  • Alexandre Feaud

    I do not think I’m saying anything stupid, I have proof that this year you have no international competitions you already have 4 players who are part then imagined for a moment that they are free to go everywhere when they want. Do you really think they will stay at home? While they could play in europe and played league champions every year and have better wages !! Be serious for a moment Please to the places to say I am a nol lol

    • DNG

      If they play in Portland, they may prefer Portland to any other club in the world.