FC Kansas City announces home venue

Jeff Kassouf February 6, 2013 14

FC Kansas City will play its home games at the 6,150-seat Shawnee Mission District Stadium in Overland Park, Kan., the team announced on Wednesday.

The venue will be the third-largest in the National Women’s Soccer League, behind the Portland Thorns’ Jeld-Wen Stadium (20,438) and Western New York Flash’s Sahlen’s Stadium (13,768) in Rochester, N.Y.

Shawnee Mission District Stadium boasts a multi-use artificial surface with a track around it. There is seating on each sideline. The stadium opened in 2006, replacing the original structure from the 1950s.

FC Kansas City also announced its season ticket prices, which range from $135 for general admission to $255 for front row seats.

  • Steglitz49

    This confirms that the Lionesses of FCKC are going from strength to strength. The stadium seems about right size. More important, the season ticket prizes seem a steal.

    With 450k in the city, 1.5m in the urban and ca 2m in the metro area, this stadium should be sold out several times over. But. With Shawnee Mission being in Kansas as opposed to Missouri, will people on the Missouri side go to the matches? One assumes that there are limits to what people will do.

    • Kirsten

      The stadium is only 10 to 15 min from state line so that won’t be an issue, people from MO to KS for sporting KC games and they sell out everything. It’s not that big of a deal to people here. I just want to add that the facilities for fans are really nice I’ve been to a few high school girls soccer games there and have loved the experience each time.

      • Steglitz49

        Minutes as the California Condor flies or as the traffic snails? It is wonderful to learn that the stadium is excellent for the fans. Brilliant!!

        I sincerely hope that the LFCKC win this inaugural NWSL season. It would be wonderful for ladies’ football if that were to happen. Go, LFCKC, go go go!!!!

        • It’s just FCKC (no ‘L’). And traffic is almost never an issue in Kansas City.

          This is a great stadium choice. They may only sell 500 season tickets (though I have my fingers crossed that they will pre-sell at least 1,000). This is the right-sized stadium for KC’s first women’s professional team.

          The men’s team routinely sells out 21,000 at Sporting Park. It would be a dream if the women’s team was successful enough to eventually move to a larger stadium, but right now, I think they have their work cut out for them to sell the 6,000 every week.

          • Steglitz49

            It is a fascinating phenomenon that you describe. The men’s team can sell out 21 000 seats regularly, you write, yet American men’s soccer is pretty pedestrian, while you hope for very much less for the ladies’ game notwithstanding that American ladies’ football is among the very best in the world. It ought to be the other way round. Why is it not?

            American women have dominated ladies’ football for decades. Only Germany come near to them in consistency though these past 5 years Japan have established themselves as a women’s soccer powerhouse. Well-understood, attendances at ladies’ matches in Europe and Japan is not great, except for the odd team, and the sort of figures banded about on The Equalizer would make the NWSL the very best attended league in the world by far.

            Business schools use people like Pete Rozelle and Paul Giorlami as case studies of changing whole fields. Sony and Honda are other examples. Whatever the preceding ladies’ leagues in USA did, it did not work well enough. Time for a change.

    • randomhookup

      Moving across state lines shouldn’t be a problem. I think they eliminated the border control checkpoints back in the ’70s. 🙂

      • Steglitz49

        1770? or 1870? There is an expression “bleeding Kansas” I seem to remember.

        I think the line does not go through the river but down the middle of a street somewhere. Is that so? Or has it been rationalized in tese boring days? There are streets in Switzerland where a language line goes down a street such that on one side they all speak German and on the other French. I do not know if there is a cuckoo line.

  • Gerson22

    “With 450k in the city, 1.5m in the urban and ca 2m in the metro area, this stadium should be sold out several times over.”

    That’s insane.

    You know what population is a measure of? Traffic. That’s it. That’s the list. It’s not an indication of how a pro women’s soccer team will draw.

    For “this stadium to sell out several times over,” the “Blues” (as the team refers to itself, not “Lionesses”) would have to have a higher average attendance than any WPS team not named the Los Angeles Sol ever did. How the hell is THAT going to happen?

    Ask yourself, “Is this realistic, or am I just a fanboy?”

    • Steglitz49

      Ladies’ pro-soccer in USA is in its last chance saloon. If the NWSL does not fly, then it is curtains. It is high time for women to show loyalty to their sisters! This stadium has to be sold out. Sold out every single game.

      It is only 6150 spectators, not 60,000 as in Emirates stadium. If little Vittsjö can average more spectators than live in that tiny hamlet, then the women of KC must make sure that FCKC Heifers fill every single one of those 6150 seats! No bones about it.

      It is only 6150 seats! Assume 15 home games. That makes 93k spectators altogether. Assume 1/2 of the women in the city are fit enough to go along that gives you a pool of about 115k to work from. Tight I admit. The marketing department have their work cut out. They had better get going. On your bikes!

      • This makes no sense. Selling 6,000 tickets every week to a brand new sporting team (that most people in KC aren’t even aware exists) would be quite an accomplishment.

        And this post is insulting to women, btw. Who cares how “fit” the spectators are? They’re watching the sport, not participating. Geez.

        I hope not just FCKC, but the entire NWSL has learned their lesson from the past and will not focus their marketing efforts on women or girls. Men make up the largest % of spectators for ANY sport – even when the athletes are female, so the marketing efforts need to target all of KC who are interested in sports, not just a small demographic.

        • Steglitz49

          I used the term “fit” to cover all those that are not too small or to frail or ill to actually travel to the stadium and spend 105 minutes in the stands.

          My illustration was that if each one of those 1/2 of the women in the city went to one single match each season, the stadium would be sold out.

          Please else see my reply to your other post. Of course you are right in that the marketing must cover everyone. Nevertheless, an obvious difference between the spectator profile at men’s and women’s soccer matches is that the men’s crowd has an enormous number of 20-35 year old men, while the corresponding segment of women are missing from the ladies’ matches. Another difference seems to be that attendances at women’s matches is much more sensitive to the general economy than men’s matches.

          In short, the market has to be analyzed, defined, segmented and expanded into neighboring territory.

          Ultimately, to run a women’s pro-soccer club you will need a budget of $3m a year and mayby more. It is claimed that the yearly player salary budgets for Potsdam and Frankfurt are about $2m and that of Lyon has variously been quoted as $3.7-4m per year.

          The NWSL is a major undertaking but the lady players need all the support they can get. It behoves women to go along and lend their sisters (in the extended meaning) a hand till the next world cup. After that they are on their own.

        • Kirsten

          Thank you for being someone else who actually understands KC and the things that will be issues and what wont. I think they should also take into consideration people from other cities like Lawrence and even Topeka. I personally will be driving 2 hrs to KC for every game from Manhattan. This entire region loves soccer and I see this team succeeding. I think there are a lot of people with an east or west coast bias that don’t know KC that well who are really underestimating them.