NBC SportsWorld: NWSL salaries and chasing dreams

Jeff Kassouf April 13, 2015 75
Kate Deines is one of several players who retired this offseason for financial reasons. (Photo Copyright Clark Linehan for The Equalizer)

Kate Deines is one of several players who retired this offseason for financial reasons. (Photo Copyright Clark Linehan for The Equalizer)

The National Women’s Soccer League kicked off its third season on Friday, a campaign that will see a wide range of players participate due to the World Cup.

Many of amateur players will be called upon by every team over the coming months. They will not be paid for their services. Many of important players who are ‘full-time’ with their teams will play for salaries which will be barely livable.

The minimum salary in the NWSL this year is $6,842, while the maximum salary is up to $37,800. This season, of course, is a month longer than last despite fewer games. Each team operates on a $265,000 salary cap, which does not include allocated player salaries.

So how do players make it work? Some live with host families. Some get support from their parents.

And others give up, hence all the retirements this offseason.

I wrote a longform story on the subject over at NBC SportsWorld, looking at why players chase the dream and why some give up on it. Here is an excerpt:

“It’s actually pathetic when I think about what we make,” says Deines, who played for Seattle Reign FC for the first two seasons of the NWSL.

Deines played in 18 matches in 2014 for the Reign, starting half of them. The longtime Pacific Northwest inhabitant was traded to FC Kansas City in the offseason and she is exactly the type of player who is likely to have a great opportunity to take on a more prominent role this season and next as clubs deal with player absences due to the World Cup and Olympics. But Deines, who has a bachelor’s degree in communications and media studies as well as a master’s in continued education from the University of Washington, couldn’t continue to turn down business opportunities in favor of the low-paying league.

In the increasingly expensive Seattle housing market, Deines’ income level meant she lived in a five-bedroom house with three teammates and a pair of players from Major League Soccer’s Seattle Sounders.

“It definitely feels like an extension of college life, and it is way less glamorous than college,” Deines said.


  • Movement

    $265,500 / 15 non-allocated players per team = $17,667 per player.
    But I’m betting no team wants to spend more than $250,000, to keep $15,000 as a fallback just in case they need to go after a mid-year signing.

    $250,000 / 15 = $16,667 per player in terms of the avg. (plus they get health benefits).

    Top Players = $20,000+
    Mid-level players = $12,000 – $19,999
    Bottom-level players = $6,842 – $11,999

    My guess is that a rookie like Abby Dahlkemper got about $12,000.
    A rookie drafted in the 2nd round would get about $8,000 at most.
    3rd and 4th round draft picks if they make the roster = $6,842.

    Vero would get $20,000+ for sure, possibly $30,000+, despite not playing in every match.

    • weltmeister

      hahahahahahahahahahaha, alex morgan play for 20 000 us dollar, hahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha, sorry, americans so funny.
      also believes everything

      no sponsor money, no advertising money, no tv money
      hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha, very funny
      alex morgan make 2014 3,4 000 000 million dollar
      salary cap, hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahaha

      • master boil

        Hey Sol, your comment shows you’re the only one here who doesn’t understand the NWSL salary structure. We’re laughing, but it’s at you- not with you.

        • weltmeister

          alex morgan becomes 20 000 dollar and no more?
          it’s a lie
          salary cap is for the owners, very little money for the normal players and the stars becomes many money from the sponcors.
          no normal player has the chance and become sponcor money

          nfl, nhl and in all american sports is the same.
          i’m laughning about stupid americans, she believes everythings.

          • mockmook

            We are at a place in pro woso development like American pro football around 1920 — how much money do you think role players made in a fledgling league 100 years ago?

          • AlexH

            However, pro football in 1920 was really semi-pro ball. Most of the guys had day jobs and they weren’t expected to dedicated themselves 24/7 to their sport (no athletes were really full time back then). Professional athletes of today are expected to train full time, especially those that want to play for the WNT. NWSL has to get creative about taking care of their rank and file if the league is to succeed.

          • Lorehead

            Some athletes were full-time by 1920, which was the end of the dead-ball era in baseball. The Red Sox sold Babe Ruth and his $10,000-a-year-contract to the Yankees in 1919. Only 3.2% of Americans reported more income than that on their income tax returns in 1920, although there were many more deductions back then. He signed a new contract with the Yankees in 1922, which said he couldn’t drink alcohol or stay up past 1 AM (Hope Solo, are you listening?) and paid a then-record $52,000 per season. That put Babe Ruth in the top 0.22% of the 1920 income distribution.

          • Baseball Historian

            Professional baseball had been around for decades by then. NWSL is only two years old. Give it another 40 years and we’ll see woso players in six figures.

          • Steglitz49

            Six figure sums 40 years from now will be today’s five figures.

            For pro-WoSo to flourish, the ladies have to add value, or else, like in Europe, rely on pressure behind the scens for the men’s clubs to lend a hand.

            NWSL would do well to remember that it was the US owned Man Utd that closed down its ladies’ section. It is the Emirates owned Man City, who have taken a lady’s club under its wings and established pro-WoSo in Manchester. City beat Arsenal to lift the Conti cup last season.

          • newsouth

            the nwsl if it’s around can hope to be the wnba with some private owners like sahlen mixed that’s it because mls isn’t equal to european footbal and will be the stepchild of the nfl, nba, and mls still in 40 yrs. i could see teams with a 750k (poss 1M (WNBA is around 900k) cap with roster of 22. wnba salaries range from 35k – 92k i believe.

          • Steglitz49

            Everyone around the world who care about WoSo wants the NWSL to succeed. It would not be good for WoSo if the NWSL joined the USS Maine and the other two leagues.

            Nevertheless, if the NWSL teams become the byblows of private owners and bits of the side for the men’s team, that would be a most precarious existence but I guess better than nothing.

          • Woso Crusade

            You’re saying Muslims show more support for woso than Christians. Clearly absurd, and wrong. And 40 yrs from hence $999,000 will still be a lot of money compared with $6,000.

          • Steglitz49

            The Emir plowed money into PSG ladies though he has had pretty little return on his investment so far but that could change this year.

            Facts are facts. You can’t argue with data. Man Utd closed its women’s section. John Terry rescued Chelsea’s ladies. Man City helped a little women’s club that played soccer in Manchester. It is all grist to the mill and you may interpret the chaff and the wheat as your yen is.

          • Lorehead

            I can’t help but think that funding a women’s football team in Europe is a form of PR that doesn’t require him to give the women of his own country civil rights, or even let them play football.

          • Steglitz49

            There are a couple of possible reasons. The PSG investment in the ladies side is trivial compared to the men’s. Indeed, had PSG had an inkling on what an impact Zlatan would have, they may well not have bothered much with the ladies. The other side is, that the government behind the scenes have been pushing the men’s teams to put a bit of money into the ladies game and PSG responded to that call.

          • Lorehead

            I’m just saying that you have to go back more than a century to get to a time when there were no full-time professional athletes. In the late 19th century, baseball had a salary cap of $2,500 per player, and the stars of the Baltimore Orioles tried to negotiate it higher by saying they were making good money in the furniture-moving business and might quit baseball.

          • Guest Yank

            And in 1904 the Orioles moved to NYC and became the Americans (Yankees). Sorry for the trivia.

          • Lorehead

            It was April 22, 1903 as the Highlanders, but thank you, I had forgotten that was the franchise that became today’s Yankees.

          • Lorehead

            Some clubs pay women six figures now, just not the one club where that would make actual economic sense. If the Reign or FCKC manage to get to seven-figure revenues and keep their rivalry with the Thorns going, you’ll see an actual bidding war for the best players that will push their salaries into the six-figure range sustainably.

          • Pro football was a different story. Heisman winners and star athletes on Championship teams often quit after a few years in the pros or use their college degrees. There wasn’t the same value and emphasis placed on pro sports then. It was much more honorable, thus desirable, to do other things. Many joined the armed forces, became doctors, etc.

            mockmook is right, we’re basically at the same place the NFL was in the 1930s and 1940s, except for the fact that more 1st-round draft picks at that time earned 5 figure salaries.

          • Steglitz49

            and WoSo is still waiting for its Pete Rozelle.

          • Lorehead

            Right. Pro football was in the shadow of college ball back then, and in SEC country, arguably still is. It got a lot of fans who for whatever reason felt excluded. Negro-league baseball might be another example from the same time.

      • Lorehead

        Alex Morgan is an allocated player, and therefore her salary does not count against the cap at all. I would bet that she is one of the players making $37,800 to play in the NWSL. We know from U.S. Soccer’s 2013 Form 990, where it was required to disclose the salaries of its top-paid employees, that U.S. Soccer paid Alex Morgan $282,564 in 2012, including her Olympic bonuses, but not any endorsements. We should therefore really regard her NWSL job as one of her duties with the U.S. National Team.

        • mockmook

          I’m guilty too of not being able to resist responding to the weltmeister — but, I’m pretty sure anything we say will make no difference — all his posts seem like a pose to me, he’s just an “actor” playing a commenter on woso.

          • Lorehead

            Sometimes he brings something up that makes me think of a genuine question or something informative to say. You are absolutely right that responding to him will make no difference and he’s just trolling. So I guess the question is, will responding at all feed him, or would he still come here if everyone just ignored him? (The other question is: Jeff, are guest-account trolls really contributing to this site?)

          • TsovLoj

            I had to post as a guest for a long time before I got Discus straightened out. I wouldn’t want to get rid of guest functionality. And frankly, I think we’d be just another site without the trolls. It adds some vibrancy, you know?

        • Lord_Littlefingers_Lash

          do you have a list of all the salaries US soccer pays its players? Do they pay the men as well? I was asked about this yesterday and just had to guess. It came up in regards to Dom Dwyer and Sydney, she’s definitely making most of the money in the family, I take it.

        • Lord_Littlefingers_Lash

          do you have a list of all the salaries US soccer pays its players? Do they pay the men as well? I was asked about this yesterday and just had to guess. It came up in regards to Dom Dwyer and Sydney, she’s definitely making most of the money in the family, I take it.

          P.S. If I were Sydney Leroux and Alex Morgan made more money than me I would be super fcking pissed. I have no idea which one makes more. But I would be pissed since the National Team player market is not a free market like the men’s club market…. sh1t even the women can go play in Europe at the club level.

          • Lorehead

            Not a complete list, but the IRS makes them disclose a partial one. What this tells us is that most of the pay, for both men and women, consists of performance bonuses.

            In the 2014 filing, which reflects salaries paid in 2013, the only two players whose salaries were listed were DaMarcus Beasley and Edgar Castillo. Both made $180K–190K. Beasley was the most senior member of the team, captain during the Gold Cup, which the U.S. won, and started for both the B team that played in that and the A team that played in WCQs. I imagine the U.S. offered Castillo a lot of money to cap-switch from Mexico. There were no important women’s tournaments. In 2012, when the USWNT won the Olympics and the men had no major tournaments, the only players listed were Morgan, Sauerbrunn and Rampone, who made about $270K–280K. In 2011, when the men got embarrassed by Mexico in the Gold Cup and the women in Olympic qualifying, no players made as much as the assistant coaches. In 2010, another men’s World Cup year, the stars of the MNT made $340–350K.

            Also, Jürgen Klinsmann makes about $2.5K, which is about twelve times what the coach of the WNT makes. Even his assistant coaches are better-paid.

          • mockmook

            “The coach of the USWNT makes a base salary of $185K, and the bonus for winning the 2015 World Cup would be about $80K”

            No wonder JE seems to be so unwilling to rock the boat — it doesn’t seem $80k is enough to become a pariah among the entrenched “stars”.

          • Lorehead

            I don’t doubt that she wants to win. But, based on the public statements of a number of stars including Morgan, Solo and Rampone, she got the job in the first place because they thought she’d stop experimenting with the lineup and keep the seniority system in place. In the next eighteen months or so, a number of players will retire, and roster spots will open up again, but there will still be a seniority system rather than a competitive one where every spot is up for grabs and Abby Wambach would have worried, “Will I really make the roster if I quit my club?”

          • USSFan

            Please, no more entitled players, whatever their name is. End it.

          • Steglitz49

            Does anyone know what the head coaches make around the world?

          • Lord_Littlefingers_Lash

            Surely, Jill Ellis is paid based on replacement cost though. It’s not unusual for an assistant promoted to head coach not to make as much money as a coach that is hired after and extensive search and campaign to lure a to candidate.

            I find it really weird that we pay our players for national team at all. For the women and I guess even for the men it’s necessary. But I’d always thought for the world cup like the olympics where the athlete competed for their country from pure pride and love of country.

          • Lorehead

            Nice racket, if you can swing it: monetize patriotism so that people will pay you for a major sporting event and let you keep all the money.

          • Lord_Littlefingers_Lash

            well for the men, there’s an argument to be made. Does Lionel Messi really need to be paid by argentina? For that matter what’s to stop the US from paying millions of dollars to the men from other country to get them to change citizenship and play for the US. National team soccer isn’t supposed to go to the highest bidder, that’s what’s supposed to separate it from club soccer.

          • Anthony

            There’s several reasons why they can’t do that.

            First, it looks really, really bad.

            Second, getting American citizenship isn’t all that easy unless you have it from birth.

            Third, any player who has played a game with a national team, can only ever play with that national team. So no matter how much money the US offers Messi, Ronaldo, Marta, Necib, or whoever else, they wouldn’t be allowed to play for the US. Which means you’re either going to be going after average players from other countries who have never played for their national teams, or you’ll be going after extremely promising young players who have yet to play for their national team, but certainly will in the future. The first is stupid and pointless, and the second is nearly impossible to pull off, not to mention extremely risky.

            FIFA have made that at the international level, there are no shortcuts.

            Also the money Messi makes from playing with Argentina, probably comes from the prize money awarded by FIFA or CONMEBOL, which is only fair, and therefore not directly out of the federation’s pocket. Or it’s from various sponsoring deals. I don’t believe players are payed for simply playing for the national team.

            Lastly, while it’s a nice feeling to want players to play for national pride and patriotism, in many sports, reality is a bit harsher. Most athletes are going to need more than time and energy, to remain at the highest level, and continue to represent their country. It also takes money, and most athletes don’t make enough in non-national competitions. Obviously for most (male) soccer players, this isn’t really an issue, but that’s hardly the norm.

          • Steglitz49

            Are you sure?

          • Anthony

            About what?

          • Steglitz49

            Life, liberty and the pursuit of WoSo?

          • Lorehead

            I’m sure Klinsmann would have many more offers and needed more persuading. Also, if he actually had won the men’s World Cup, with that team, for $13 million, he’d be a bargain.

          • Steglitz49

            Klinsmann lives in California. He has coached his own NT but was not a success on home soil. It was his assistant who claimed the big prize and his predecessor (and former NT mate) who had taken a weak Germany to the WC final last time (2002).

          • Your last paragraph is eye opening. Blatant sex discrimination infuriates me. I wonder, is it only the players and coaches who receive bonuses, or does USSF get something for the team placing in the WC? Like, how much does the USMNT earn for how far they went in 2014 vs how much could the USWNT earn for winning gold?

            I hate that things like this keep happening. Like the Japanese women being flown coach, while their male counterparts, who didn’t win their world cup, were flown first class. The U.S. women have won this tournament twice, been runner-up once, and placed 3rd three times. The best the men have done is reached the round of 16, yet they get the red carpet rolled out for them.

          • Lorehead

            That unfortunate situation is mostly the result of bad incentives created by the fans. You can try to address it as the NCAA is forced to, by making USSF spend money on the USWNT that the USMNT subsidizes, but nobody does that voluntarily. The male stars made about $100K more for reaching the round of 16 in 2010 than the women did for winning the 2012 Olympics, and apparently losing the 2011 World Cup on penalty kicks got the women approximately nothing. In the non-Olympic, non-World-Cup year of 2013, U.S. Soccer spent about $9.5M on the WNT (not counting about $600K on the NWSL) and about $12.8M on the MNT (not counting about $2M on the U23 MNT/men’s Olympic team).

            It doesn’t break its revenues down according to men’s and women’s, but we do have some points of comparison. The recent friendly in St. Louis was a record-setting success, selling 35,816 tickets. The USMNT’s last home game sold more than 64,000, and their home matches against Latin American sides regularly draw more than 36,000. Many of those ticket-buyers are immigrants supporting the old country, who for whatever reason didn’t turn out for the combined CONCACAF championship/World Cup Qualifiers last year the way they did for the Gold Cup and the Hex.

            What about TV ratings? The 2012 Olympic final drew 4.350 million viewers, a record for its network. The 2011 World Cup final drew 13.5 million viewers, at the time ESPN’s most-watched soccer match ever. In comparison, about 21.6 million Americans watched the U.S. play Belgium and about 24.7 million watched the U.S. play Portugal and Ronaldo. (None of those numbers count people watching in bars or other group settings.) But that money went to FIFA or the IOC rather than USSF. The audiences for men’s and women’s international friendlies are pretty comparable: last February, when the men and the women played on the same day, the men got 674K viewers and the women 294K, but the previous USMNT friendlies had gotten 311K and 254K, while the women had gotten 667K for a friendly in 2012.

          • Anthony

            The total prize money in Brazil 2014 was 576 million. For Canada 2015 it’s 15 million compared to 10 million 4 years ago. For reaching the round of 16, the MNT brought in 9 million which is more than 4 times what the WNT would make if they win the tournament.

            Why is Klinsmann being payed significantly more than Jill Ellis? Because he’s a world renowned former player who won a bronze medal as a coach at a World Cup. And because that’s how much the USSF need to pay him for him to stay.

          • I’m sure Alex makes more than Sydney for playing on the National Team. I think base salary is largely based on seniority/years with the NT, but most of it is playing bonuses. Morgan gets more minutes and more starts, hence she makes more than Sydney (I would assume).

          • Steglitz49

            Alex makes the vast majority of her income from off-field activities. Her NT income is by no means trivial but it is only a fraction of the other.

          • Lord_Littlefingers_Lash

            She didn’t play more minutes that Sydney last year. I guess she is a couple years older, you can’t argue with that. I’m actually shocked by how much the women make, between national team, club team and endorsements Syd and alex could be making close a $1 mil a year. there aren’t that many MLS players who make that.

          • They do if they have endorsements. The number of women who make that on the NT is a very small number. It’s not like RVH was ever raking in endorsement deals. And if you’re a bench player, forget about it. And if you’re not on the NT, you’re lucky to make enough money to survive without assistance.

            I doubt the backup goalkeeper is psyched about her $35K/yr USSF salary. It’s actually pretty pathetic. I’m glad there are some people on the team making a healthy 6 figures, but I’ve always wondered if the difference between the haves and have-nots on the team causes any friction that carries over to the field. Hopefully they’re more mature than that in the sports world, but I know I’d be pissed if the girl in the cubicle next to me was making 4x my salary for doing the same amount of work.

          • Lord_Littlefingers_Lash

            I don’t know that that’s accurate though the NT players make $35k playing for their club team but they also get paid for their national team appearances. I can’t imagine any of them are making less than $100k if they’re paying some of the players $200-300k it just doesn’t make sense. So I would say its pathetic except, a lot of players in MLS make $50k or less, not to mention the other two leagues.

      • Tom F

        Morgan made over a 1 million $$$, one year in endorsements alone. But most of American woso players who aren’t on the NT don’t make enough to make a living. Still, most these girls come from upper class families anyway. Unfortunately soccer is an elite sport in this country, boy or girl, most parents will dish out $1000-3000 every year for their kid to play whats called select soccer(basically, to be coached/mentored by a former pro). The big thing why parents pay that is to get that big, all expense paid, college scholarship.
        Morgan comes from a rich superb in CA called Diamond Bar, the standard of living or house hold income in the town is at something. like 100K(which is twice the national ave household income in the US).
        Wish things were different but woso in America doesn’t have an multi billion dollar conglomerate like Bayern Munich backing it up. But even in Germany the girls have to think about their future after soccer. That’s why Tabea Kemme went through several months of training to graduate from the prestigious Potsdam Police Academy, that’s why Alexandra Popp flew back to take her pro zookeeper;s exam, rather than play in the 2014 Algarve Cup finale

    • I think your estimates are a bit on the high side. There are starting players being paid much closer to the $6K mark than the $12K mark. Try assigning value to players from an actual roster and see what you end up with. Most end up nearer to the bottom.

      • Steglitz49

        Indeed. A good point well made. There are few fat cats in WoSo.

  • Rufan

    The league was forced to raise the salary cap because combination of fewer allocated players (42 this year for 9 teams, versus 55 announced for 8 teams in 2013 (not all Mexicans showed up)), the season is longer into September this year, and the teams probably were having a hard time recruiting foreign players to come here on the previous budgets. My memory is that we read the salary range in ’13 was $6K to $30K. If that was correct, now the minimum raised by 14%, while the maximum is up 26%. The owners last year tried to squeeze the non-WNT American players down in salary (see Marshall as an example) in order to free up money for foreign players. That probably went only so far. So to make up, use more amateurs this year, and depend on their parents and host families to subsidize the owners.

    • Even if you only make $6K/year, the government is withholding money from your paycheck. That means the $6K earners actually only took home a little over $4,000.

      I had heard rumors that players didn’t actually earn the minimum…. if that’s true, maybe it’s because of taxes.

      • IRS Agent

        According to the 1040EZ form, you have to make at least $10,150 (for an individual) to start paying taxes. BTW, have you filed your return yet?

      • Rufan

        It is possible that a team may have withheld taxes for the low paid players. (employers withhold the money, not the gov’t per say, and forward that to the IRS.) So the players would have had to file a return to receive a refund if their total income was less than $10,150 for the year.

  • newsouth

    NT players should get 25k living (lifestyle compared to the rest of the league) expense for 6 mths. why are they getting over 30k? the difference should be paid to the teams to pay their non-allocated players. teams should have 15 homes. i’d price takes at 15$. that should bring in $1,000,000. only play in stadiums where they can sell beer and cut into their revenue stream. lastly, they need to go to the tyreso model and have multiple sponsors on the jerseys. just place them tastefully. that should be bring in better revenues for the bottom-feeders in the red. i’m not sure how you deal with rookies but 2nd yr and beyond should make no less than $12k for 6 mths. morgah should not be earning 37,000. that additional 12k should pay a player on the roster. NT blows!

    • newsouth

      .lastly, you have a full NT contract, should be in this league. Don’t want to hear that Europe nonsense. in a 4 yr cycle, Sauerbrunn earned 250k plus WC yr, 250k plus OG yr, 2 off yrs 150k per year. that’s 800k for a bench warmer without NWSL salary. why are NT players earning over 25k in the NT, all 23 of them.

      • Steglitz49

        WoSo players in Europe earn little if anything at all. A very small few earn a decent living but their off-field income is negligible.

        Indeed, the ability to pay is rapidly distorting European soccer. Soon, far too soon, pro-WoSo will be in the hands of the wealthy men’s clubs in England, France, Germany and Spain with maybe the odd team here and there. Where Jean-Michel Aulas at Lyon and Arsenal led the way, others are now following.

        If the FA stay with playing their women’s Cup final at Wembley, English clubs will be queens of the castles. The dream of every young soccer lass: to step out on Wembley’s pitch for a serious game. Since the stadium was rebuilt, Japan have played there twice and the US, France, Germany and England once. Pia was the first lady to score a goal at Wembley but that was the old stadium with its extra wide pitch, while Carolina Morace scored 4. If there is enough interest, maybe the ladies Champions League final will be moved to the Olympic stadium, the way it was in Munich 3 years ago.

        To recap, women in Europe do not get fat on soccer.

        • Lord_Littlefingers_Lash

          How many times do I have to tell you no one cares about the FA cup. I don’t know a single woman soccer player, and I know several who play at a high level, that dream of playing at Wembley.

          • Steglitz49

            Your examples may explain why WoSo are where they are.

            This year’s SF are Chelsea v Man City and Everton v Notts County. In keeping with copying the format for the men’s competition, they will be played at neutral venues (tba).

            Anyone who has the time and money would do well to make a pilgrimage to Wembley on August 1st to experience WoSo make a bit of history.

      • Lord_Littlefingers_Lash

        How is Sauerbrunn as bench warmer? She’s the best defender on the team.

        • Steglitz49


        • newsouth

          last oympics and wc she was a bench warmer who earned an avg of 252,000 for each of those years. non-years she earned 150k or so. for 4 yrs that 800k on the bench. ok, she’s a starter now. n

      • “$800K for a benchwarmer?” Sauerbrunn has more minutes than almost any other player. How is she a bench warmer?

        • Guest

          She was a bench warmer in the last Olympics. The last major event. Not a starter. As odd as that seems now. She was ready years before that, but y’know. America and stuff.

        • newsouth

          she was a bench warmer two yrs ago when they reported her salary at 252,000.

          • Hmm, you’re right. Interesting. Well, she’s been on the team for 4+ years at that point, even if she wasn’t a starter. But I wouldn’t think a non-starter would earn that much. I wonder how much the bench players earn vs those who don’t even make the trip with the team.

  • weltmeister

    big big trouble for jessica mcdonald and houston dush, herforder sv say no end of the contract and no itc.
    herforder sv connect fifa

    • guest troll

      “No cookies from the cookie jar before dinner, Junior! Wait till your father gets home, he’s gonna give you a big whoopin’!”

      • Steglitz49

        The whole McDonald-Herforder-NWSL story remains bizarre, trolls or no trolls. If someone could explain it to this bear of little brain s/he would be much beholden to that commentator.

        • weltmeister

          herforder sv has a contract with jessica mc donald, the contract is valid, no itc for mc donald.
          troll or not troll, it’s true

  • NisolafutbolAcademy

    MLS salaries used to be at 11,000 for a year long season. Housing usually is not a part of that deal. It was like that for almost 10yrs. 6,000 plus apartment for 6 months work, I think they should be very grateful and understand its a work in progress. Lower end USL and NASAL players make 5-900 a month plus apartment. They get coaching or other jobs during and after season. Its tough, yeah but in the name of growing the game these things need to be done. I could understand when the NWSL starts to grow and theres money there to be spent then ok lets renegotiate and bump things up. Its way too soon. I think many of the players need to realize what it is to be a professional, 95% of it sucks. The 5% is what makes it all worth it. Its tough not to compare yourself to other players who maybe making much more but at the end of the day, sacrifices need to be made in order to grow. Not everyone can be a pro in tough conditions. Those who perserver should always be remembered (Jen Buz). The rest will weed themselves out.

  • Rdalford

    Jeff, FYI, IMO the longer form article on NBC SportsWorld was a good read and appreciate the reporting to provided the current NWSL salary cap info.