Rodriguez, Holiday lift FC Kansas City past Breakers

The Equalizer Staff August 22, 2015 23
Amy Rodriguez scored twice and Lauren Holiday added another to lift FC Kansas City past the Boston Breakers on Saturday. (Photo Copyright Clark Linehan for The Equalizer)

Amy Rodriguez scored twice and Lauren Holiday added another to lift FC Kansas City past the Boston Breakers on Saturday. (Photo Copyright Clark Linehan for The Equalizer)

Amy Rodriguez scored twice and Lauren Holiday added another goal as FC Kansas City defeated the Boston Breakers, 3-0 on Saturday at Swope Soccer Village.

The win puts the defending NWSL champions level on points (28) with the Chicago Red Stars and the Washington Spirit, but FC Kansas City remains in fourth place based on tiebreakers. The Blues’ victory also eliminates the Houston Dash and Sky Blue FC — who won earlier in the night — from playoff contention.

Rodriguez opened the scoring in the 29th minute, finishing a cross from Leigh Ann Robinson.

A two-minute stretch sealed the match for FC Kansas City, all thanks to Rodriguez and Holiday. In the 50th minute, Holiday collected  pass from Rodriguez and fired it into goal. Less than two minutes later, Holiday set up Rodriguez for the finish.

Goalkeeper Nicole Barnhart earned her league-leading seventh shutout of the 2015 season.

Boston is already eliminated from playoff contention.

  • Lord Otter-Blotter

    Another thoroughly busted stream from Swope, I guess? What a bummer. Though I guess I don’t mind missing a Breakers game. The champs sure have been scoring a lot lately, though. We’ll see if the Spirit can give them more of a challenge.

    • dawnjdeguzman

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  • Rdalford

    FC KC attendance 2321 (from NWSL match report)

    FC KC attendance YTD total=28419 YTD avg=3158 (9 home games)
    FC KC attendance postWCfinal (3557+3086+2982+2321) avg=2987
    FC KC attendance preWCfinal (8489+2466+1847+1592+2079) avg=3295

    The opening day match (attendance 8489) was stand alone match at Sporting Park (stand alone so no reason to exclude but does impact pre WC and YTD average)

    I am somewhat surprised by FC KC attendance. Post WC attendance bump appears to have only lasted a couple of games. The next home match (and last home match this season if FC KC does not host a playoff match) is this Thursday (8/27) and FC KC is honoring Lauren Holiday and retiring her jersey. Hope a larger crowd attends.

    The 8489 for stand alone match held at Sporting Park this year, the avg=4625 for 2013 season playing in HS football stadium (bad turf field but more fans attended the games) and the local youth soccer environment would seem to indicate that FCKC should be able to achieve better attendance. However last season the average was only 2018 and while this year the post wc bump appears to have dropped off.

    • Guesting

      Finding the right location would help. The attendance they were able to draw at Sporting Park is proof of that. A different location each year hasn’t helped their cause. Poor management decisions seems to be their problem.

    • Lord Otter-Blotter

      Sad to see their attendance dropping so steadily even despite scoring so many goals. Was that recent article about the “underwhelming experience” accurate? Is Swope just a bummer to attend? Are there bedbugs in the bleachers?

      • What article was that?

        There are a few improvements & a few downgrades from the current gameday experience versus the past two venues.

        Borden has been a good sponsor. There are several giveaway opportunities at every game. Tailgating is allowed & encouraged. Concessions have taken both a step forward (beer sales!) and a step back (fewer vendors; longer lines). There are only port-a-pottys on site. To use a real bathroom, you have to use the other facilities before entering the park that are adjacent to STH parking. That’s another issue: parking. Great for STH, everyone else has to walk a ways and approach from the opposite side not near the main entry gates. The field (and the players) are much closer than before. You can get close enough to high-five the players as they’re walking onto the field and close enough to hear the talk from the bench. However, the bleachers are the worst so far. If you’re a full-sized human being your knees will be in the back of the spectator sitting in front of you. Did I mention the portapottys? You can smell them from the “cheap seats.”

        I’m sure there’s more I could compare, but you get the gist.

        • Lord Otter-Blotter

          And they didn’t even mention the toilets! Definitely doesn’t sound like the kind of experience I’d like to have week-to-week. Seems like, as good of a team as FCKC has out on that field, there are a few other parts of their operation that are in real need of improvement.

          • Thanks for pointing out that article. It isn’t entirely accurate, but I would be willing to bet that the season ticket holder audience has remained relatively unchanged over the seasons (or even increased), while the casual fans or repeat single-game ticket buyers have been harder to capture.

            And I’m not sure it has anything to do with the quality of the facilities. I would wager it primarily comes down to location and to ticket prices. Personally, I think tickets should be about $7-$15. Anything higher and the lack of world-class facilities becomes a factor.

            If I were paying $10/ticket instead of $25/ticket then I wouldn’t mind as much being squished on bleachers for 90 minutes.

        • Steglitz49

          I love your mention of beer sales. It is almost unheard of at ladies matches in old Europe. Coffee, hotdogs and sweets is about what you get. In some places spectators bring their own thermoses just in case.

      • Steglitz49

        Judged by medians it is actually a substantial increase. Nevertheless, herstory is repeating itself. Winning the WC may not be enough for the lasses.

        • guest

          Why the pessimism? The numbers are up everywhere else.

          • Steglitz49

            It seems that the impact of winning the World Cup may be wearing off already. Obviously, we must wait for the full basic season to finish but the omens are there.

    • Steglitz49

      — PreWC median is 2079, considerably less than the mean.
      — PostWC median 3034, a little more than the mean.
      Thus the postWC is higher than the preWC by 955 or ca 45% BUT as you point out the postWC figures slide down the hill. Not a good omen.

  • Guest

    Remember when MJ in the wps lost points for not complying with league standards? Maybe that is what it will take for the Kansas City and Spirits of the league to take streaming their games seriously. How do you sell national league sponsors when the advertising isn’t even reliably viewable where promised?

    • KCFan

      Good point, nobody saw the Borden logo last night. It’s penny wise and pound foolish, and no way to run a league. I would suppose they have a piece of equipment that needs to be repaired or replaced but they just don’t have the funds to do it. Wouldn’t be surprised to see this happen again Thursday, it’s a shame. Watching the SkyBlue match last night Charlie and Dan made a very quick sign off, another indication that streaming these games costs money, money which may be in short supply around the league at this time.

  • Cc W

    Great game – too bad no one saw it! Grow the game…

  • Wear Nikes Drink Gatorade

    This is a good reminder of how the tie-breaker system the league uses is terrible: a three-way tie between these teams would be settled by head-to-head record despite having an imbalanced schedule.

  • mockmook

    I don’t understand how they aren’t able to provide the games afterwards — can’t they record it to DVD/DVR (then put it on YouTube) even if they can’t live stream it?

    • mockmook

      And, it looks like the game is being re-broadcast on KC’s Time-Warner sports channel — how can that video not be available to the NWSL for their YouTube channel?

  • KCFan

    I’m happy to report that the video of the game is on the NWSL page of youtube. My only complaint would be, could they please include the date of the game in the title when they post these. I watched an entire game the other day thinking it was the most recent but it turned out it was from a month ago.

  • It’s a pity that this stream was messed up. I’m rewatching via the YouTube link that KCFan posted here and the commentary has been pretty interesting. 30 minutes in and they’ve already touched on many topics we discuss here: the quality of the field/facilities, the struggles of a fledgling league, the controversy of Alex Morgan’s ill-timed tweet, and the fact that athletes should be easy to keep in Kansas City because Andonovski is a good coach who isn’t a jerk to the players.

    So far, this is worth the re-watch.

  • Steglitz49

    ARod scored twice. There is life in the old lady yet.

    • guest

      One ball was served right at her feet, she didn’t even have to move.