Lloyd wins Golden Ball; Solo claims Golden Gloves

The Equalizer Staff July 6, 2015 10
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VANCOUVER, British Columbia — Carli Lloyd won the Golden Ball as best player at the 2015 Women’s World Cup after scoring a hat trick on Sunday to lift the United States past Japan, 5-2 in the final. That gave the U.S. a record third World Cup title.

Lloyd finished the tournament with six goals, tied for the most by any player at the tournament. Germany forward Celia Sasic won the Golden Boot, however, having played fewer minutes than Lloyd (each player had one assist, which is the first tiebreaker.

United States goalkeeper Hope Solo won the Golden Gloves and Canada defender Celia Sasic won the Young Player Award.

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The full list of awards and voting, per FIFA:

adidas Golden Ball Award

Award Player No Team
adidas Golden Ball  LLOYD Carli 10 USA
adidas Silver Ball HENRY Amandine 6 France
adidas Bronze Ball MIYAMA Aya 8 Japan

The Golden Ball is awarded to the best player in the final competition on the basis of a ranking compiled by the FIFA Technical Study Group. A Silver Ball and a Bronze Ball are awarded to the second and third best players.

adidas Golden Boot Award

Award Player No Team Goals Assists Mins.
adidas Golden Boot SASIC Celia 13 Germany 6 1 553
adidas Silver Boot LLOYD Carli 10 USA 6 1 630
adidas Bronze Boot MITTAG Anja 11 Germany 5 2 474

The Golden Boot is awarded to the player who scores the most goals in the final competition. If two or more players score the same number of goals, the number of assists played (as determined by members of the FIFA Technical Study Group) will be decisive. If two or more players are still equal after taking into account the number of assists, the total minutes played in the final competition will be taken into account, with the player playing fewer minutes ranked first. A Silver Boot and a Bronze Boot for the second and third highest goalscorers will also be awarded.

adidas Golden Glove Award

Award Player No Team
adidas Golden Glove  SOLO Hope 1 USA

The Golden Glove is awarded to the best goalkeeper in the final competition on the basis of a ranking compiled by the FIFA Technical Study Group.

Hyundai Best Young Player Award

Award Player No Team
Hyundai Best Young Player  BUCHANAN Kadeisha 3 Canada

The Best Young Player award will be given to the best young player in the tournament, as selected by the FIFA Technical Study Group.

FIFA Fair Play Trophy
(max. 1000 Points)

Team Avg. Points Matches Played
France 869 5

The FIFA Fair Play Trophy, a fair play medal for each Delegation Member, a diploma and a voucher for USD 10,000 worth of football equipment (to be used for women’s football development) will be presented to the team finishing first in the fair play contest. The applicable rules are in the fair play contest regulations.

  • leftbacklion

    My vote for the Golden Ball would go to Becky Sauerbrun. Name one mistake she made. I can’t think of any. She had several goal-saving tackles, anchored & organized the most effective back line in the tournament. She was rock solid & consistent for the whole tournament. Congratulations to Ms. Lloyd though. Her award is well earned, and we all know that the goals get the glory……..

    • mockmook

      A little while back I was perusing the NWSL players of the week.

      As far as I can tell, every field player’s award (except one) has been awarded based on what they did on offense. The lone exception was Rampone in season 1.

    • ARED

      Agreed. I thought it was a (big) mistake to not use her as a starter in 2011, and the past four years she has only grown. Easily the world’s best defender for me, and certainly the most consistent at an elite level.

      After Lloyd’s hat trick i don’t think there was any doubt who would get it, but until that point I would have chosen Sauerbrunn if it were up to me.

    • FootballNowAndAlways

      The job of a defender is a thankless one. Always has been, and I’m afraid, always will be. There is one small upside though. A lot of defenders do end up as team captain.

    • rkmid71

      She’s got my vote too. For me, a great player is one that makes everyone around her better. That’s Sauerbrun. That’s Brian. Lloyd has the silver boot. She can get awards for best goal, etc. Not the Golden Ball though.

  • Tae

    What player most disappointed you in this world cup? For me it’s Vivianne Miedema. I know she’s just a kid and 2019 is when we really get to see her. But for all the buzz I was hoping to see a flash or two of what to look forward to, but I saw nothing at all.

    • leftbacklion

      Marta. She completely disappeared. Very unlike her, but she was completely neutralized. Maybe Vero. And I agree with your pick of Miedema – lots of hype but no results.

    • ARED

      That’s a tough “award”, but I’d probably look more at bigger teams than underdogs or darkhorses who didn’t pan out.

      In that light, someone like Sinclair or Schelin would make my pick before Marta or esp Vero. Marta played well, just in a withdrawn role. She was still beating the first player, but then she’d pass it off -usually very well. Similarly, Vero was playing as a midfielder and her team was controlling matches, but not quite finishing. And she did score a big goal when they pushed her into an attacking role.

  • Tony Lee

    Canada defender Celia Sasic! We need her up front.

    • Tony Lee

      Super proud of KB, she’ll be a leader for years and years.