NWSL clubs announce options, Re-Entry Wire players

The Equalizer Staff October 19, 2016 47
The NWSL offseason began in earnest Wednesday with all 10 clubs providing updates on their rosters. 13 players had their options declined. (Photo by Meg Linehan for The Equalizer.)

The NWSL offseason began in earnest Wednesday with all 10 clubs providing updates on their rosters. 13 players had their options declined. (Photo by Meg Linehan for The Equalizer.)

All 10 NWSL clubs announced updated contract status of all players on Wednesday. There were no real surprises on the day that left 13 players that will go through the Re-Entry Wire meaning they an be claimed by any other club. Claims are due by 1 p.m. EDT on Thursday.

boston Breakers

Picked up option (13): Natasha Dowie, Brooke Elby, Kassey Kallman, Elise Krieghoff, Kristie Mewis, Brittany Ratcliffe, Angela Salem, Louise Schillgard, Kyah Simon, Abby Smith, Libby Stout, Kylie Strom, Christen Westphal

Declined option (6): Eunice Beckmann, Sinead Farrelly, Ghoutia Karchouni, Kami Kranich, Katie Schoepfer, Rachel Wood

Out of contract, extended offer (2): Julie King, Stephanie Verdoia

In negotiations (1): Whitney Engen

Chicago Red Stars

Picked up option (13): Danielle Colaprico, Taylor Comeau, Amanda Da Costa, Vanessa DiBernardo, Arin Gilliland, Sarah Gorden, Sofia Huerta, Samantha Johnson, Alyssa Mautz, Stephanie McCaffrey, Katie Naughton, Courtney Raetzman, Casey Short

Signed new contract (4): Michele Dalton, Jen Hoy, Mary Luba, Cara Walls

Federation players (3): Julie Johnston, Alyssa Naeher, Christen Press

Houston Dash

Picked up option (12): Amber Brooks, Rachel Daly, Caity Heap, Melissa Henderson, Rebecca Moros, Kealia Ohai, Denise O’Sullivan, Poliana, Cami Privett, Cari Roccaro, Chioma Ubogagu, Lydia Williams

Declined option (1): Ellie Brush

Out of contract, extended offer (3): Andressa, Bianca Henninger, Stephanie Ochs

Federation players (4): Janine Beckie, Morgan Brian, Allysha Chapman, Carli Lloyd

Retired (1): Haley Carter

FC Kansas City

Picked up option (10): Alex Arlitt, Nicole Barnhart, Katie Bowen, Lo’eau LaBonta, Alexa Newfield, Catherine Parkhill, Brianne Reed, Frances Silva, Brittany Taylor, Erika Tymrak

Signed extension (1): Mandy Laddish

Declined option (1): Molly Menchel

Out of contract, extended offers (4): Yael Averbuch, Shea Groom, Caroline Kastor, Tiffany McCarty

In negotiations (1): Heather O’Reilly

Federation players (4): Sydney Leroux, Amy Rodriguez, Becky Sauerbrunn, Desiree Scott

orlando pride

Picked up option (10): Laura Alleway, McKenzie Berryhill, Christina Burkenroad, Lisa De Vanna, Kristen Edmonds, Sarah Hagen, Cami Levin, Monica, Dani Weatherholt, Sam Witteman

Out of contract, extended offer (6): Aubrey Bledsoe, Stephanie Catley, Maddy Evans, Jamia Fields, Toni Pressley, Jasmyne Spencer

Federation players (4): Josee Belanger, Ashlyn Harris, Kaylyn Kyle, Alex Morgan

Retired (1): Becky Edwards

Portland Thorns FC

Picked up option (10): Celeste Boureille, Dagny Brynjarsdottir, Adrianna Franch, Amandine Henry, Kendall Johnson, Meg Morris, Nadia Nadim, Hayley Raso, Katherine Reynolds, Mallory Weber

Out of contract, extended offer (3): Michelle Betos, Emily Menges, Meleana Shim

Declined option (1): Jennifer Skogerboe

Federation players (6): Lindsey Horan, Tobin Heath, Meghan Klingenberg, Allie Long, Christine Sinclair, Emily Sonnett

Seattle Reign FC

Picked up option (11): Lauren Barnes, Lindsay Elston, Jessica Fishlock, Kendall Fletcher, Nahomi Kawasumi, Haley Kopmeyer, Manon Melis, Carson Pickett, Elli Reed, Andi Tostanoski, Rumi Utsugi

Out of contract, extended offers (5): Rachel Corsie, Keirsten Dallstream, Merritt Mathias, Havana Solaun, Bev Yanez

Federation players (1): Megan Rapinoe

Declined option (1): Michelle Cruz

Retired (1): Keelin Winters

Retained rights (1): Hope Solo

Sky Blue FC

Picked up option (16): Caroline Casey, Kelly Conheeney, Kim DeCesare, Leah Galton, Kristin Grubka, Maya Hayes, Tasha Kai, Sarah Killion, Taylor Lytle, Racquel Rodriguez, Danielle Schulmann, Erin Simon, Erica Skroski, Caroline Stanley, Nikki Stanton, Catherine Zimmerman

Out of contract, extended offer (1): Samantha Kerr

Federation players (2): Kelley O’Hara, Christie Rampone

Retired (2): CoCo Goodson, Shawna Gordon

Washington Spirit

Picked up option (9): Cali Farquharson, Line Jensen, Estelle Johnson, Alyssa Kleiner, Joanna Lohman, Megan Oyster, Katie Stengel, Cheyna Williams, Kelsey Wys

Out of contract, extended offers (6): Estafania Banini, Whitney Church, Caprice Dydasco, Tori Huster, Francisca Ordega

Declined option (1): Laura Del Rio

Federation players (5): Crystal Dunn, Ali Krieger, Stephanie Labbe, Diana Matheson, Shelina Zadorsky

Western New York Flash

Picked up option (10): Abby Dahlkemper, Makenzy Doniak, Britt Eckerstrom, Michaela Hahn, Alanna Kennedy, Courtney Niemiec, Taylor Smith, Meredith Speck, Lynn Williams, McCall Zerboni

Declined option (1): Janice Cayman

Re-signed (4): Elizabeth Eddy, Abby Erceg, Kristen Hamilton, Katelyn Rowland

Out of contract, extended offers (2): Jaelene Hinkle, Jessica McDonald

Federation players (2): Sabrina D’Angelo, Samantha Mewis

Retained rights (1): Lianne Sanderson

  • Som Termanni

    WNY retains rights to Lianne Sanderson in a special exemption due to her injury.

    Per the USSF agreements with allocated players, allocated players who continue to play in the NWSL after their USWNT contracts are terminated (not retired, so Engen and Solo, but not HAO) must be offered the same pay as the best-compensated non-allocated player in the league if signed to a normal contract by a club in the subsequent NWSL season.

    If those players aren’t offered contracts or opt out of the NWSL, the agreement also states that those players can play in Europe without their NWSL teams collecting a transfer fee. They are effectively free agents with special conditions.

    Brush (signed to AFL and W-League clubs,with obligations extending into the 2017 pre-season), Skogerboe (signed to a South Korean club), and Cayman (committing full-time to Portugal WNT for EURO 2017) are least likely to pick up any offers that might result from the re-entry wire.

    • Steglitz49

      It will be interesting to see how many and which better known players will play in Europe or Japan. (I don’t count Australia because there is no need to chose — a sort of summer holiday in winter, and they speak English.)

      The seasons in France, Germany and Spain are already under way while those in Norway, Sweden and Denmark kick off next spring. The FAWSL will operate a shortened season next year because they are switching to winter.

  • another guest

    WNY, … Out of contract, extended offers (2): Jaelene Hinkle, Jessica McDonald
    so would appear Hinkle will not be a federation (i.e. allocated) player for 2017

    Sky Blue … Federation players (2): Kelley O’Hara, Christie Rampone
    my guess is this is just a holding pattern until Rampone decides to announce plans for 2017. Would be very surprised to see Rampone continue as federation player.

    • Som Termanni

      Any of the players not currently allocated, including the eight in camp right now, could be allocated by Ellis if USSF offers them a contract by the end of the season. Nothing about the re-entry wire locks in anything about allocation status–everyone doing so is doing it through pure conjecture.

      IIRC, if Ellis invites any of the new NWSL players from this camp to the next camp, USSF must make them some sort of contract offer that would make them allocated players. In other words, in a few months Ohai, Williams, etc. could be on the allocated player list. So could Hinkle, who knows, but it seems unlikely since Ellis appears to have less than no interest in her.

      • another guest

        agree that USSF can make whatever federation/allocation player decisions they want. However WNY listing Mewis as federation player while listing Hinkle in out of contract extended offer status strongly implies that WNY/Hinkle have already been notified by USSF that 2017 federation player status for Hinkle is unlikely.

        WNY could have retained rights to Hinkle by leaving her listed her status as federation player but chose instead to list her as out of contract and to have extended her a 2017 contract offer.

        • Som Termanni

          Hell, I forgot Hinkle was still allocated. That explains that. Did she even get a cap since she was allocated? It doesn’t look like it, her last cap was in January.

          • Steglitz49

            This Allocation caper is an abomination.

          • HOFCToDi

            Jaelene Hinkle
            2016 CONCACAF Olympic Qualifying
            15 Feb 2016
            USA 10 PUR 0


          • Som Termanni

            Thanks. It looks like Hinkle didn’t see any further minutes after that match, and was not invited to the tune-up friendlies despite being invited to the May camps.

  • Som Termanni

    Four of the top men’s clubs (Atletico Junior, Independiente Medellin, Atletico Nacional and Millonarios) have opted out of fielding women’s teams for the inaugural Colombian La Liga Feminista season. Eighteen other clubs have signed up. http://www.eltiempo.com/deportes/futbol-colombiano/la-liga-femenina-de-futbol-sera-presentada-en-cartagena/16729487

  • Lorehead

    Surprised to see Sinead Farrelly get waived.

    • Surprised by Katie Schoepfer, too.

    • guest

      Seattle/Harvey picked Farrelly up off the re-entry waiver wire. If Farrelly is healthy (was never medically cleared this past season) and now has medical clearance then Seattle gets a good proven player without giving up anything.

      • mockmook

        I predict a miraculous recovery for Farrelly now that Boston doesn’t have her.

        BTW, it appears that Farrelly was the only player picked up off the wire.

      • Arcie Tillydee

        Very probably a great pick-up for the Reign, who have some rebuilding to do. If Farrelly can stay healthy, she’ll fit into Harvey’s preferred system very will indeed…fantastic player. I got to say hi to her at that joke of a semifinal (visiting players and other VPs are seated right in my section).

  • Som Termanni

    St. Louis group pursuing an MLS expansion team also wants an NWSL expansion team to play in their proposed 22,500-seat privately funded stadium: http://www.thebluetestament.com/2016/10/20/13314056/st-louis-moves-closer-to-mls-team

    • That would be awesome in terms of an in-state rivalry only 4 hours away instead of twice as far for Chicago. It would be awful if it led to Broon wanting to play in her hometown. We would cry if we lost Broon.

      • Steglitz49

        Hire Jessica Samuelsson away from Linköping!

    • Steglitz49

      Great news if true!

  • Som Termanni

    Kaitlyn Savage, put on the re-entry wire yesterday, was let go because she wanted to leave the NWSL and return to New Zealand. She previously played for NZ premier club Glenfield Rovers.

    • Som Termanni

      Also, per the Orlando Sentinel, Kaylyn Kyle received her Green Card on Wednesday.

  • Som Termanni

    Eunice Beckmann has joined Ghana’s WNT for the 2016 Africa Women Cup of Nations, starting November 19 in Cameroon. If she plays, she’ll earn her first international caps. https://ghanasoccernet.com/us-based-eunice-beckmann-joins-black-queens-camp-for-african-womens-championship

    Ghana has not advanced from group since 2006. They’ve drawn the same group as 9-time champions Nigeria, but also Mali (qualified only five times, never advanced past group) and Kenya (has a tendency to withdraw from competitions).

  • Som Termanni

    Caitlin Buckley is holding on to hope that Estefania Banini will return to the Spirit in May, because Banini hasn’t actually declined the Spirit’s contract offer yet: http://www.blackandredunited.com/washington-spirit-womens-soccer/2016/10/19/13331316/estefania-banini-washington-spirit-nwsl-re-entry-wire

    • Steglitz49

      I thought Banini went to Valencia in the Spanish league.

      • guest

        Do you even know what a loan is? How can a person of such ignorance pretend to speak with authority on this website?

        • Som Termanni

          There’s quite a bit of confusion about whether Banini even wants to return, to be fair. By her own words she’s said farewell to the Spirit part of her career and has fully converted to Valencia.

          But because of a combination of language barriers (all of Banini’s statements have been to non-English media or in Spanish from her social media accounts), a lack of information from the Spirit (they’ve not announced anything regarding Banini), and disinterest from journalists such as EQ’s staff (Buckley, whom I cited as holding out hope for her return, is the sole English source for reports on Banini’s Valencia paperwork), Banini’s long-term status with the Spirit is still unclear. It might not matter whether the Spirit view this as a loan, much as it didn’t matter that Caitlin Foord’s or Vero’s exits were supposedly temporary.

          Andressa is in a similar situation with the Dash. Houston’s offered her a new contract, but she hasn’t accepted it, and signs are pointing to her looking outside of the NWSL for an offer first. But nobody’s done any real reporting on her status, and most of the speculation and investigation is being done by non-English sources; she’s told Brazilian media that playing for the Dash is hard on her since it keeps her so far from her family.

          • Steglitz49

            Thank you.

        • HOFCToDi

          Steglitz49 is a blithering idiot, a clueless moron, and a worthless troll. The stupid Swede can’t even answer a simple question. How many stars are on the Sweden women’s national football team kit?

        • HOFCToDi

          Sweden failed to qualify for the 2010 FIFA World Cup. Sweden failed to qualify for the 2014 FIFA World Cup. Sweden failed to qualify for the 2015 FIFA U-20 World Cup. Sweden failed to qualify for the 2015 FIFA U-17 World Cup. Swedes only know failure.

  • guest

    Melborne Victory added Henninger (Houston Dash) and Johnson (Chicago Red Stars) to their W-League roster which also includes Dowie (Boston) and Nairn (Washington)

    W-League squad
    1.Bianca HENNINGER (gk), 2.Alexandra NATOLI, 3.Alex CHEAL, 4.Melissa TARANTO, 6.Annabel MARTIN, 7.Lia PRIVITELLI, 8.Ayesha NORRIE, 9.Natasha DOWIE, 10.Christine NAIRN, 11.MelindaJ MARBIERI, 13.Laura SPIRANOVIC, 14.Selin KURALAY, 15.Adriana TARANTO, 16.S amantha JOHNSON, 17.Gulcan KOCA, 19.Rachel ALONSO, 20.Bethany MASON-JONES (gk), 22.Caitlin FRIEND

    • Arcie Tillydee

      Hayley Raso and Celeste Bourielle (Thorns FC) are loaned to Canberra, as well.

  • Som Termanni

    Spaniards Natalia, Vicky Losada (previously of the Flash), and Marta Corredera have all left Arsenal: http://www.vavel.com/en/football/womens-football/710602-trio-of-spaniards-to-leave-arsenal.html
    Natalia goes to Rayo Vallecano, and Corredera goes to Atletico Madrid. No news on where Losada will land.

    • Steglitz49

      Thank you. Atletico currently leads the Spanish league 1 pt ahead of Barca (who have the better GD) and 2 pts ahead of Valencia and Levante.

      Is this Spain preparing for Euro-17 or pre-Brexit housekeeping?

      • Som Termanni

        Probably also some fallout from Kim Little’s return. Losada is made redundant by Little. Corredera and Losada are both are on Spain’s WNT roster for EURO, and Spain’s going into a run of friendlies.

        At 31 years old, Natalia is moving into the sunset of her career and goes back to the club where she was captain under Losa. She’s not participating in EURO, and Rayo is near the bottom of the table, so this might be a move of convenience as well as an opportunity to save her former club from relegation.

        • Steglitz49

          Good to know.

  • Som Termanni

    The Netherlands demolished a depleted Scotland side 7-0 in a friendly that previews a potential EURO matchup: http://www.vavel.com/en/football/womens-football/710600-scotland-taught-dutch-lesson-scotland-0-7-netherlands.html
    Rachel Corsie and Kim Little were both absent for Scotland. Canadian-born veteran back-up keeper Shannon Lynn (formerly of FC Indiana and the Fort Wayne Fever) started and was retired at 74′ after giving up 5 goals, giving way to Scotland’s all-time caps leader Gemma Fay, who gave up an empty net goal as well as the seventh goal in the final 16 minutes.

    • Steglitz49


  • Som Termanni

    In response to Dan Lauletta’s rumor of a potential trade, Ali Krieger reminds folks to “don’t believe everything you read or hear”: https://twitter.com/alikrieger/status/789885623071039488

  • Som Termanni

    Boston Breakers re-sign Stephanie Verdoia: http://www.thebentmusket.com/2016/10/24/13382154/boston-breakers-re-sign-midfielder-stephanie-verdoia-2017-nwsl
    Lydia Williams says the NWSL “wants results and wants the game to go their way”, and talks up Australia’s W-League for letting her “work on things I maybe wasn’t able to work on overseas” and for more broadly allowing players “to develop, they want to grow the game”: http://www.fourfourtwo.com.au/news/williams-city-women-to-progress-further-439997

  • Som Termanni

    All amateur callups to the Australian W-League going forward will receive compensation in line with male youth league callups ($60-$150/week). No more W-League amateurs will play without pay. http://www.dailytelegraph.com.au/sport/swoop/all-wleague-players-to-be-paid-after-pay-deal-signed/news-story/0e20ea4120081050d0b9ef387c30c7fb

  • Som Termanni

    Melbourne City signs Reign FC’s Fishlock and Barnes: https://twitter.com/TheWomensGame/status/790669678444019712

  • Som Termanni

    Sermanni still recruiting Caitlin Foord for the Pride: https://twitter.com/WoSoWeekly/status/790293976557428736

    • Steglitz49

      In WC-11 Caitlin was the emerging star getting the young player award though it was the other Australian, who concentrated on cricket, who scored against Sweden. That other lass, forget her name, went on to be called the female Botham. She has since married.