Solo’s court date on assault charges set for Nov. 4

Jeff Kassouf August 11, 2014 17

Hope Solo’s court date is set for Nov. 4 in Kirkland, Wash., meaning it won’t interfere with the remainder of her NWSL season or World Cup qualifying.

Solo appeared in Kirkland Municipal court on Monday for a pre-trial hearing on two counts of domestic-violence assault. Her lawyer reportedly asked for a new court day to make motions to dismiss the charges against her and to exclude evidence, according to the Seattle Post-Intelligencer.

The NWSL championship game is August 31. World Cup qualifying takes place across four U.S. cities, from Oct. 15-26.

Attending the court appearance with Solo was her husband, ex-NFL player Jerramy Stevens.

Solo pleaded not guilty in June to two counts of fourth-degree domestic-violence assault following her arrest in mid-June. She allegedly assaulted her 42-year-old half-sister, Teresa Obert, as well as her 17-year-old nephew, Christian Obert.

Five days after the June 21 incident, Solo issued an apology on her Facebook page. Her lawyer, Todd Maybrown, said in June that Solo was the victim in the situation. The police report from the scene described Solo as “drunk and intoxicated.”

  • ladywing

    I wish her the best of luck, now and in the future. I don’t know the details nor will any of us but from what I do understand, no one deserves to lose a hard won career for a misdemeanor.

    • Sydonia

      If this was an NFL player who beat the hell out of his wife, what would you say then? Ray Rice was suspended 2 games for his battery conviction. Pathetic.

      • ladywing

        She has been accused of a misdemeanor, not convicted of a felony.
        They are not the same thing except in your mind. Insulting me does not change the illogic of your position.

      • ClearThinker

        No one should loose a career over a misdemeanor. No one should be branded for life for life because of hysteria. That is exactly what is going on. People fight, that is just the way of the human being. Look around the world, violence is the coin of the realm. Peace is an anomaly.

        We should try to work things out locally, not make a god damn national emergency out of every god damn thing people do.

        The NFL is not women’s soccer. It is a multi billion dollar business that provides entertainment for the masses. Yes, it is a sport too. The NFL is not going to become an arm for ideological change. They are going to do what they do best and that is bring a product to market. They are not too cornered about a few bad seeds, especially when their market/fans could care less. ESPN can throw all the fits they want, but they need the NFL more than the other way around.

        Hope is not a bad person. She is a person that made a mistake. She hit someone and they hit her. Who threw the first punch? It was a joint effort. Who knows who provoked it. Who knows how much alcohol was involved. In a lot of ways this issue is not our business.

        The USA most likely will not win the World Cup or even place. We need Hope, if we are going to have a chance. She hasn’t even been convicted of anything so you all might put a lid for now.

  • SoccrGK

    I totally disagree. This type of behavior is an ongoing pattern for her. She does not deserve to represent our country any more. She’s an embarrassment to the team with her off field pattern of behavior.

    I’ve been a soccer goalie for 42 years and she’s one of the best, but I my opinion has lost the right to play for our great country anymore.

    • ladywing

      What pattern? I see people just making things up who have no facts, whatever yout soccer history is.

    • Guest

      With that attitude you better be ready to give up olympic medals in basketball, hockey, track and field and a host of other sports. If every athlete who has ever been arrested (not even convicted just arrested) was no longer allowed to play their sport, the big three sports in this country would not exist as we know them and football around the world would lose a lot of quality. She has not been convicted. If such a time comes then she might lose the privilege of playing for the United States but to cast her out after all she has done for women’s soccer over an alleged misdemeanor would be very unfair.

      • Harry Truman

        BS. IF what you say was true, then all of our OG team medals were won by felons and thugs. I don’t need that, and neither does America.

    • Ashley

      I’ve posted the same opinion on this situation, only to have the same indignant reaction from many, who seem to be of the belief that this time she’s totally innocent! ……except that it keeps happening. Over and over. And she never gets punished for it because of who she is. I work for my state’s DOC and she’s just like any other criminal. Same destructive pattern, hangs out with the same classy crowd, never thinks she’s in the wrong, and loves drama and attention. Yes she hasn’t been convicted, yes no one knows exactly what happened because we weren’t there, but seriously, how many times does this have to keep happening before people get it?
      Indeed she is the best goalie in the women’s game, but she’s also a jerk and a nutjob off the field.

      • Guest

        How can it be happening over and over again when this is her first time being arrested? And you feel comfortable certifying that she is a mentally ill by calling her a “nutjob”. Yeah right. So to all the organizations she donates to, and anything good she has done for the sport get cancelled out because of an alleged crime. I’ll take the comments of her teammates about Hope’s character and ability over what someone on the internet says any day.

      • ladywing

        Exactly what keeps happening except in people’s imagination?

  • gmbarry

    gifted athlete, lousy person… . least favorite of any former Philly Players in any league (She was actually fan friendly back with the Charge in 2003)

  • Finest

    All your comments are just comical! You are passing judgement on a person and situation you know nothing about besides what you read and hear, so just gossip and hearsay!! Unless you where there or know the family (so us proof) you know nothing . The whole case smells rotten. Everyone involved in the assault should have been arrested. The nephew should have more server charges because he had a weapon. That’s the law. So the officers at the scene did not follow the law. Just the sports star! Before you go all crazy yes I know the law and am law enforcement!!

    • Sydonia

      What weapon? A broom? If you are a cop, then you know that a court defers to the on-site judgment of the arresting officer. Sure, Solo’s the “victim”.

      This lawyer of hers could get Solo into deep trouble if his tactic of pleading not guilty blows up in his face when the jury finds her guilty. Instead of plea bargaining for a lesser punishment, they’ll put her in jail.

      • guest

        Um, he admitted to pointing a bb gun at her. Claims it was broken, but that’s still a weapon.

        Agree with the above poster that the whole case seems fishy. It’s best to reserve judgement in any case. There are always two sides to the story, and Solo can’t make hers public until the trial.

  • lolz

    People have had there opinions about hope long before this happened and they will likely always have them. Is she perfect? absolutely not but she isn’t the anti-christ some paint her to be either. She’s a flawed person like all of us and if it wasn’t for our annoying habit of looking at sports stars as demi-gods and goddesses only to viscously tear them apart when we find out there mortal just like us, we wouldn’t even be having this discussion.

  • Steglitz49

    Innocent until proven guilty. The courts meet out justice. That is their job.