Lloyd scores 1st-half hat trick in World Cup final

Jeff Kassouf July 5, 2015 11

VANCOUVER, British Columbia — Carli Lloyd became the first player in Women’s World Cup history to score a hat trick in the final, finding net three times in the opening 16 minutes.

Lloyd scored off a corner kick in the 3rd minute and then scored again two minutes later off another set piece. Her third goal — which came two minutes after Lauren Holiday had put the U.S. up 3-0 over Japan — electrified the pro-U.S. crowd of over 50,000 fans at BC Place. Lloyd collected the ball, looked up and saw Japan goalkeeper Ayumi Kaihori off her line an drove a ball over the head of a back-pedaling Kaihori, who could only push it off the post and into the net.

This was Lloyd’s legendary goal from midfield:

That came after Lloyd scored this sweet volley:

Lloyd opened the scoring with this goal:

And then she did this two minutes later:

Japan did get one back to make it 4-1 at halftime:

  • Ethan

    Carli Lloyd was unbelievable in this match. Huge congratulations to her and the whole team!!

  • Wandering Coyote

    Wonder who is going to call Lloyd a ball hog. NOTE: –> 🙂

    I was speechless when they won, I could hardly talk without my voiced betraying deep emotion. I did cry a little in joy. I am so happy for my girls, women of course.

    Impressed with Lloyd giving Wambach the captain’s band when Abby came on the pitch in the waning minutes and then stepping a aside and joining the her team in joy as Wambach and Rampone accepted the World Cup.

    In my view Rampone is the book end that closes the chapter that started with the 99ers. She alone has historical standing and a champions career. Abby, who by the way accepted being a sub for the good of the team, deserved it too for her record and contributions to the team over her career.

    We didn’t have to wait long for Lloyd to seal Japan’s fate. Well, along with Holiday and Heath making a Japanese win impossible. The amazing Lloyd goal from midfield is up there with DeVanna’s bicycle kick. That long goal was the period on the sentence, that probably won’t change the “Carli is a ball hog crowd”.

    These women are truly role models, more than any rock star or Hollywood starlet many who are selling sexual illusion as something of substance.

    • Jersey Shore Rises

      I’ve noticed the normal Carli-Haters not responding yet… Not surprised…..

      My Jersey Girl Carli Lloyd just had the best Finale of not only in the Women’s game but in the Men’s game for the first half…..Woot…

  • Calci0

    Carli Lloyd was simply clutch as the WWC got into the later stages. MJ like!!!!

    • kevin

      that’s what you call an athlete….being in the zone!!! she wouldn’t be denied.

  • kevin

    that was a…..Carli Lloyd Shock and Awe!!! USA USA USA!!!

    • Jersey Shore Rises

      Carli just proved she is the BEST playing in the Women’s FIFA CUP 2015 no doubt. Anyone who thinks opposite needs to have their head evaluated….

      • leftbacklion

        Becky Sauerbrun. Every bit as good and more consistent. But the goals get the glory………

  • STT

    Something that might have been lost in the noise:

    This is just the third hat-trick in a WWC to be scored outside of the group phase, and the first one since 1991, the inaugural tournament. And the two hat tricks scored in 1991? Akers (USA) and Jennings (USA).


  • Jersey Shore Rises

    I for one will not call out all the Carli Lloyd haters these threads have had over the last year. Instead I will just congratulate the entire USWNT on a devastating win they did in the FIFA 2015 Women Cup….

    Congrats and so proud as an American….

  • john

    Perhaps FIFA should change the criteria for Golden Boot. I believe it is goals, assists, and then minutes played. Perhaps the third item should be ranking of those scored on. Surely Lloyd’s 6 were harder earned than Sasic’s, which included 3 against Ivory Coast.