Horan’s three goals lift USWNT U-20s in qualifying

Jeff Kassouf January 9, 2014 44

Lindsey Horan scored four goals in the United States U-20 women's 6-0 win over Costa Rica (Photo: psg.fr)

Lindsey Horan’s three goals led the United States, defending U-20 Women’s World cup champions, to a 6-0 win over Costa Rica in their opening game of qualifying for the 2014 event. The win is a tournament record 11th straight for the U.S.

Horan opened the scoring in the 13th minute on a header, then struck again in the 24th minute and first half stoppage time to complete a first-half hat trick. Her 85th minute header was initially ruled a goal for Horan, but later declared an own goal.

Costa Rica’s Noelle Sanz missed a penalty kick in the 43rd minute.

Savannah Jordan and Summer Green scored the United States’ other two goals, with Horan assisting Green’s tally in the 61st minute and Green setting up Jordan in the 81st.

Next up for the Americans is Jamaica on Saturday and Guatemala on Monday. Jamaica and Guatemala drew 0-0 on Thursday.

On Friday, Honduras plays Trinidad & Tobago, while hosts Cayman Islands take on Mexico. The top three teams from the tournament will advance to Canada this summer for the U-20 Women’s World Cup.

  • kernel_thai

    And Costa Rica was prolly the tough game in the group.

    • Probably


    • Silver Frost

      Team USA needs to petition FIFA to stop playing against weak sides. There has to be a better way. Costa Rica? Jamaica? Team USA is not going to improve by playing these teams. We should vie against Brazil and Germany.

      • Steglitz49

        I think the women and men are in the groups. If you want to move the women, you have to move the men also. FIFA quite likes USA’s men qualifying readily. It is in their businessplan. They are also quite keen on the US ladies getting to major championships but it is harder for the men, so the US is in as weak a qualifying group as possible.

      • rufan

        “We should vie against Brazil and Germany”
        .Are you talking about the senior team? this is about the U-20s and qualifying

  • chugwug

    great performance by the us today. However, weren’t one of Horan’s goals cited as an own goal?

    • Steglitz49

      Yes. It was an undisputable own goal. Ms Horan’s 4th goal was a header (her second) that was going wide though that would not have been obvious to the defender who tried to clear it.

      Lindsey scored with a header, on a rebound and with a strike. I think she also hit the woodwork and also this 4th attempt. She is big, strong and fast, and can head with precision. Why PSG does not start her and let her play the full 90′ is beyond me.

  • wosofan

    Horan is to this U20 team as Marozsan was to the German U-20 side in 2012. She’s the best playmaker, the best at settling and distributing the ball, and probably the strongest on the ball (alongside Roccaro). The speed of the game appears slow for her. Remarkable how much better Horan is now, than 2 years ago. There is no doubt the pro environment has dramatically improved her level of play.

    Having said that, this U20 team is a ways off from the U20s from last cycle. They still have several months to improve, though.

    • newsouth

      the pros will be waiting for her in the world cup. they will laugh their way through qualifiers like brasil’s u20 did with 38-0 goals in their qualifiers last time around. big, sluggish team with brand name vs selecting the best players but that’s how ussoccer works.

    • Tom F

      The u20 world cup is really going to be tough this year. Expect super strong teams out of France, Germany & North Korea. The African’s are really tough at this age group too. But the surprise might be the hosts, Canada! Herdman all ready starts 18 year old Buchanan(over Moscato) at cb & 16 yr Yekka at right fb on senior team. It be interesting to see if he uses them in the upcoming against the US

      • Steglitz49

        Japan, Norway and Sweden are the curious absentees. This world cup can, as you type, give us lots of surprises.

        • Tom F

          Due to playing at Euro 213, Hegerberg & Hansen weren’t allowed to participate in the w20 qualifiers/ tourney a few weeks later(some kind of uefa rule). Sweden had Diaz & Hurtig on their team, but still disappointingly didn’t make it out of group play. Finland & England round up the other two euro teams that qualified.
          Yes, surprise that Japan couldn’t make it But it goes to show that certain countries (perhaps continents) put more of a major emphasis on female youth soccer, and perhaps give up on them by the time those girls become adults(for obvious reasons)
          If you have not seen replays on the concacaf u20 tourney. I”m surprised at the big crowds! It’s way bigger than most pro games, especially out of Europe

          • Steglitz49

            Maybe women should not play soccer beyond 28 years of age?

            Maybe the NCAA has the right idea: soccer ladies play up to the end of their first degree. OK, maybe during grad school but an absolute age exclusion by 30 years of age?

            Sweden is starting to collect the harves that too many foreigners in their top league sows. Their juniors are trampling out the bitter grapes, made even sourer by the slipping senior NT. My memory is that Sweden let in a needless late goal by Finland in a 2-2 match. Finland beat Norway narrowly and then Norway slaughtered Sweden. France or England laid waste to all the Vikings.

          • Tom F

            Don’t quite think that Sweden’s in a downward spiral just yet; they’ve won all 3(of the 10 qualifiers). Albeit, not by impressive scores. They still got to play unbeaten Scotland, twice(who lead by group goal difference). But the Scot’s looked unimpressive in their 4 game loss, last month at the Brazilian tournament. Shelin & Oqvist are lighting up the score boards over at the French league(Oqvist is tied for 2nd in league goals, the Equalizer’s 3rd coming of Christ, Horan, is only at #6) . Hammerstorm has all ready retired & another, Thurnbo, hasn’t played in the last games for Sweden. Pia still got to figure out the missing pieces to her jigsaw puzzle. We’ll see how they do against us at the Algave Cup, more than any other team in the world, they always seem to have our number!
            Remember to that Sweden did win the u19 Euro’s in 2012, but it’s hard for these smaller Scandinavian countries to come up with a strong team at every age group.
            But yeah, you don’t want to finish second in group qualifiers! It’s almost like Russian roulette; only the best 4 records out of 7 of 2nd place teams get to go to a special elimination which will only produce one wild card spot.

  • TN

    Morgan Andrews #7, she was terrible in that game. There were way too many times she passed the ball and gifted it to the opposing team. It created a lot of chaos for that back line. Savannah Jordan was so incredibly unlucky to score only once, she was so dominant and athletic, really amazing.

    • Steglitz49

      Never a good idea to fluff your lines. At least against weak opposition it does not lead to goals but even so it looks inept.

  • rdalford

    Good for US U-20 to start with a win. Impressive set of starting forwards 5-9 Horan, 5-8 Doniak, and 5-7 Jordan. Had to laugh that it was initially hard to tell them apart without the numbers. Good that after a number of just slightly off shots Jordan finally scored. Horan was on target all night with shots and passes (as others have noted the pro experience in Europe is helping her game). Nice to see that Summer Green also continues to show ability to score. Hope that hand injury to Doniak is treated carefully (as all injuries should be). They have enough other forwards.

  • Steglitz49

    If Ms Horan does well in the U-20 WC later this year, she will be in the 23 that go to WC-15. She may even be a starter, though substitute is more likely.

    • xanthophobe

      I agree that she’ll be there, but whose starting spot does she take? Morgan will definitely be a starter, and even if Wambach isn’t, I don’t see Horan passing LeRoux and Press for that spot.

      • Steglitz49

        It is all speculation at this stage but I could see Ms Horan and Abby alternating for each other, maybe even Lindsey starting and Abby coming on in the 75th min. If fit, Alex is a given starter. If not, Horan is a candidate replacement — speed and passing.

        If Christen has a dull NWSL experience while Lindsey does well for the U-20, TS will be in a bind. Granted, the NWSL is a more even league than the Swedish one but it may well be better as well, in which doubt will fester in TS’s mind as to who is the stronger card.

        Should Tyresö win the Champions League, not lesat with Christen continuing to score, Christen’s shares will trade high, but Tyresö keeps bleeding players. The latest is Jennifer Hermoso, who is moving to Barcelona. That gives Christen more chance to shine but overall the team seems a bit weaker.

        • gerd karl

          tyresö win never the champions league, the team is to bad.

          • Steglitz49

            Japan are world champions. They knocked Germany out in Germany.

        • newsouth

          ;You had to plug Press in there, didn’t you? As much as you wanted her in Chicago, it might work to her benefit when she arrives because their front end is full of brutes ala lori, boxx and tanc. They are slow but occupy space and she needs room to sleep East or West 1 – 2 steps to get her shot. I won’t bank much on her coming in June given Chi could be out of the running by than. That’s not her fault but you will blame it on her. anyway, Horan has to prove she can beat out Delie because she can compete with Press and Sydney. And she ‘ll be warming the bench behind Delie if she stays at psg well into 2015. But hate on, buddy. : ) That’s an overall SLOW squad. They will go through qualifiers like Thaisa and Wiggers did for Brasil but will get rocked in the WC, definitely not up there with Dunn and Ohai;s squad.

          • Steglitz49

            just stirring, just stirring …

          • luke

            Leave ’em alone for sec and they put Horan in the same sentence with The Empress…
            Eh, lil brats… 🙂

          • Steglitz49

            We can wait 6 or even 9 months, but at some point TS will have decided and the smoke screen of experimenting will not work. If he decides to take a chance on Morgan Brian, it will really hot up.

        • xanthophobe

          You make some very interesting points. I agree there’s a lot of pressure on Press in the NWSL, but I think she’ll rise to the occasion, and you’re totally right that a CL victory could be huge for her. Press has the opportunity to be huge for the Red Stars, and I think she’ll thrive, even if the team doesn’t make the playoffs.

          I just feel like you’re ignoring Leroux when you say it’s Press v. Horan. I think right now, Leroux is the #3 striker–I’m not sure if I feel she should be above Press, but Leroux is damn good and has the opportunity to shine in Seattle, especially since this season they’re likely to be title contenders.

          I also think that with the move up to 23 players on the roster, TS might use the extra two spots on a defender and a midfielder. Just a hunch.

          • Steglitz49

            Your point is well taken. I was assuming that barring injuries or other unavailability, Abby, Alex and Syd will be selected for WC-15. TS may limit himself to 4 forwards, in which case there is 1 more to pick, or he may go for 5, in which we are looking for 2.

            Ms Horan is big, strong and fast. She scores with her head as well as feet, and she is a passer and distributer of the ball. As many have commented, she is the natural replacement for Abby but she is just as good an understudy for Alex.

            If I were TS, as things stand now I would pick both Ms Horan and Ms Press, but we have a whole year to go, and TS may limit himself to 4 forwards. Then he must chose.

          • xanthophobe

            I think 4 forwards might be best, only because of the plethora of midfielders and defenders. With forwards, only A-Rod and Horan are on the outs, and I think A-Rod might be out completely. I just think the extra depth in midfield and defense would be better than adding Horan. But Horan is clearly on the rise, so she very well might change my mind.

            It’ll definitely be interesting to see how it plays out.

          • Steglitz49

            Your point regarding ARod is well taken. I think that TS will give her every chance to prove herself, not least because of the PR-angle.

            At danger of inviting vengeance from the Pressgang, I expect that all things being equal TS is more likely to select Ms Horan before Ms Press in 2015. Just a feeling — and not without its own logic.

          • xanthophobe

            I think Horan’s biggest hurdle is playing time–Press is going to be the focal point of the Red Stars and will be playing in every game. Horan was a sub behind Delie and co., and if she can’t

            I think TS giving A-Rod a chance is a good thing. I’m not her biggest fan, but there’s no point in ruling her out just yet. She has great experience (two Olympic golds, a starter on the WC team). Her performances in those tournaments weren’t great, but we can’t underestimate the power of having been in those situations. At the end of the day, TS would likely face backlash if he ruled her out, and that’s just not worth it. I still believe she’s one of the best forwards in the country.

      • Sydonia

        Horan is big. She can have Lloyd’s spot one day.

        • xanthophobe

          Oooooo I like this idea.

        • VaFan51

          Actually, I think she will have Abby’s spot one day. She is a dyed-in-the-wool forward.

          • Steglitz49

            Hear hear!

  • ROOTchino

    Did anyone catch the highlights from US Soccer? They were posted on Youtube but then removed shortly after, wonder why…

    • Rdalford

      US soccer got Fox Soccer to stream the U-20 games on FoxSoccer2go (free 2 week trial) so games might still be available via Fox.

      • Rdalford

        Yep, video of US U-20 game is still up on Fox Soccer 2 Go

  • gerd karl

    usa-costa rica 6-0, this is a great win.
    costa rica the best u-20 team in the world
    concacaf u-20 is a joke.
    costa rica, jamaica and guatemala simple will not get you to a u-20 world cup.

    the german u-15 beat costa rica, jamaika and guatemala with 7-0 .

    • Tom F

      unfortunately your u20 coach, Meinert is like a Sylvia Neid mini me. She’ll complicate her kids way too much than it has to be

      • gerd karl

        shut up, the trainer of the us u-17 women team is so bad, not qualified for the u-17 world championchip in costa rica.
        the trainer of the u-20 is a troll

        • Greg

          If Germany is so good, how did they lose to Spain (0 WC appearances) in U-20 qualifying a few years back? And how did a team with Maroszan lose to the US in the last U-20 WC?

  • NYRick

    This thread is going to put Steg into overdrive.

    • Steglitz49

      I am in my hypo phase.