Leroux returns to training weeks after giving birth

The Equalizer Staff November 15, 2016 62

Sydney Leroux is back to training just weeks after giving birth to her first child.

Leroux gave birth in early September to a baby boy, Cassius Cruz Dwyer. Leroux is married to Sporting KC forward Dom Dwyer.

“The first couple sessions were a little discouraging but I feel like I’ve gotten better every day and I’m starting to feel a little bit more like myself which is a really nice feeling,” she said. “I am getting used to my body again, it went through a long ten months but I feel really good.”

Leroux was acquired by FC Kansas City via trade from the Western New York Flash in January, just two weeks before announcing that she was pregnant and would miss the NWSL season and would not compete for a spot at the Olympics.

In 2013, Leroux scored 11 goals in 19 games for the Boston Breakers before being traded to Seattle Reign FC in the offseason. She scored five goals in 22 games for Seattle and was traded to Western New York prior to the 2015 season after approaching Reign coach and GM Laura Harvey about her desire to be traded to Kansas City to be with her husband. Leroux played only three games for the Flash in 2015; she was limited by U.S. national team duty and a post-World Cup ankle surgery.

FC Kansas City teammate Amy Rodriguez also sat out 2016 while pregnant with her second child. Rodriguez hasn’t said anything publicly about her soccer plans going forward, but she was seen briefly in a U.S. Soccer video posted to Twitter last week.

  • Steglitz49

    Good luck!

  • FawcettFan14

    Leroux should NOT be called up again until the proves herself in club play. In two years she has played a grand total of THREE club games.

    I don’t judge her personal life or choices at all. I’m happy that she’s a mother, seems to be what she wanted. But she needs to earn her way back into the national team.

    • Steglitz49

      ARod did, so Syd could too.

      • newsouth

        i can’t debate you on that point but say i’m happy to see the wrecking ball back.

        • Steglitz49

          No need to debate. Either she makes the grade or she does not.

          Nevertheless, the USWNT can’t have too many mums, can they?

    • After returning from maternity leave, aren’t they required to be brought into camp for evaluation? They’re still under contract with the NT.

      • Rdalford

        after returning from maternity leave the existing CBA/MOU specifies
        “Upon a player’s return, she will come back on 100% of the salary of the tier she was at prior to the pregnancy for at least three months…”

        In the past USWNT players returning from pregnancy leave have, as you note, at least been brought into camp for evaluation. Perhaps a call-up for camp is not technically required. However, since USSF is already paying at least 3 months of full salary and since past practice has been to call up returning players for evaluation, I would expect that Leroux will also receive a call-up sometime in early 2017.

        • Steglitz49

          I just read a curious piece of info about Avaldsnes, the club where Casey Short and Adrianna Franch rebuilt their careers and where Madalyn Schiffel spent this past season playing. The copper in the Statue of Liberty comes from the coppermines on the island of Karmøy near Avaldsnes.

          • guest

            Yeah, and I read it was the iron ore Sweden was supplying to the Nazis that concerned Churchill during WWII.

        • Paul Klee

          Though Ellis has said that if players are not match fit she doesn’t want them at camp.

    • guest

      Don’t know I’d say that’s what she wanted, the pregnancy was unexpected and she wrote on her personal website about struggling with how she felt about it (http://sydneylerouxdwyer.com/2016/03/pregnancy/) though she has obviously embraced it now.

    • Guest

      It is not like she pulled a Lloyd and just didn’t show up — she had an injured ankle and then was pregnant

      • guest

        correction. leroux had an injured ankle in which she missed many club games in 2015. then went to the world cup not 100% healthy anyway. and injured her ankle even more requiring surgery. then missed the rest of the year for club and country. then made another club trade request which she does after every year.

    • guest

      leroux is the poster child for the uswnt is a club team not a national team.

  • Katie Curtiss

    while I’m glad she is back, within the time of her being absent a lot more young forwards have had time to shine and prove their worth, it might be a little harder for her to be considered for the national team again

    • Steglitz49

      Indeed, though I am not convinced that Syd is Heartbroken. After all, she has a WC and OG winners medal, which is more than most lasses have.

    • Bruce

      Definitely an uphill battle to be considered relevant again. It’s been a LONG time since she last played regularly and the team has evolved. Best of luck to her.

    • Kevin

      As long as she has to earn her spot on the team, then I’m glad she’s back. I’ve always liked her, but I’m just not sure how she’ll fit into this new team.

      Maybe it will be a better fit for her, maybe not. Either way, I’m looking forward to seeing her play again.

      • JL

        I think Leroux was kind of fortunate to break into the NT when she did, because there wasn’t as much competition for forward spots back then. All credit to her for taking advantage of the opportunities she was given, though. Some fans tend to forget that from September of 2013 to June of 2014, Leroux was the most productive forward the US had. She was scoring almost every game.

        • Steglitz49

          Syd played in OG-12 while Christen was an alternate.
          (In OG-12, alternates did not get medals but in OG-16 they did.)

  • Steglitz49

    The news from the other side of the Pond is that Channel 4 has won the exclusive free to air UK television rights to show all England and Scotland football matches at the UEFA Women’s Euro 2017. It will be Channel 4 and not BBC this time round.

  • Som Termanni

    Pernille Harder (Denmark WNT striker) is leaving Linkopings. Portland and Boston among the potential destinations, though so are Chelsea, Manchester City, Lyon, Paris Saint-Germain, Bayern Munich and Wolfsburg. http://www.expressen.se/sport/fotboll/damallsvenskan/pernille-harder-lamnar-linkoping/

    • JL

      The word is that she’s going to Wolfsburg.

      • Steglitz49

        A mistake, I would say. Too much risk of riding the pine, like Ewa Pajor found out. Anyway, the food is better in France.

    • Steglitz49

      Pernille would be well advised to select a club where she does not wear out her bum on the pine. Maybe Montpellier though Paris is Paris …

      This is the problem for teams in Europe who play a summer season and qualify for the Champions League. They play in the next season’s Champions League and regularly lose top players. Eskilstuna is a good example.

      It is also an example of the changing face of European WoSo. As more rich men’s clubs have followed Jean-Michel Aulas’s (the Chairman of Lyon) example of investing in their ladies side, so the money and income has gone up for the lasses and the gap between the haves and have-nots has widened. Thus, this year the legendary WoSo club Umeå was relegated from Damallsvenskan.

      Now, if Aulas succeeds in getting Alex, the circle is complete. The Chief Ideologist and Head Propagandist of the NWSL had better find some extra cash to stop such a move.

  • Ando91881

    Congratulations to her, but I am not so sure that she is completely interested in being a professional soccer player. Seems like she is more interested in being an Instagram queen, with numerous selfies taken of herself. Kind of a narcissist problem. Looks like she only half cares about being the best soccer player she can be. Needs to grow up.

    • Steglitz49

      Syd may simply be realistic.

      ARod got back into the USWNT for W-15 because of two tremendous NWSL Championship finals plus generally good club play. Syd has her work cut out for herself. Maybe a WC and OG winners medal is enough for her?

      • guest

        well, we do know 0 nwsl club medals is certainly enough for sydney leroux.

    • guest

      no more uswnt. then no more instagram queen. i’m sure that is a strong motivation for her.

    • Calci0

      Because she has a different personality than you, you deem that as her not having interest in being the best soccer player she can be?!? Pretty sure she has made soccer a #1 priority up until she became a parent…. If you can show me otherwise, I’d be interested in seeing your justification.

  • newsouth

    oh brother, someone tell me about the forward situation which will keep sydney off of the roster when pinoe maintains a spot?
    1 dunn – ellis will move her around just like press
    2 pugh – she went to college, so that’s 4 yrs before she has a legit squad spot
    3 williams – in what universe ellis will give her a spot over sydney when they do the same thing but syndey has more bulldog in her
    4 lloyd – she plays where she wants
    5 press – see 2
    6 morgan – see sponsors on her web site

    that leaves 2 forwards. please tell me where all these forwards are, please!

    sydney reminds me of a casey loyd with actual work rate.

    all the girls got a husband, so i got to get me one. i still say the baby wasn’t a mistake but i roll with her explanation.

    look for sydney on the 2019 world cup roster. .

    • CED

      Simple, Leroux wasn’t playing before she got pregnant much, last off the bench usually. Btw, just b/c Pugh is in college doesn’t mean she won’t be in NT. Pugh is ahead of Leroux by a mile if you’re picking the best team. Williams does not do the same as Leroux, Williams is a better player and does more. Leroux was not missed at all in her leave

      • guest

        Leroux was actually a top scorer when she started out. I haven’t seen that from Williams, yet. She has a lot to work on.

        • CED

          Leroux has been garbage for years only on NT b/c they never gave young players a chance in camp. She going to be sent out to pasture.

          • Calci0

            She has never been “garbage”. If you want to say she has been less than 100% healthy for about 2 years now, I’ll concede that. But to claim “garbage” is bunk. Even at less than 100% she set up the winner for Press in the WC. And started multiple games. Her pre-WC game against Mexico, showed she is far from garbage, and she still showed what she is capable of.

          • CED

            LOL..She’s a low skill kick and chase player. Exactly what they need to get rid of. Mediocre to poor touch to be kind.

          • Calci0

            Well it’s a good thing her coaches at every level have a different outlook on her talents and skill than you do….

        • Calci0

          It’s crazy to me how people seem to forget, the success Leroux has had with the team. Admittedly, she has not played much the past couple years due to injury, but when she was healthy, she played well. And that strech in time that Morgan was out, she showed, she can score in tight games, against good teams.

      • Calci0

        I’m not going to sit here and down another player. Just not my style. The more successful Williams is while on the field, most likely means the team will have a good shot at success I’m not going to root against anyone on the USWNT. That being said, if I was constructing the USWNT, Leroux would have a spot if she shows she’s healthy and fit again.

        Still not 100%, and in need of surgury, and she was still able to do this:

    • anon

      I selfishly want Mal to go pro, but yeah she should probably go to college. Sigh.. I guess I’ll have to start watching NCAA more

      • guest

        she’s not going to graduate on time to begin with since she already redshirted a season. I don’t know how these girls fit everything in at the end of the day (I know alex did her NT duties while graduating in 3.5 years) but yeah that is a lot of pressure.

        • Steglitz49

          May explain why Alex is where she is in the firmament of WoSo.

        • CED

          Soccer is not even close to the most difficult sports time wise in college. One of the the worst is actually baseball, which nobody talks about. Also, it’s easy to graduate on time or early b/c many come in with 12 credits or more b/c of AP’s. Second, most schools offer online courses.

    • Hans Castorp

      Pugh will be on the 2019 roster and the smaller 2020 roster unless she has some sort of major collapse between now and then, college or no college.

      Syd is more about what could have been than what was. But her timing was impeccable and she can claim the very rare OG + WC winner medals.

      • Marcus Landon

        Absent something totally unexpected, Pugh is going to be a mainstay for years to come. Mal Pugh has it in her to become a truly world class, elite player.

        • Steglitz49

          All best whiches to Ms Pugh but some realism may be needed.

          Mallory is 18, the same age as Mana Iwabuchi when Mana won WC-11. When WC-19 rolls around Mallory will be 21, a year older when Saki Kumagai when she won in 2011. Stina Blackstenius was 20 when she helped Sweden take silver in Rio, scoring against the US (ranked #1) and Germany (ranked #2).

          Seeing how well it is going in PNG, no worries.

  • Som Termanni

    D Oyster, the #3, and #7 draft picks, and the #2 allocation order acq. from Orlando have been traded to Boston for MF K. Mewis, D Kallman, and #1 allocation order.

    Oyster was a 13th-overall pick in 2015 by Mark Parsons and was the first Spirit player to play every minute of every game.

  • Ethan

    Off-topic: http://www.thebentmusket.com/2016/11/17/13668052/boston-trades-kristie-mewis-kassey-kallman-washington-spirit-megan-oyster

    Breakersfan, I don’t know if you’ll see this comment, but if you do, how do you feel about this trade?

    • Breakers fan

      Will respond in more depth, later. Have to go to work right now.

      Pain and hope, to start.

    • Breakers fan

      I write some about this in the comments of the article about the trade but a few more thoughts here.

      Right now I’m feeling a lot of pain in losing both of these players, especially Mewis, but a lot with Kallman too. They are, were, my favorite 2 players on the team, by a decent margin. I think they were the best 2 remaining players on the team. I think that in losing them and Schillgard you now have a last-place team who has just lost their best 3 players. How’s that for a start on next year? They picked up a few players. Haavi I have the most hope for. Oyster…I want to see but if she isn’t good that would not be good. So, where does the salvation lie? To me, it’s perfectly clear: In the draft. Look at what WNY did in 2015 – four 1st round picks, all of whom ended up on the National Team. We don’t know how many will last there of course but the point is that they excelled in the NWSL to a point where the NT picked them up. And the team with a lot of good draft picks, (WNY) won the title 2 years later. The Breakers are in a similar boat now. Not as many high picks but WNY didn’t have the 2nd round cluster of picks the Breakers have, so as I see it — IF they are good talent scouts, truly good, then they have a shot at turning this around. If they are not, then it probably won’t get much better and could get worse. As is, 7, the # of picks they have of first 16, and then a few more later, college Seniors can be theirs. Who they pick will be important. If they trade some away for more league-average vets, but known quantities (!) then I think it’ll decrease their chances for as good a turn-around as could happen.

  • J

    I also would never count a rod Either

  • Geez. A lot of bashing Leroux on this thread. I personally don’t care if she makes another NT roster. What I’m really interested in seeing is what she can do at the club level under Andonovski’s guidance. Everyone saw how dominant Arod was for two years at FCKC and other former NT players like Barnie and Averbuch have been great for KC, too.

    It’s true that Arod might look different without Holiday delivering passes to her, but I’m still excited to see if Syd can make a comeback, at the very least at club level.

    • Steglitz49

      The commentators have long bashed Syd.

      I don’t understand what they have against Syd? Maybe it is her curves and that she is obviously feminine. I guess there could worse reasons but the commentators are unlikely to own up to those.

      • Hans Castorp

        Maybe some people, even US NT fans, still find something traitor-ish and distasteful about her decision to switch allegiances?

        For me it’s just what I see on the pitch. She had a memorable rookie moment in the ’12 OGs. Then a big fat dud at the WC. I don’t see what she offers over the other forwards, old and new, to this team.

        • Steglitz49

          I suspect Syd is mainly coming back to keep her maternity pay. No doubt she hopes she can repeat ARod’s achievement. I don’t think she can for various reasons.

        • Calci0

          The entire fwd line minus say Lloyd could be looked at as having a dud WC. How much Leroux’s injury limited her, I don’t know. But I do know when she was healthy, she scored, and scored against good teams.

    • woso32rooter

      My sentiments exactly! Give Syd a chance I sez. Kansas City is bereft of its most formidable anchor Lauren —and her combo play with Amy. I hope Syd. can revitalize that frontline energy ( with renewed discipline)- for the needed for FCKC renaissance.

      • Steglitz49

        It took you 7 days to come up with this most incisive comment. Yesterdays if not last weeks observer.