McLeod reveals torn ACL; will miss Olympics

Dan Lauletta April 6, 2016 36
Erin McLeod and the Dash have now won three consecutive matches after beating the Flash for the 2nd time this season. (Copyright EriMac Photo for The Equalizer)

Erin McLeod’s third torn ACL is expected to keep her off the field for one to two years. (Copyright EriMac Photo for The Equalizer)

The Canadian Soccer Association and Erin McLeod formally announced on Wednesday that the keeper has a torn ACL suffered in her Champions League debut with FC Rosengard last month. It is McLeod’s third torn ACL and the estimated recovery time is one to two years. The injury means Mcleod will not be able to represent Canada in the Olympics this summer.

“Erin is an incredible athlete and her absence in the lead up to and during the Rio Olympics will be felt,” said Head Coach John Herdman. “She really puts her whole self into playing for Canada and has been a driving force in every area, including playing a key role on the off-field leadership of the team.”

McLeod had been Canada’s first choice keeper since the London Olympics. She helped the Canadians win the Bronze Medal in that tournament and was also famously whistled for holding the ball too long in her penalty box, leading to a United States free kick that ultimately led to the goal that tied their thrilling semifinal. The U.S. prevailed in extra time.

McLeod’s recent transfer to Rosengard marks her second stint in Sweden. She previously played for Dalsjofors GolF after spending the first two WPS seasons with the Washington Freedom. Canada allocated her to the Chicago Red Stars for the inaugural NWSL season. She was traded to Houston where the spent the last two years.

With McLeod injured and Karina LeBlanc retired, Canada goalkeeping duties heading to Rio will fall on Sabrina D’Angelo and Stephanie Labbe. D’Angelo is entering her second pro season with the Western New York Flash. Labbe is in NWSL for the first time this season. She will play for the Spirit.

Mcleod’s full statement released Wednesday is below:

Thank you to everyone for your sentiments and support. I want to apologize for not making a public statement until now about my injury, but I was waiting for all the information to make sure when I went public I was sure of what I wanted.

First, I want to say how grateful I am to have the Canadian Soccer Association, the team, and staff, and of course medical staff behind me and supporting me every step of the way. I am also grateful for my current club, FC Rosengard, and all the support they have shown. It is clear to me that both parties are mostly interested in my health as a person first and foremost, and my life as a soccer player second.

I tore my ACL in the Champions League semi-final game a few weeks ago. The biggest question is the Olympics and because I have already had two operations it makes a third one, well, extremely complicated. What I know for sure is I won’t be ready for August. My surgical options means it will take between one and two years to come back, and there are no guarantees, as there never really are in life.

This news was of course heartbreaking because going to the Olympics is a dream as well as an honour. This Olympic team is one that will excite you, I know for me, it feels like I have been waiting for this group my whole career. The people on this team work harder than any other people I know, and, well, I know they will give anything for the emblem on their chests.

As for me, family, friends, fans, thank you for your love, but know that I am grateful for every moment I have put on a Canadian jersey and this is not the end of the road for me – know that I’ve still got a lot of fight left and I hope to be on that field again someday soon.

Thanks again for all of your support,
Erin McLeod

  • ladywing

    What terrible thing for her and her team. I wish her the best and as speedy a recovery as possible.

  • john

    So we can imagine Herdman on the phone to Gabarra begging him to make Labbe the Spirit #1.

    • ¯_(ツ)_/¯

      Well according to Herdman Labbe is the best goalkeeper in the world, behind McLeod of course.

      • Cc W


        • ¯_(ツ)_/¯

          I’m all for praising your players as a coach but when you’re so hard pressed to say bs like McLeod and Labbe are the best goalkeepers in the world just because you don’t want to admit an American is better is just dumb.

          • Cc W

            Herdman does a lot of that – and then sends out his players in attempts to injury the other team. I’m not a fan of Herdman.

  • g

    I was hoping it wasn’t that serious when she was able to walk off the field on her own. Wishing her a speedy recovery.

    • Rufan

      Speedy one to two years!

  • Jersey Shore Rises

    She was overrated as a GK, not very athletic like Solo and others…. Will not not be missed.

    • Cc W

      Canada will miss her – their top keeper.

    • meh

      Yes, please, let’s criticize someone while she’s down. Unlike the criticism Flopbach is facing, kicking a player when she’s knocked down because of an unfortunate injury is just classless.

      • Jersey Shore Rises

        Just speaking the truth…. Truth hurts some times…

        • meh

          You can speak your “truth” all you want but being a jerk about it when that player is out injured is a dick move. No one other than Herdman is trying to claim she was on the same level as Solo, so why bother even bringing that up on an article talking about how she’s sidelined for the foreseeable future?

          • Jersey Shore Rises

            You do know this is the same team that laughed and made fun of Carli Lloyd’s head being stumped on by Tancredi in the 2012 Olympics right?

            I have NO sympathy for the Canadian team because of that video they did just lambasting our Captain, Carli Lloyd.

          • Cc W

            And then the irony that they were teammates in Houston. I agree that Tancredi is a thug and they acted classless.

          • Jersey Shore Rises

            Yep and the Coach and players never called them out for that horrendous video of them all including McLeod laughing and applauding the head of Carli Lloyd being stomped on….

            Sorry, you do that to our Captain of the USWNT, you get NO respect…

          • Jersey Shore Rises

            CC W., you do know there is video of Erin laughing about the head of USWNT Captain Carli Lloyd being stomped on right?

            The video was after Erin left Houston to play in Sweden and I can provide the link if you like?

          • FlyingSquirrel42

            If you’re talking about the video where an interviewer calls Lloyd “flathead,” that was from back in 2012 if I’m not mistaken.

          • Cc W

            Yes – that was what I thought – after the Olympic match where they lost.

          • JLC25

            Yes, please provide the link. Ive never heard of such video.

          • Jersey Shore Rises


            Scroll down to the comments and you can view the video of the Canadian players, including Erin, laughing about the head of Carli being flattened….

          • Cc W

            Oh yes I do know about the video! And that is why I mention it – Carli was on Erin and Ella (sp) “show” for the Dash. But I thought the video was from after the Olympic match not the WC? Maybe I had that wrong – but Sinc, Erin and someone else was trash talking and I thought it was related to the loss – and they were bitching about the refs.

          • Jersey Shore Rises

            Yes I was wrong that the video was after the 2012 Olympics but it still shows Erin laughing with the other Candian players about the head of Carli Lloyd, Our Captain, being flattened….


          • Lord Otter-Blotter

            Wow, that was a pretty shameful display. Erin was off camera for that part so I can at least imagine/pretend that she wasn’t laughing quite as hard as Sinc and the others. Nice to have proof that Tancredi really is every bit as dirty as she seems.

          • htm222

            Tancredi is horrible. She has been given a lot of opportunity in the US… two scholarships, for her UG and masters degrees, plus the ability to play in our NWSL for many years. And in every interview, she bitches about how she never wanted to come here. Go back to Ontario, Tanc. No one will miss you.

          • Cc W

            Agreed! There isn’t a team I want to see the US beat more than Canada – which is unusual, because I have Canadian friends, and generally like Canada – all but that thug team and their thug coach!

          • Ashley C

            I bet you don’t call Wambach a thug for breaking Daniela’s leg though, huh?

          • meh

            It doesn’t matter. She’s a human being who has class, which honestly can’t be said for the vast majority of people, including quite a few of the American players, and she’s out injured. I can absolutely hate my rival but I would never wish an injury on them.

          • Jersey Shore Rises

            Who other then the Canadian players has wished an injury on a player?

            Erin along with about 4 other players were laughing about the stomping of Carli Lloyd’s head by Tancredi in the 2012 Olympics…… About time you call her out for it…

          • Ashley C

            The USWNT happily employs a domestic abuser.. There is no denying how classless Tancredi was but let’s not throw stones in glass houses here about which teams should be morally superior. There seems to be a lot of cognitive dissonance on this site.

    • Ethan

      McLeod makes errors like any other goalkeeper, but I’ve also found her to be one of the most consistent goalkeepers in the women’s game. I don’t quite know about athleticism, but there are few goalkeepers better than her in my opinion.

      As an aside, the first match/highlights I saw of women’s football involved McLeod having a blinder against China. I don’t remember if it was a friendly or a competitive match, but Canada would have lost that match by a notable margin if it wasn’t for McLeod.

    • ruarc

      I followed the Dash and found her to be a very good GK. Her style is just different. I’d put her and someone like Ash Harris in the same “type” of GK.

      • htm222

        I agree. I think she was one of the bright spots on the Canadian team through the last world cup.

  • another guest

    Unfortunate injury, tough to recover/rehab after multiple ACL injuries and sad for her and Canada WNT to have Erin miss the OG. Wish for Erin a successful recovery.

  • Cc W

    Huge loss for Canada! I hope she can heal up and play again – but 3rd ACL will be tough to come back from

  • Lord Otter-Blotter

    Oh man, I missed this. How awful. After making that big move to Sweden with Ella and achieving her dream, having it cut short and put on ice for 1-2 years, if not forever. Some cruel stuff, that is. Was really hoping that chatter about the ligament being damaged but not torn was true.