VIDEO: Krieger, Harris arrive in Sweden

The Equalizer Staff August 22, 2013 16

Ali Krieger and Ashlyn Harris have arrived in Sweden with new team (for now), Tyresö FF. The two signed short-term deals for the club and left on Monday, one day after the Washington Spirit’s last game.

Krieger will have the chance to play in the UEFA Champions League once more, which she says she’s excited about.

“Day in and day out we’re going to get that great training and good games, and that’s what we were looking for just to stay sharp,” Krieger told Tyresö FF in the above team-released video.

  • STT

    I feel sorry for these two, just for how crammed their schedules have been:
    Sunday — Play 90mins for the Spirit in the evening
    Monday — Fly (7+hrs) to Tyreso
    ?? — Travel to Orebro
    Wednesday – Play 90mins (or at least start – Ali was subbed out in the 78th) for Tyreso
    ?? — Travel back to Tyreso
    Saturday – Play (probably) 90mins hosting Jitex

    I know NWSL had some crazy scheduling, but come on, coach, couldn’t you have given them a *bit* of a break in their first week in Sweden? Geez! 270mins of soccer and who knows how much travel – that’s WAY too much for just seven days.

    • Steglitz49

      Tyresö looked most ordinary against Örebro. Tyresö were flattered to draw the match, which Örebro deserved to win.

      Ms Press did nothing to advance her claims to a spot in the USWNT. It was obvious that Marta was missing. Ms Press might have been better advised to have stayed at Gbg.

      • STT

        I think that was kind of predicted – ANY team is going to “miss” Marta. But Tyreso didn’t help themselves by signing a defender and a ‘keeper instead of trying to go for another scorer/playmaker. And I’m sure it didn’t help that those two Americans they did bring on were probably quite low on energy.

      • newsouth

        Great forwards need good feeders from the mid-field. You saw that all season long in Portland’s mess. Maybe it was a day off at the office for Press. Or it possible Kreiger and Harris brought a bit of a losers attitude with them from Washington

        • Steglitz49

          Great forwards make their own luck. Pure strikers must be spoon-fed, preferably milksops.

  • Lorehead

    That stuff they said about being glad to be out of the NWSL, and playing at the highest level, in Europe, where there’s more technical ability? Okay, they might have been pandering, but ouch.

    • Steglitz49

      Let’s hope the NWSL takes them literally and do not force them to play in the NWSL again, seeing how little they care for the league.

      • Silver Frost

        Krieger can stay in Sweden for the next ten years. And off the USWNT. I’m afraid she’s past it.

        • Steglitz49

          The Swedish leagues are drowning in foreign players, not just the top flight but the lower divisions also. One wonders why? A penny for your thoughts?

          Last year criticism was raised against the high proportion in the top division and this was repeated this season with no lesser person than Pia shouting the loudest.

          The proportion in Norway and Denmark is much lower, even in Germany and France.

  • nwslfan

    Kriegs gives far more savvy interviews. Ash definitely needs to work on “sports talk” and not throw her former team/league under the bus….

  • newsouth

    Hahaha, Harris is a guardian, so what does she know about the field play? This is the woman who thought she was better than Solo but is probably 5th amongst the guardians with the arrival of Franch. Kreiger has a rich Euro background from Germany but maybe on the fringe with Dunn breathing down her neck. I’m a Kreiger fan but those two are expendable in the NWSL. Washington could draft Dunn and Kreiger would be forgotten. And Harris complained in Washington instead of stepping up and captaining her backline. Close your traps, say you had good training inthe NWSL and now, you’re in Europe to extend it. The new Wambach and Huffman but at least Wamman knows how to give a politically correct video.

    • Kelly

      You never want to bite the hand that feeds you, something Harris needs to learn. Barring some unforeseen injuries, Harris is done with the NT. With Dunn coming up, Krieger is on her way out too – which is sad because I really do enjoy her positive attitude and work rate.

      • Silver Frost

        Yeah, but Harris has a sleeve tattoo. She has more ink than Solo. LOL. Whatever happened to Natasha Kai?

        • Kelly

          I do wonder what happened to her. I played against her in college and she was an absolute beast. A lot to handle. I heard she dropped out of favor with Pia..that’s about all.

  • Pele

    First of all, political correctness is not Kreiger/Harris’s forte. Both are out for themselves and nobody else. Ask others about their Leadership qualities especially the players on Washington Spirit. When things got bad where were they?
    IMHO I think Chantel Jones was a better overall GK, Leader and Teammate than Harris. And Kreiger is still feeling the effects of her concussion. Lastly, someone mentioned the loser attitude… was very evident that the Allocated players on DC did nothing but complain when things got tough…..harris, needs to look in the mirror, she was part of the problem, with a goals against average of 1.85 I don’t know how she ever won a game at UNC or is still on the USWNT. Maybe she isn’t as good as she thinks she is:)

    • SuperBayern

      I wish I could like this comment more than once.