Olympic quarterfinals schedule: Grudge matches galore

The Equalizer Staff August 10, 2016 34

Friday’s women’s soccer Olympic quarterfinals are set following the conclusion of group play on Tuesday, and the last eight includes a few scintillating rematches from recent major tournaments.

The U.S. won Group G and will play Sweden, third out of Group E, in a rematch of the 2015 World Cup group stage. The teams played to a scoreless draw in that one in Winnipeg. The same side of the bracket features Australia against host Brazil, a rematch of the Round of 16 at the 2015 World Cup. Australia won that game to claim the country’s first knockout-stage victory at a World Cup — men or women.

And France vs. Canada in the quarterfinals will be a rematch of the 2012 Olympic bronze-medal match, which Canada won in the final seconds behind a goal from Diana Matheson.

China and Germany will square off in the other quarterfinal as second-place finishers in their respective groups.

The match-ups are as follows (times per FIFA):

USA vs. Sweden (noon ET)

China vs. Germany (3 p.m. ET)

Canada vs. France (6 p.m. ET)

Brazil vs. Australia (9 p.m. ET)

  • Steglitz49

    USA should have played at 6pm and France at noon given the likely TV audiences in the various countries.

    • Ando91881

      But that would make too much sense. Can’t have that.

      • Steglitz49

        They do it for the swimming. The finals start at about 3 o´clock in the middle of the night European time.

    • tnafam

      except it was already predetermined ahead of the games that the 6pm slot game was going to 1st place group F which is Canada. If USA would have lost the Colombia game, they would have had the 6pm game against Canada.

      • Steglitz49

        Thank you. There had to be an obvious explanation.

  • Rdalford

    The Rio 2016.com Olympic site shows different times?
    per Rio 2016 site
    – Brazil v Australia (12 noon EDT)
    – USA v Sweden (3pm EDT)
    – China v Germany (6pm EDT)
    – Canada v France (9pm EDT)

    • Rdalford

      The Rio2016.com Olympic site schedule has now been updated and gives the same match schedule times as in the article .
      – USA v Sweden (12 noon EDT)
      – China v Germany (3pm EDT)
      – Canada v France (6pm EDT)
      – Brazil v Australia (9pm EDT)

    • Rdalford

      The Rio2016 Olympic site has been updated now lists same match times as in the article above.
      – USA v SWE (12 noon EDT)
      – China v Germany (3pm EDT)
      – Canada v France (6pm EDT)
      – Brazil v Australia (9pm EDT)

  • Ando91881

    Nothing at all from Chicago news media about Christen Press playing 90 minutes of this game. If she had scored a goal then they probably should have posted that. But since she did not score I guess they don’t have to say anything.

    The Facebook pages for local mainstream media (NBC Chicago, WGN TV, Chicago Tribune, Comcast Sports Net Chicago) are just churning out posts about Michael Phelps, gymnastics, and the Chicago Cubs. In about a week they will start filling up with info about the Chicago Bears preseason.

    • Steglitz49

      The match was a failure. They are being generous, living by the motto of not mocking the afflicted.

      • Ando91881

        But if she scores a goal in the quarterfinals or semifinals and they win 1-0 or 2-0…then does Chicago news media have a responsibility to post something about it?

        • Steglitz49

          She is from California.

          • Ando91881

            Of course. That is why news media not in California is not allowed to ever write about her. Places like USA Today or The Equalizer are not allowed to write about her.

          • Steglitz49

            105,000 went to Michigan stadium to watch the men of Chelsea and Real Madrid play a glorified pre-season practice match and they paid through the nose for the pleasure.

            How many bother to go along and watch the USWNT? 25,000?

            Why should Chicago waste ink on WoSo? It is up to WoSo to market itself so that that ink is used.

          • Ando91881

            They will care because Press is turning into a celebrity. News media likes to report on popular people (Chicago news media is reporting on Serena Williams, even though Serena has nothing to do with Chicago, and there are zero ATP or WTA tennis tournaments in the Midwest).

            Celebrities drive page clicks and page views. From January 1st to August 9th, Christen Press has accumulated 28,600 new page likes on Facebook. Kris Bryant of the Chicago Cubs has only accumulated 24,000 in that same period of time. And he is the favorite to win the National League’s MVP Award.

            Once your Facebook and Instagram hits such a high number, then the news media starts chatting about you. It becomes in their best interest to do so, because they want page views.

          • Steglitz49

            Katie Ledecky is a celebrity. Serna is a superstar.
            Christen Annemarie plays WoSo and is understudy for Alexandra the Great. No ice.

          • Ando91881

            Christen Press – 146,000 Facebook page likes as of now.

            Katie Ledecky – 68,000 Facebook page likes as of now.

          • Steglitz49

            “Have it your way: you heard a seal bark.”

            How many likes has Federica Pelligrini? Or, Sarah Sjöström?

          • getoverit

            lol press fangirls.

          • Steglitz49

            Now. Run the numbers for Simone and Ali. Success breeds success.

          • g

            these fan girls man…

          • USMNTfan4life

            Steglitz49, I agree with you. The “popularity” of the USWNT is based on nationalism, and the fact that they outclass most of their opponents, who lack the financial resources to compete with the women.
            With so many options on TV, it is up to the USWNT to draw interest. The NWSL is basically on life support, and that is because professional WoSo is not that interesting as nationalism is for the USA.

          • Steglitz49

            Thank you.

            In all countries, sport is a crowded market place. I contend that the media colludes to keep female sports down, not least female team sports.

            Nevertheless, those who want to see WoSo floursih must go to the club matches, write in blogs and scream at editors. Until the stands are full it will continue to be hard to attract sponsors.

            In the final analysis, the fans have to go along themselves and preferably bring a frind or two.

  • dw

    I rate USWNT 70/30 win in QF, 66/33 in SF and Final. So a 30% chance for Gold Medal.

    • Steglitz49

      100% or 99:1

  • Frozen Blue

    Can’t believe Germany almost went though as the 3rd place team they really dodged a bullet with China over Brazil.

  • One stat that really concerned me was that the commentator said during the Men’s World Cup, six of seven teams lost their next game after playing in Manaus. Add that to the US having one less day in between matches than the men and where the US has to travel over 1000 miles, Sweden gets to stay in Brasília.

  • Ashley C

    Germany has been awful all tournament but will likely have one of the easier paths to a medal.

    • Steglitz49

      Never count the Germans out, path or no path.

  • mike

    I don’t foresee any problems for USWNT to proceed to the semi’s. They should be able to win against Sweden unless they play like they played against Colombia. Canada vs France another interesting match up. The last friendly Canada narrowly lost against France.

    Germany they don’t serve to be there. Just like at WC they are scraping through.
    Brazil vs Australia is another interesting one I fear Australia will loose this one

    • Guest

      I wish Brazil and Australia didn’t meet so early. I wanted to see them both on the podium 🙁

      • Craigaroo

        Australia screwed up in the group stage for sure. Oh well, makes for some quarterfinal drama.

  • homi

    Both USA and Germany have a “easy” ride to the semi’s. Germany doesn’t deserve to be there

  • Paul Klee

    Likely starting XI for Quarters for USWNT. Solo O’Hara Johnston Sauerbrunn Klingenberg Long Brian Lloyd Pugh Heath Morgan.
    If Johnston is still dinged Engen will get the Start.
    Krieger will not likely see the field Yellow Card worries
    Dunn will not likely see the field. Yellow card worries (unless the US is behind in the second half)
    Rapinoe better not see the field again in this tournament. Only exception as a 120th minute sub to get her on for Penalties. Remember we get a fourth Sub in extra time now.
    Press will probably be a late match sub will probably not play in potential Semi or Final.
    If Johnston starts Engen will be brought on for extra defense late in the match.
    Horan will sub in for Brian at some point in the match.