Breakers acquire Allysha Chapman from Dash

Dan Lauletta November 29, 2016 21
Allysha Chapman, left, defends fellow Canadian Diana Matheson last May. Chapman was traded to the Boston Breakers on Tuesday (photo copyright EriMac Photo from The Equalizer)

Allysha Chapman, left, defends fellow Canadian Diana Matheson last May. Chapman was traded to the Boston Breakers on Tuesday (photo copyright EriMac Photo from The Equalizer)

The Breakers acquired Canadian left back Allysha Chapman from the Houston Dash on Tuesday in exchange for the No. 15 pick in the 2017 NWSL draft and an international roster spot through 2018.

“Allysha was one of my top targets in this offseason, and I’m delighted that we have managed to bring her to Boston,” Breakers coach Matt Beard said. “She will add great defensive stability to our side, and she is a threat going forward. She also brings a wealth of NWSL and international experience.”

Chapman entered NWSL in 2015 through the allocation process. In two seasons in Houston, both constantly disrupted by international absence, Chapman has a dozen starts from 14 appearances, mostly as a left fullback. She represented Canada at last summer’s World Cup and at the Olympic games earlier this year. Chapman owns a bronze medal from the Olympic Games.

The Dash had previously been outside the first three rounds following a slew of trades. By acquiring the pick that was originally Kansas City’s and comes by way of Chicago as well as Boston, Dash coach Randy Waldrum is now in possession of the 15th and 33rd picks in the January 12 draft. Due to the complexity of some of the trades involving 2nd round picks, the No. 15 position could adjust slightly if other picks are moved ahead of the draft.

The international roster spot gives the Dash six for the 2017 season. Currently only three are in use. Corey Roepken of the Houston Chronicle reported Tuesday that the club has a verbal agreement with an international central defender.

  • Bruce

    I like this move for the Breakers. They’ve put far too much emphasis on international spots and not enough on allocation subsidies in the past. This is a step in the right direction.

    • mockmook

      They desperately needed a LB, and Chapman is Grade-A

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    • smallchief

      I like Chapman — and she’ll bring some offense to that left back position.

      • mockmook

        This is a plausible 2017 line-up for Boston after the trades/draft:

        • Breakers fan

          I do like this acquisition of Chapman from what I’ve seen to date.
          Any word on if Jordan will play overseas? I guess nothing confirmed if you have her here.

          And of course Campbell’s inclusion here would only come if Abby Smith’s rehab isn’t going well or complete. I have heard that her injury can be harder than an ACL tear to come back from so you may be prescient with putting Campbell in net.

          I still haven’t seen Driesse play – will search for footage on-line.

          I have a few other players in mind but I don’t want to reveal them yet. I want to keep them secretive. Some are well- known already (the top Pac-12 seniors) but I have a few sort of dark horses I don’t want other teams to start thinking about.

          • Steglitz49

            Avaldsnes just lost their American goalie Madalyn who went to Seattle and seeing how good Avaldsnes is at rehabing players, maybe a pilgrimage to that hamlet in Rogaland county in Westlandet is called for.

          • mockmook

            Yeah, the whole draft is a SWAG (there’s that “word” again) because we don’t know who will stay in the USA.

          • Breakers fan

            I like that word. It applies. It would be interesting to get an article about how each team approaches the draft. I’ll suggest it to the EQ – on twitter, I guess.

            First, how do they handle the college season. Do they enlist the entire coaching (and front office?) staff to just dig in and watch college games and report back about what they found? Do they hire any scouts – professional or amateur? Do they ask current players on their teams to speak about players from the schools they went to who are now good prospects? How do they go about contacting college colleges – what are the questions they ask them? Do they establish relationships with some college coaches that are so good that a college coach may call an NWSL coach on his/her own at maybe the start of the year to say “Keep an eye on so-and-so this year”?

            And then when it comes down to actually making the draft picks, how is that done? Who has the greatest say in the end — the head coach or the GM? Does the owner weigh in? With each team it could be different. It’d be an interesting article just because NWSL budgets probably don’t have much left over for scouting.

          • mockmook

            In addition to what you are wondering about, I’m interested in how many International slots each team has, and who is willing or able to deal some slots. Also, who is willing to give up something of quality for a slot.

            Without that info, predicting the draft is even more SWAG-tastic.

          • Breakers fan

            Excellent questions. Seems to me that with int’l slots you would basically “work backwards”, meaning: if you have found a quality player who has told you she’d want to come play for you then you work to make that happen. But just trading for them without anyone lined up seems risky. I also don’t know which teams have any yet to use. I was surprised actually that the Breakers gave up 2, considering Beard’s prior apparent love of them. It shows how much he wanted Chapman.

          • draft scouting prep article

            Portland Thorns site has an article on scouting draft/prep that was posted to site on Dec 2nd.
            article title is
            “Thorns FC’s Mark Parsons busy scouting and preparing for upcoming 2017 NWSL College Draft”

            first few paragraphs
            “The 2017 NWSL College Draft is nearly two months away, but Portland Thorns FC head coach Mark Parsons is already hard at work compiling his draft board and scouting reports.

            The coach’s intensive scouting work will culminate tonight with a trip to San Jose, Calif. to catch each of the two NCAA Women’s Soccer College Cup semifinal matches. Parsons will first watch the University of North Carolina take on West Virginia before taking in a battle between Georgetown and the University of Southern California.

            It will mark one of the first times this collegiate season that the Thorns head coach will be able to watch live some of the players that he has spent the past several months scouting on his television screen.

            But Parsons is quick to point out that while watching a player on the pitch is valuable, it’s only half of the process of evaluating whether a player can fit into his Portland Thorns team.

            “The most crucial part you don’t get to see during the game,” he said. “The crucial part in what they’re like as a person, their character, the way they’ve dealt with success, the way they’ve dealt with failure, the way they’ve handled relationships, their emotional intelligence, their social intelligence, the critical things that we don’t get to see.”

            Parsons, however, spends only a portion of his time pouring over game tape and going over the list of player needs for his roster. The other part of his time is spent talking to the current and past coaches of prospective picks on his draft board in order to understand what a player’s like off the field.”

            full article in Portland Thorns News section of

          • Breakers fan

            Thank you very much! Excellent article – enjoyed it. I like how into the whole process Parsons is. You wonder if that passion and commitment goes across the board of NWSL coaches.

          • mockmook
  • Som Termanni

    I’m very curious about Houston’s plans for that international spot.

    • Bruce

      They’ve got three free, but not a lot of salary cap with only 2 or 3 allocated players returning. Maybe they’ve got more plans for mining the Brazil player pool.

      • Steglitz49

        Why Brazil? Why not try some Canadians. Swedes and Germans, or Mexicans for that matter?

        • Bruce

          feeling prophetic

  • Steglitz49

    England extended their unbeaten run to 10 matches when Jodie Taylor’s goal sealed a win over Euro 2017 hosts The Netherlands in a friendly tonight.

  • Rdalford

    somewhat off-topic (but Chapman is a Canada WNT player)

    Multiple reports (Toronto Star, CBC etc) that Canada WNT players will make an announcement on Thursday about forming a union (CBC Sports article cites Toronto Star as source … the Toronto Star reported Wednesday. According to the paper, the Canadian Women’s National Soccer Team Players’ Association will be created at a meeting in a Toronto law office and will be the first women’s players’ union in Canada.)

    • Rdalford

      CBC Sports reporting that Canada Women’s National team members did vote to form a players union.
      from CBC Sports site
      “Members of the Canadian national women’s soccer team voted unanimously Thursday to form a players’ association — a first for the sport in Canada.

      The association will be responsible for protecting and promoting women’s players’ rights in Canada and will also address discussions about compensation, playing conditions and other issues.

      “The creation of the players’ association is the culmination of years of work by the nucleus of the current team to create a better and more robust system that recognizes and protects the rights of women soccer players in Canada,” Team Canada captain Christine Sinclair said in a statement released Thursday.

      Diana Matheson, like Sinclair a member of the bronze-medal teams at the 2012 and 2016 Olympics, emphasized the importance of the new association.

      “This is an important step to help us advance player rights and issues in a more formal and organized way, and create the tools for the next generation of Canadian women’s soccer to do the same,” Matheson said in the release. “