Heath returns from injury, Horan scores in PSG win

Jeff Kassouf October 5, 2013 44

Tobin Heath played 78 minutes for PSG on Saturday in her first match in over a month. (Photo copyright Meg Linehan for The Equalizer)

U.S. international Tobin Heath played her first match of the season for PSG and her first competitive game in over a month in the club’s 2-1 victory over Montpellier on Saturday.

Heath’s last competitive match was the National Women’s Soccer League final, when her free kick from a “sore right foot” lifted Portland Thorns FC to a championship. U.S. Soccer said this week that Heath still has” a ways to go” in recovery, but she was apparently healthy enough to play 78 minutes on Saturday.

Fellow American Lindsey Horan scored the game-winning goal in the 71st minute after Marie-Laure Delie equalized just before halftime. Marina Makanza had given Montpellier the lead in the 25th minute.

Swede Kosovare Asllani also saw the pitch, giving way to Horan in the 61st minute.

This all leads into PSG’s massive UEFA Champions League Round of 32 clash with Swedish champions Tyresö FF. The first leg of that series is Wednesday, with the second leg in Paris on Oct. 16. Are Heath and Asllani fit enough to play significant roles in this two-leg tie? Saturday’s evidence suggests so.

Marta (through translation, so take it with a grain of salt) thinks Sweden has a better league than France, which should add some nice fuel to the fire. Tyresö find themselves up against PSG after being unseeded in the draw, this being Tyresö’s first Champions League campaign.

Here’s a reminder of the Champions League schedule ahead:

Round of 32
Ties 9 & 16 October (*first leg 10 October, **second leg 17 October)

*Konak Belediyesi (TUR) v RTP Unia Racibórz (POL)**
*MTK Hungária FC (HUN) v 1. FFC Turbine Potsdam (GER)
R. Standard de Liège (BEL) v Glasgow City LFC (SCO)**
Tyresö FF (SWE) v Paris Saint-Germain FC (FRA)
Pärnu JK (EST) v VfL Wolfsburg (GER, holders)
FSK St. Pölten-Spratzern (AUT) v ASD Torres Calcio (ITA)
*Apollon Limassol LFC (CYP) v SV Neulengbach (AUT)
ŽFK Spartak Subotica (SRB) v FC Rossiyanka (RUS)**
PK-35 Vantaa (FIN) v Birmingham City LFC (ENG)
FC Zürich Frauen (SUI) v AC Sparta Praha (CZE)
*LSK Kvinner FK (NOR) v FCR Malmö (SWE)
FC Twente (NED) v Olympique Lyonnais (FRA)
WFC SSHVSM Kairat (KAZ) v Arsenal LFC (ENG)**
FC Barcelona (ESP) v Brøndby IF (DEN)
Thór/KA (ISL) v FK Zorkiy Krasnogorsk (RUS)
UPC Tavagnacco (ITA) v Fortuna Hjørring (DEN)

Last 16 draw
Barcelona/Brøndby v Zürich/Sparta
Konak/Unia v Apollon/Neulengbach
Tavagnacco/Fortuna v Tyresö/PSG
Spartak/Rossiyanka v Spratzern/Torres
MTK/Potsdam v Twente/Lyon
Thór/Zorkiy v PK-35/Birmingham
LSK/Malmö v Pärnu/Wolfsburg
Kairat/Arsenal v Standard/Glasgow

Tournament calendar
Round of 32: 9/10 & 16/17 October
Round of 16: 9/10 November & 13/14 November
Quarter-final & Semi-final draw: 21 November
Quarter-finals: 22/23 & 29/30 March
Semi-finals: 19/20 & 26/27 April
Final (Lisbon): 22 May

  • kernel_thai

    For whatever reason the seedings came out just left of bizarre. If I picked the top eight clubs off the top of my head as Arsenal, Lyon, Potsdam, Tyreso, PSG, Wolfsburg, Malmo and LSK it is not possible that more than four of those clubs will be in the final eight.

    • Steglitz49

      The seeding uses some transparent mathematical formula and not nerds in a smoke-filled room. Notwithstanding, there are 6 matches which seem at odds with Tyresö meeting PSG and LSK meeting Malmö.

      One explanation is that the formula has a bias in favor of countries with a lesser history of women’s soccer so as to encourage them. This could explain a team from Turkey playing one from Poland, one from Belgium playing a Scotch team, a Cyprus team playing an Austrian one, etc.

      • just

        because psg have played CL 2 years ago, and france is 1st to clubs rating…

        here you have many explication (but in french, i think with google translate you can understand the most important)


        • Steglitz49

          Mercy buttercups!

          Rankings are rarely perfect. Both in golf and tennis from time to time someone tops the rankings who has never won a major. The Nadeshiko had never gotten out of their group in a WC before 2011 but then they did it with style, elegance and not least conviction.

          I have nothing against PSG being rated higher than Tyresö, nor have I a problem with giving weaker countries a leg-up.

          Classic examples of strange seeding are the groups for the men’s WC in 1954 and 1970, when Germany and Hungary were together and Brazil and England, respectively. Nevertheless, if I understand the article correctly, France’s embarrassing Euro-13 has not cost them much. Odd.

          • just

            yes because it’s not just the final round…. it’s qualifing group + final round, like for germany in 2011

            in euro 2013:
            france have ….11 win 1 draw
            germany have .13 win 2 draw 1 lose
            Norway have ….12 win 2 draw 3 lose

          • Steglitz49

            Merci (or is it dankewell?)! Anyway, I doubt if the Norwegians lose too much sleep over it, though those missed penalties in the final must grate.

          • Commander WANK!!!

            French clubs’ coefficient rankings do not look weaker than Swedish clubs’ to me.
            Tell us how many times TyresöFF took part of the WCL again?


            Why would national teams’ perfomances in any way affect clubs rankings?
            Your examples are pointless…because they imply rankings at national teams level and not at clubs level

            Have you still forgotten what are the fundamentals about clubs and national teams in soccer or do you omit crucial elements intentionally that wouldn’t suit your arguments the better?

          • Steglitz49

            It is actually “kernel-thai” who is complaining about Tyresö meeting PSG at this early stage. I am not.

            I tried to provide a possible explanation to “kernel-thai” of how it come to be that way but “just” kept me right, and I repeated that I did not find the seedings odd.

            It is a long time since Umeå played in the CL. One wonders where Umeå would have been seeded had they qualified instead of Tyresö.

          • kernel_thai

            And I appreciate ur efforts. If it were only PSG/Tyreso I would have put it down to bad luck. If u consider the French, German and Swedish leagues to be the three best in UEFA then it is very odd that of their six entrants in the event, half are guaranteed to be eliminated after the round of 16.

          • Steglitz49

            To my mind, Konak/Unia vs Limassol/Neulengbach and Thór/Zorkiy vs Vantaa/Birmingham have all been dealt good hands, while Arsenal is also getting an easy ride (Kairat/Arsenal vs Liège/Glasgow). Let’s see how the cookies crumble.

  • Diane (DeeG)

    Doesn’t sound like there’s very good communication between PSG and US Soccer. Heath didn’t show any signs of favoring her foot, so I’d say it’s been OK for at least a few days and she seemed fairly match fit, so…

    • blueshoes

      Let’s hope she’s just not playing through pain when she should be resting. She looked fine in the NWSL final, yet had a boot on less than hours later.

      • Steglitz49

        PSG has an appointment with destiny next week and they needed to check out Tobin and Kosse. Tobin played 15 min longer than Kosse but their styles of play are different so it may not mean anything.

  • Commander WANK!!!
    • wosofan

      Thanks for the link. That was a pretty sick diving header by Horan. She was wide open, yes, but lots of players wouldn’t have used their head, and would’ve blown that chance.

      • Steglitz49

        Ms Horan scores in a top game in France while Ms Press does not in an average game in Sweden. The two matches between PSG and Tyresö might have an impact on WC-15.

        • Commander WANK!!!

          Yeah yeah, we all know your dislike about Press. Thanks.

          Players whose even Marta thinks she is complete and versatile.

          • Steglitz49

            I do not dislike Ms Press. I share NYRick’s high opinion of her. She is an exceptionally fine striker.

            I simply chose to point out the obvious, namely that visibility counts and scoring one critical goal makes you immortal, like Karina Maruyama who has only scored 3 goals for Japan against top teams but one of those was the key one.

          • newsouth


          • NYRick

            We all know he roots against poor Press regardless of what he says. LOL. The only way she will ever get full props from him is with the Golden Boot at WC15 and scoring the winning goal for the US in the final. Anything short of that makes her an average player and forever never to be mentioned in the same breath as Alex or Abby or even Asllani (who I like BTW and think is very good). My opinion, and take it with a grain of salt because I think she’s an exceptional talent, is that Press is the best of the 4 US forwards right now. It’s sacrilege to say here, but I go by what my eyes tell me when I see her play. I really hope she plays well against PSG, win or lose. She deserves the positive PR and spotlight.

            BTW, do you know of a good link to see the Wed. PSG-Tyreso match online in the US? Thanks!

          • Steglitz49

            For the link, The Commander is your man. If The Commander does not know how to watch the game, I doubt if anyone does.
            Calling The Commander! Come in, my good man. Where can NYRick watch? A herring plats your hair and mercy buttercups, and all that. Zlatan rules, OK?

          • Steglitz49

            The big news otherwise in Sweden, which has them quaking in the isles, is that Torbjörn Nilsson, the man who brought Christen to Sweden, has decided to call it a day. He is breaking his contract a year early. The reason he gives is that this year Gbg has, in his opinion, gone backwards. In short, he is falling on his sword.

            Who will succeed him? Maybe The Commander knows?

          • Commander WANK!!!

            Aww, See, you upset him now. Steglitz49 wishes you would have asked him if he knows some live streams too.
            As he shouts his head off he is proud Swede as well as he aspires to be “the man” (rightly so)

            Isn’t PSG-Tyresö match a swedish concern too? Let’s ask him if he knows some links, we don’t want him to go off to sulk in a corner, do we?

            Seriously, It’s a tricky one, really, because this year, BeIn Sport channel has been messing around with the WCL’s broadcast rights. PSG ladies’ WCL games will be broadcast exclusively by them (it’s one of their official sponsor, BeIN sport is a TV channel owned by Qatar btw.)

            Live streams usually covered Eurosport’s broadcast, Eurosport was the main broadcaster for the WCL
            If the usual live stream providers have taken a BeIN sub remains to be seen.

            I am sure they will be some links to this channel though. The saddest part for me is I won’t be able to watch the game for work duties. But I’ll try to keep you all informed about some links as long as I can beforehand. But it’s likely there will be some swedish live streams too.

          • Steglitz49

            Tyresö-PSG will be broadcast live by the Swedish channel TV4sport which is a subscription channel. The coverage starts at 19:00 in Sweden which is 1pm on the East coast. (The commenatry will be in Swedish, selfevidently.)

          • Commander WANK!!!

            As for Press, I always tend to like better latin style of game player. The few I have watched from her made me see how much atypical she is amongst the others USWNT forwards.TS would be a fool if he thinks those games would have an impact of the WC-15 out of a duel between Horan and Press…He has so many more concerns, there will be many more competitions, games, camps, friendlies for testing, approvals etc…

            but Yes, those two games will have an impact on how each club would consider their US players’ assets for this season at least.

        • ctsmith73

          Tyreso shuffled some of their lineup yesterday. Krieger wasn’t on her usual outside, where she and Press have been very productive together as of late.

          • Steglitz49

            Do you know why? Were they practicing for their date with PSG?

            Tyresö has had trouble against well organized defenses like Piteå and earlier against Örebro, in both cases tight marking keeping Christen quiet, but neither of those teams should be able to tie with Tyresö, let alone take the lead.

            Let’s hope we will see a repeat of Tobin’s amazing goal in the NWSL final. That would light up the CL if not Europe.

          • ctsmith73

            Not sure, but they didn’t play Engen either, though she was presumably healthy and available. So you have one of the world’s best center backs on the bench, and you move your world class right back to center back.

          • Steglitz49

            Does not bode well?

          • ctsmith73

            I would not be experimenting a few days out of CL. It raises questions.

      • Commander WANK!!!

        Indeed, when I look again closely ML Délie was attempting that header too. Those are kids who are feeling, who are breathing the “football”. We are familiar with these kind of moves by Horan.

        She attempted an acrobatic bycicle kick next year against Montpellier in this very stadium. It was her first ever game with PSG.

    • Silver Frost

      Playing in what appears to be an empty stadium. Sad.

      • Commander WANK!!!

        True. Attendance was roughly 2k people.
        Today in France, no one expects that a D1F women’s soccer game would fill a 32k stadium capacity, which is set for the much more popular men’s squad anyway…

        • Steglitz49

          An attendance of 2000 is jolly good. The average for the German league so far this season is 1727, but the last 2 seasons it was 890 and 1121, respectively. I can’t find figures for Sweden for this season but the last 2 seasons it was 836 and 924, respectively. Do you have figures for France’s D1 that you can share?

        • Lorehead

          Soccerway thinks that it was 300 last January. 2K is a big improvement. Do you know what accounts for it?

          • Commander WANK!!!

            First I need to apologize the attendance I was speaking about was the one at Stadium Charléty (PSG’s home) for the 2nd leg in January as you reported.

            Montpellier did a good 1700 attendance at home last year…this year’s attendance is still an improvement nonetheless

          • Lorehead

            Ah, that makes more sense. Thank you.

          • kernel_thai

            Much better weather in October than in January.

          • Commander WANK!!!

            That too I suppose. Even though, in January, the weather is much sweeter in southern than everywhere else in France . French Federation should be looking into this and switch things around next year.

      • Steglitz49

        The Commander is spot on as usual. Not infrequently, European ladies matches are played in quite large stadia but only the main stand is used, which is the side of the cameras and broadcasting equipment. Thus, it looks empty though you can hear cheering and applause.

        It is early days yet, but the German ladies league also have much improved attendances so far, with 7 teams at home averaging >1000 spectators (plus 1 at 987) and only 1 team has 1000, 4 teams <400 and the av was 890, while the previous season those figures were 5, 2 and 1121. This may simply reflect the visibility of the German ladies national team.

  • Commander WANK!!!

    Linda Bresonik seems to be back on the PSG team for the Tyresö game.


  • Commander WANK!!!
  • Steglitz49

    Maybe Jeff could open a book on bets on the results? Commentators on The Equalizer can put in their ha’pennies worth on what the final score will be and which player will score and in what order.

  • Commander WANK!!!