Dash goalkeeper Henninger in camp with Mexico

The Equalizer Staff November 22, 2015 7
Bianca Henninger is in camp with Mexico. (Photo Copyright Clark Linehan for The Equalizer)

Bianca Henninger is in camp with Mexico. (Photo Copyright Clark Linehan for The Equalizer)

Houston Dash goalkeeper Bianca Henninger is part of Mexico’s roster for next months four-team tournament in Brazil.

Henninger went through the United States youth national team system but is yet to get a look at the senior level. She holds a Mexico passport.

Mexico will play Brazil, Canada and Croatia in a four-team tournament starting Dec. 9 in Brazil.

El Tri’s goal is to return to Brazil next year for the Rio 2016 Olympics, but the task is tall. On Monday, Mexico was drawn into Group A with the United States, Costa Rica and Puerto Rico for CONCACAF Olympic qualifying in February in Texas. The top two teams from each group advance to the semifinals and the two semifinals winners advance to the final, but more importantly to the 2016 Olympics.

Mexico will likely be fighting for the second spot in Group A with Costa Rica, and would then likely have to upset Canada in the semifinals to advance to the Rio Olympics.

Henninger was 3-4-3 in 10 games for the Houston Dash this NWSL season, with a goals against average (GAA) of 1.1. With starter Erin McLeod departing the team, she could be Houston’s new No. 1. Now she has a shot at the international level, too.

Mexico’s full roster for the Brazil tournament:

1. Aurora Cecilia Santiago Cisneros (GK)

2. Bianca Moreno Henninger Moreno (GK)

3. Alejandra Gutiérrez Carrillo (GK)

4. Bianca Elisa Sierra García (DEF)

5. Rubí Marlene Sandoval Nungaray (DEF)

6. Valeria Aurora Miranda Rodríguez (DEF)

7. Yadira Toraya Guerrero (DEF)

8. María Guadalupe Cruzaley Parra (DEF)

9. Greta Alejandra Espinoza Casas (DEF)

10. Eliza Mariel Gutiérrez Velasco (DEF)

11. Janelly Farías Rodríguez (DEF)

12. Karina Crystal Cisneros Cepeda (DEF)

13. Karla Paola Nieto Castillo (MID)

14. Lydia Nayeli Rangel Hernández (MID)

15. Sandra Stephany Mayor Gutiérrez (MID)

16. Teresa Noyola Bayardo (MID)

17. Esmeralda Verdugo Romo (MID)

18. Claudia Lisbeth López Guerrero (MID)

19. Mónica Desiree Monsivais Salayandia (FWD)

20. Renae Nicole Cuellar Cuellar (FWD)

21. Paloma Zermeño Rodríguez (FWD)

22. Monica Ocampo Medina (FWD)

23. Maribel Domínguez Castelán (FWD)

24. Tanya Nicole Samarzich Ruíz (FWD)

25. Katlyn Alicia Johnson Carreón (FWD)

  • TN

    Huh, Maribel Dominguez is back, I really thought she had retired. I knew that she didn’t go to World Cup because of fitness issues, but I really thought she wouldn’t come back.

    And I had no idea that Bianca Henninger has a Mexico passport, crazy, I think she may be their starting goalkeeper. Although Santiago has had a lot of experience on the international level.

    • mockmook

      And Santiago seems to be improving every year — I’m not sure Henninger will displace her as a starter, but she can certainly make it as a back-up.

  • STT

    I hope Houston lobbies the FMF to get her allocation. Would probably be a pay increase for her, free up cap space for Houston, and let Mexico say they’re still supporting NWSL.

    Heck, considering Mexico’s chances of qualifying for the Olympics are small, it would benefit Mexico to get their players in NWSL, even if bench roles, just so they get high-level practice and coaching, and don’t get rusty.

    • guest

      Mexican allocation status for Henninger would help Houston (free up cap space etc) but Mexican federation pay for WNT is low so allocation is not likely to be a pay increase for Henninger

  • us players on foreign WNT

    a couple of USA players called in to Portugal WNT for Euro 2017 qualifier matches
    – Amanda DaCosta (Washington Spirit)
    – Suzane Pires (ex Boston Breakers)

    • Steglitz49

      Amanda DaCosta played for Liverpool Ladies at the same time as Whitney Engen. Amanda played in both FAWSL winning seasons.

      The Algarve Cup was started as a joint venture between the Swedish and Portuguese FAs. Sweden wanted a better winter training camp for their ladies while the Portuguese wanted to build up in WoSo in Portugal.

  • smallchief

    Am I missing something? Ari Romero is not on the roster? Nor Charlyn Corral — who to my mind is Mexico’s most dangerous striker.

    Not to be nasty, but Mexico should do better than it does. I blame the coach who seems to have lifetime tenure, despite the mediocre results he gets.