Hagen signs with Kansas City, will join club in June

Jeff Kassouf March 20, 2014 32

Sarah Hagen is headed to FC Kansas City in June after she finishes her contract with Bayern Munich. (Getty Images)

United States women’s national team forward Sarah Hagen has signed with FC Kansas City and will join the NWSL club in June, following the Frauen-Bundesliga season.

Hagen is currently finishing out her contract with FC Bayern Munich, who sit fourth in the 12-team table. It was accidentally revealed in January’s expansion draft that FC Kansas City held the discovery rights to Hagen, who made her debut for the senior U.S. national team on March 7 against Sweden.

“I’m extremely excited to join FC Kansas City in June for the remainder of their season. I’ve had such a great experience here at Bayern,” Hagen said. “However, I’ve also made many sacrifices by choosing to be thousands of miles away from my family and friends. For me, this is the biggest reason in returning back to the States to play. I’m still very much focused on finishing out my season here with Bayern, but am also looking forward to starting a new chapter in my career at Kansas City.”

In 14 games this season, Hagen has 10 goals for Bayern; she has 28 goals in her 47 games with the club. In Kansas City she’ll reunite with U.S. youth teammate Erika Tymrak, who spent part of the offseason on loan at Bayern.

  • I can’t wait!

  • FCKCEvans

    Agreed this is great news. If KC can hang on with their rough schedule to open the season staying in the top 5 or so in the standings Hagen and Gorry will provide not just relief but firepower in June. Lots to be excited about on the attacking side for KC, if our defense/dmids perform/stay healthy it should be a fun season.

    • VaFan51

      I look forward to the first photo of Hagen (5’11”) and Gorry (4’9″) standing next to each other.

      • FCKCEvans

        Gorry between Hagen and 6’0 Marlborough is a must. Ha.

    • Rdalford

      Expected the Hagen signing might make you and other FCKC fans happy.

      FCKC has made a number of acquisitions (Krysik/Phillips, ARod, Gorry & Hagen) plus Kallman and other draft picks that added to the strong existing team (Holiday etc) should help them stay among the top NWSL teams. Looking forward to fun competitive NWSL season.

    • wosofan

      This is a brilliant move. I’m not worried at all about whether Hagen fits Vlatko’s system — she’s a strong, mobile athlete, understands the game, and finishes. I think she will bring more players into the attack. Now, who does FCKC trade or cut? I think if they can land a decent draft pick for Bogus, they should consider that, or maybe a backup keeper? Or maybe package Marlborough and Bogus to some club for some value in return? I still think the team needs depth at outside back, and maybe attacking midfield, if Holiday and Tymrak are missing for NT.

      • tlhazz

        This should mean the end for Bogus, she should just be waived.

        • Kel33

          Agreed. Never understood the Bogus signing in the first place. No need for a 30 year old sub-par player when you have so much young mid talent at your disposal. The problem is she doesn’t have much, if any, trade value unless a team is left empty handed by injury.

      • FCKCEvans

        I agree KC will have an excess of attacking talent but other than Marlborough/Hagen they can play multiple positions. I don’t think the local Marlborough is going anywhere soon but perhaps Bogus. She did look much better than expected at KCs scrimmage the other night though. My gut is telling me that unless something changes either Zadorsky/Williams are cut or draft picks Laddish/Kelly. And defense is more of a need….tough choices here.

        • Kel33

          So Bogus looked good… in a scrimmage against a college team? Not impressed. Against NWSL talent she struggles and doesn’t produce enough results.

          • FCKCEvans

            I wasn’t familiar with Bogus but several people including me bashed this acquisition. All I was saying is I expected her to suck…and she didn’t. She actually looked like one of our stronger attackers. She’s made it a tougher call than I thought.

          • wosofan

            Good point on Marlborough being a local product. As is Silva, and Nia Williams. I gotta wonder if the team saves a bit of money with locals, insofar as they may have housing options of their own.

            As for Bogus, she’s not local, of course, and I believe her significant other is with Chicago, so maybe that would be trade partner for FCKC.

            I don’t know the NWSL roster rules well enough, but can’t FCKC leave Laddish off the 20-player roster, and then have her train and get fit through mid-summer, and if they really need her, they add her to the roster (and release/waive another player)? I guess the downside for her is that she won’t get a paycheck until she’s rostered. In any event, I really do not feel Laddish possesses the quality that many see in her, so it is not the end of the world if she were let go. (Also not sold on Richmond, Silva, or Marlborough, but whatever).

            On a more general topic, I think teams should do a bit more research into which players intend to complete college this semester (as opposed to this upcoming fall). Last year, for example, the Spirit drafted Holly King from Florida, and she stayed in school, and never really was effective for them (she joined in May). She’s no longer playing soccer. I don’t begrudge any of these young women from getting their degree, but the teams ought to draft players who are committed to preseason, April, and May.

            Anyway, after what I feel was a poor set of transactions involving Mewis and ARod, and after what I feel was a weak draft class (outside of Kallman), FCKC has righted the ship quite a bit with Zadorsky and now Hagen.

          • tlhazz

            Oh lord please don’t try to pawn her off on Chicago, we’d rather have a bag of used balls & shin guards.

          • FCKCEvans

            I think Laddish will be with the team in some capacity but she could spend sometime on the practice squad too. KC knew Laddish wouldn’t be available until May, i think that’s why she wasn’t drafted until the 3rd round. Cuts will be interesting in KC that’s for sure.

        • ForeverLOST108

          Zadorsky will not get cut, nor will Laddish.

          • FCKCEvans

            That is my opinion as well. I just don’t think the decision is as obvious as I thought it would be.

        • wosofan

          Well, Zadorsky is no longer on the roster, released today. Williams retained. I’m betting Zadorsky gets a real look by some other teams, though she does cost an international spot.

          • FCKCEvans

            The interesting thing is she’s now following Chuck Vine on twitter. My guess is that’s the issue, not her being cut.Best wishes to the team that has to deal with him. Shelina is a great player though, any team would be lucky to have her.

  • Jigsawwill

    Good for her!



  • luke

    Woooow! That’s some news! 😮

  • TN

    Well well, I guess Kansas City picking up her rights isn’t so ridiculous now. This must have been in the works long before the news broke, interesting, I wonder what formation Andonovski would use with his two prime forwards. Since last year, he has no true striker, and what would happen to Rodriguez?

    • FCKCEvans

      I think Arod will play some forward for KC but if she’s smart she will display herself as a competent winger as well. The only way she makes a WWC squad is if she proves herself to be a utility striker/winger. And even with that, it’s a long shot but it’s the only thing that will set her apart from other fringe players vying for a WWC roster spot.

  • kernel_thai

    While it’s a great move for KC it’s also a case of the rich get richer. If Hagen was entering the league I would have much rather seen her allocated to one of the teams in the league who didnt have a top gun.

    • FCKCEvans

      There are definitely major flaws in the allocation system and honestly the decision to not allocate Hagen. IMO this is more of a smart move than the rich getting richer…Seattle and KC may be lucky but a lot of work and strategy went into their 2014 rosters too.

      • kernel_thai

        Well the KC brain trust is definitely at the top of the food chain so props to them for snatching up Hagen’s rights. BUT When u look at the rosters of Houston, Washington and SkyBlue u have to wonder at how KC has three USNT goal scorers while they have none between them.

        • FCKCEvans

          A good original allocation, superb 2013 draft, and smart acquisitions. Nothing more.

        • wosofan

          Fans of Sky Blue and Washington should be upset at several bad drafts and trades. Perhaps Houston has a gripe, but there was an expansion draft and KC protected Hagen, and left exposed some key players, like Sesselman.

          • kernel_thai

            Actually they didnt. The way Hagen got revealed was when Houston drafted Sesselmann and KC pulled back discovery player #1 and someone slipped up and tweeted her name. So Hagen was out there for a while. Possibly KC got some assurances when they agreed to trade Henninger.

  • MT

    So if you play a grand total of 20 minutes as a late sub for the USWNT you’re forever allowed to be addressed as “United States women’s national team forward Sarah Hagen”? Seriously? I thought that was reserved for players who’d earned their way to a starting spot.

    • guest

      I totally agree with this and she isn’t going to make the World Cup roster for her performance in the Algarve even with her limited minutes the finishing wasn’t there but she did look promising for a bit with Press. She’s coming back so that Tom will give her a second look before he sets his mind on the roster.

  • Steglitz49

    “For me, this — being thousands of miles away from my family and friends — is the biggest reason in returning back to the States to play.” A strange comment. Yuki Ogimi went to Potsdam in 2009 at 22, got married in 2012 and moved to Chelsea in 2013 where she still plies her trade.

    Granted, Bayern Munich’s ladies have not been as dominant as their men, but one would hope that it was the quality of the soccer that was the reason for coming home to the US or, simply, improving her chances of being selected for the WC-15.

  • Rdalford

    Bayern Munich now appears to have signed Katie Stengel (per tweets by Bayern and Stengel) for next season. Have not found formal news release (so no info on length of contract) but assume Stengel would join Bayern near end of summer when next season starts (and assume Bayern contract is probably more specific re options etc after their experience with Brooks). After health threat (blood clot) cut short her WF senior season Stengel decided to bypass NWSL draft and finish school then play W-league (LA Blues) while seeking chance to play in Europe. She has also been playing well with U23 team this year. Good to see that her plans and opportunities are working out. Wish her well.