Swedish club Tyresö reportedly in financial trouble

The Equalizer Staff March 4, 2014 15

Tyresö are reportedly in financial trouble. (Photo: www.parismania.fr )

Swedish power and UEFA Champions League quarterfinalists Tyresö are reportedly being audited and headed for bankruptcy, according to a report out of Stockholm.

The club’s tax debt sat at over $237,000 USD on Friday, according to Swedish news site Mitti. Club chairman Hans Lindberg says the news comes as a result of lost sponsorship revenues and the cost of a new grandstand at their stadium.

Tyresö play Austrian club Neulengbach in the Champions League quarterfinals on March 23 and March 29. It is unclear if this news will have any effect on the club’s Champions League campaign.

  • Jigsawwill

    Well, that’s unfortunate.

  • Elaine

    Thanks to Steg for this info, but the current prize-money for the CL:
    — €250,000 to the winning team; €200,000 losing finalist;€50,000 losing semi-finalists; and €25,000 losing quarter-finalists.

    Let’s hope for Tyreso’s sake, they get to the final.

    • kernel_thai

      So basically it’s like the movie Dodgeball : )

      • Tom F

        do the CL games get shown on ESPN 8, the Big Ocho?

    • Steglitz49

      Thank you. That makes a total prize pot of €650,000. IOW UEFA cross-subsidizes its premier ladies’ competiton from the men’s game. This is what happens increasingly at club level in Europe. Where Lyon showed the way, other clubs follow. In the US people clamor for MLS-teams to get involved with women’s soccer.

      Given how strong the ladies soccer programs are at top universities like Stanford, Berkeley, UNC and Duke, here is a huge field of social sciences, psychology and economics to be tilled and turned over.

      Why are there sports where no-one cares about the ladies while there are other sports, notably figure skating and gymnastics, where no-one would bother were it but for the ladies pulling in the punters (though the earnings are probably not so skewed between the sexes)? Go, study!

  • Guest

    This isn’t unusual. They should be able to get a loan and pay it off over a period of years if other restructuring and of course the CL winnings doesn’t even things out even sooner. It is unfortunate about the sponsors. They historically have had great luck with support of sponsors. It is how Marta is paid for one thing. They own their own stadium which is rather rare in women’s soccer too, but upkeep comes with that.

  • Lorehead

    Caroline Seger (#17) will not be denied her pay.

  • alex mahn

    Tyresö is a shame for the European women’s football. I hope that one of the German clubs wins the CL . No Money but players like Christian Press, Whitney Engen, Meghan Klingenberg and Marta only for you wining the CL.

    • J.

      Duisburg was in the same situation I guess they’re a shame for European women’s football also.

    • Steglitz49

      Why not Arsenal?

      • Gemma

        Arsenal have a very rich mens team backing them for the last 20 years. Yesterday they announced Liverpools’ revenue for the financial year of $346 000 000 and that was without CL soccer, am guessing Arsenal made even more. The English clubs with womens teams will be fine for years to come if thier men keep on with thier world domination.

        • Steglitz49

          Wolfsburg belongs to VW and Bayern Munich is much richer than Arsenal let alone Liverpool, but have yet to qualify for the Champions League.

          Maybe that Austrian or Italian team can win. That would be fun.

  • gerd karl

    the problem is marta, 1 000 000 euro salary killt every club.

    • Guest

      You do realize she’s paid for by sponsors, right? I know it is hard to keep up with things while being a full time troll, but you could try.

    • Rufan

      Hey, your English is improving!