USWNT to host Russia in Boca Raton, Fla. on Feb. 8

The Equalizer Staff January 6, 2014 19

Sydney Leroux and the USWNT will play Russia on Feb. 8. (Photo Copyright Patricia Giobetti for The Equalizer)

At least part of the rumored United States women’s national team games against Russia was confirmed on Monday.

The U.S. will host Russia on Feb. 8 at FAU stadium in Boca Raton, Fla., the federation announced. The announcement indicates that the rumored second game for Feb. 12 should be a go and news will drop about that soon.

Jan. 31 will see the U.S. women kick off their year against Canada in Frisco, Texas. There are also a pair of rumored games against France in June.

FAU hosted the U.S. women on Dec. 15, 2012, in the United States’ last game of the 2012 Olympic gold medal celebration tour. They beat China 4-1.

Boca Raton, of course, was the one-time home of WPS club magicJack. The U.S. has frequently headed to Boca Raton when looking for an East Coast training camp in a warm environment. They will train in Carson, Calif., from Jan. 8-15.

The match on Feb. 8 kicks off at 3:30 p.m. ET.

  • Laura

    Alex will be at the her friends wedding and she is a bride-maid so she cant skip it

    • rufan

      With a matching boot on ?

  • Tom F

    Germany beat Russia 9-0 last September. Hopefully this game will be closer!

    • newsouth

      Hopefully, they put everyone with under 20 caps on the pitch. What’s the point of anything else, esp Wambach?

      • Silver Frost

        Wambachio gets 90+ minutes, but who else is going to start? All the old ladies? If we don’t score at least 9 goals and walk away with a clean sheet then it will be a disgrace. I can’t wait for the Algarve Cup and some half decent competition.

        • newsouth

          japan will bring a test squad to the algarve. no way they play their hand over 1 year from the WC. neid will bring a beatable team again. these teams will try to ambush them at the world cup, not play their hands in a tournament with 5 people in the stands. it’s a vacation tournament. only the uswnt will show up full force as usual. there is never a test with this squad. pia will brutalize morgan and sydney., their runs should be fun to watch.

          • Tom F

            Japan’s strong point is that they practice harder than any other country for major tournaments. Otherwise they’re only an above average team. They went 6-6-3 in 2013. Even with their vets, they lost to China, N & S Korea in a couple of East Asian tourney’s they recently competed in.
            Germany is healthy now. and they will have a stronger lineup then they had last year in either the Algarve Cup or Uefa finals. I still don’t think it’s enough for them to beat the US if it were in full strength as Neid leaves her flanks exposed too often when she sends her cb’s into the attack.
            This time I’m in agreement with the Stegmeister, Morgan needs rest! espically since her injury is more svere thasn firdt thought. But that means TS could experiment with lineups. Hopefully it’s not Wambach & A-Rod, otherwise they might just call it ‘Flop-a-mania!
            Only the top team from each group gets to advance, So it’s hard to say if the US will meet Germany in the finals

          • Steglitz49

            Thank you for your endorsement (though I sometimes worry when people share my opinions).

            The only soccer thing that remains for Alex to collect is the World Cup trophy. Seeing that some of the greatest names in soccer never got their paws on it, she would be in good company if it did not come her way, but I doubt that that would be much consolation.

      • NYRick

        More like everyone with over 100 caps.

      • NYRick

        Any matches played in the states, Abby plays for 90. That’s been the rule. Any time the team is in Europe or elsewhere, less OG or WC, is the chance to not start her. There is no mystery to this anymore.

        HAO and Carli getting 90 all the time now too is pretty strange though.

  • Eric Bauer

    I wonder why it took US Soccer so long to post this when it was already set up a while ago and posted via the Russian site? There is always this air of secrecy with everything they do.

    • NYRick

      Since the match was against Russia, it was probable some post cold war type of thing. :–)

      • Steglitz49

        Soccer is, after all, regarded as communism by the back door …

    • NYRick

      And might I add, the equation usually works like this for any organization:

      Secrecy = Corruption.

      • newsouth

        These events are legit.

        1. Morgan and Sinclair – Portland
        2. Press – Chicago for Brian Cushing and Kealia Ohai
        3. Wambach getting reduced practices for more game minutes
        4. Franch left off the guardian vs players she was ahead of last year.

        No, it’s all Even Steven.

        • NYRick

          So you think Brian Cushing is having an influence as to the comings and goings of women’s soccer now? That’s kind of insane, I just can’t buy that. First off, he needs to start really concentrating back on his NFL career, he’s had early season-ending injuries I think two of the last 3 years. And if the USSF is now making concessions for Ohai over Press, then she is truly the black sheep of the entire program.

          Points 1 & 3 are legit (especially 1). And the whole GK situation with the US team is strange to say the least. At this point, Franch should at worse start to be groomed as the #2 or #3 keeper just on talent, age and potential alone.

          • newsouth

            if Houston #5 was a fix , then why is it a #2 now? please explain. there wasn’t a trade. in any league on the face of this EARTH you trade up for players and picks. some people went in a room and Houston came out with the #2 overall. Chi drops #5 and gets press. i’m not saying cushing went to the federation said, we want ohai in houston. it’s a marketing move to get him on board. injuries or not, he’s the #1 texan in houston to the fan base. press is a no name on the national team, is just a-rod right now with a better scoring touch.

          • Pressured

            Any chance Washington takes Ohai and screws them over?

    • rufan

      All the Russians had to know was they had a game in a warm spot. All the items the USSF had to settle as host- venue, TV if any, ticket prices, hotels, etc.