Leroux to have ankle surgery; out up to 3 months

Jeff Kassouf July 17, 2015 28
Sydney Leroux needs ankle surgery and will miss up to 3 months. (Photo Copyright Patricia Giobetti for The Equalizer)

Sydney Leroux needs ankle surgery and will miss up to 3 months. (Photo Copyright Patricia Giobetti for The Equalizer)

On the same day it was announced that United States forward Alex Morgan had arthroscopic surgery on her right knee, U.S. Soccer revealed that forward Sydney Leroux needs surgery on her right ankle and will miss up to three months.

Leroux will miss the rest of the National Women’s Soccer season for the Western New York Flash, which acquired her in an offseason trade. Leroux played in three matches for the Flash, scoring one goal.

Leroux has an accessory bone in her right ankle that has been causing pain over the last six months and began to get increasingly irritated during the recent Women’s World Cup tournament, according to U.S. Soccer. That accessory bone will be removed. Leroux missed time earlier this year with an unspecified right foot injury which caused her to wear a walking boot.

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The 25-year-old Leroux played in four matches for the United States at the World Cup, registering one assist. She has 35 goals in 75 games for the United States.

The U.S. begins its 10-game World Cup victory tour on August 16. Leroux is likely to miss several matches of that tour.

  • Lance Scallop

    Ha. How convenient…

    Flash won’t miss her at all, and it might be good for them, actually.

    • HM

      They won’t miss her if none of the other 22 WNT players return to the NWSL.

  • Ben

    Alex Morgan is officially injury prone and I wouldn’t rely on her being in top shape for the next WC. Sydney’s strength is her speed but she won’t be the top striker for the next WC even if she’s healthy so the coaching staff need to see if they can convert her to a more defensive position. There is a chance Christen Press might be the only forward carry over to the next WC.

    • AlexH

      Christen will be 30 in the next WC so age might be an issue. She’ll be old enough for sure though in 2023.

  • AlexH

    So let me get this straight, our twenty somethings are retiring and toppling like dominoes while our thirty somethings are still kicking butt…….weird.

    • guest

      Just Carli.

      • Vladlagg

        Wambach as well…

    • Tae

      The youth movement folks are taking a hit these days. I should know I’m one of them.

    • Tikitaka

      I wouldn’t say getting surgery is toppling. Especially because most of our 30 year olds have already had a few surgeries under their belts.

  • Lola

    Again this is a surgery she should have had done in January. Why she didn’t is anyone’s guess. Hope she and Alex get better. Not going to be one to crap on their performances when they are getting surgeries.

    • mockmook

      The coaches/doctors should have made her get the surgery if it was bad enough. Don’t blame Leroux.

      • Lola

        I am not blaming her at all…lol. I am just curious as to why she didn’t have the surgery before the WC considering it has been bothering her for almost 6 months. Maybe it was the coaches/doctors decision who thought maybe it wouldn’t be an issue to her healing process. Again I have no legit way of knowing. I was just curious.

        • Tikitaka

          Pretty sure surgery is typically a last case scenario for most athletes and coaches/trainers.

          • Mike

            Exactly. They probably tried a fair bit of physical, non-invasive therapy first. The foot may technically be healed after a few months, but it can take a bit of time before tendons and muscles surrounding the site are back to full strength.

  • kernel_thai

    Not surprised. Never thought she was moving particularly well since she came back from the ankle injury. She just didnt seem to have that extra gear any more.

  • mskillens

    Yeah, this is why these forwards were not as productive I believe. I knew something was up and we all knew Alex Morgan wasn’t 100 percent recovered even though she kept saying that throughout the tournament. Leroux was injured earlier in the year and it seems that she decided to wait on the surgery until after the WWC as she didn’t want to miss the tournament. Hopefully they 100 percent recover.

    • Tae

      Good read, I thought Alex was healthy, just rusty. Kudos to Ellis for responding with an unusual move, instead of a forward swap for our healthy strikers, she opted to make Carli a forward. I think there’s a parallel to the 2005 CL final when down 3-0, Benitez opted to sub in Hamann, a holding mid, and move Gerrard up. We basically did that with Moe and Carli.

  • Rdalford

    Wonder if us soccer medical and/or Leroux disclosed this injury to NWSL team(s) before Seattle / WNY trade? Trades are buyer beware although if team A is aware of injury or medical condition then, if asked by team B, it must disclose. Certainly possible that us soccer medical or Leroux did not inform either team until now.
    Either way WNY has not gotten much from its allocated USWNT forward roster spot.

    as with injury to any player, wish for successful treatment/recovery.

    • Jersey Shore Rises

      With the low team salary of NWSL doubt the Club have the money for legal challenges…

  • Jersey Shore Rises

    I’ll be the first to say it but I think the future career of Leroux is limited as she just does not have the skills in the Penalty Box area to make her dangerous. Also her speed is not as good as many seem to think as she came in 4th during the 2015 USWNT time trials.

    • Tae

      If all you’ve got is pace Dunn made you… redundant.

    • Steglitz49

      Syd has a world cup under her belt. She also has a WC-Lite to her name. Syd can retire content.

    • Evan

      Where did you find the results for the speed trials ?

    • Evan

      How did the players stack up in the results ? Who was first – last ?

  • Steglitz49

    Alex is up to 209 comments last I looked while Syd has 18 (now 19 with this). Hmmm. A ratio >10:1. Vow!

    • Hwah

      I think that has more to do that this one wasn’t up last night so the Morgan thread became the designated “with that roster at the WWC, it’s no wonder the USA lost (except that they won, but we still want to complain like they lost” thread.

  • Movement

    At least she’ll be able to spend some Quality time with Boss.


  • Guest

    Alex’s injury may have been minor but it really looks as if Syd should not have been playing. It was probably too hard though for the team to cut her from the roster.