Report: WNY Flash reveal five free agents

Jeff Kassouf February 1, 2013 14

Sarah Huffman (left) is headed to Western New York to play for the Flash. (Photo: Debby von Winckelmann)

The Western New York Flash have snatched up a strong group of free agents, taking advantage of the fifth free agent slot the team was granted by the National Women’s Soccer League.

As first reported by Jeff DiVeronica of the Rochester  Democrat & Chronicle, the Flash have signed Americans Brittany Taylor, Sarah Huffman and McCall Zerboni (as revealed earlier this week), plus Spanish forward Adriana and Australian attacker Samantha Kerr.

Western New York was granted a fifth free agent slot because the team was only allocated six national team players. Every other NWSL team was allocated seven national team players, although injuries and short-term contracts have affected team situations and allowed for five free agents in Chicago, Seattle and Washington, as well.

Zerboni captained the Flash last season in the WPSL Elite League. Adriana also played with the team last season.

  • chris

    isnt adriana brazilian? or am i thinking of a different one?

    • Steglitz49

      You are thinking of the model. The footballing Adriana is Spanish. She once played in USA for WNYF.

  • Shouldn’t Seattle also get another free agent (beyond the Arod situation) as they are in Spirit’s situation as well? Missing two NT players to Europe for actually longer than the Spirit are? It is exactly the same or worse than Washington yet…. Crickets.

    • randomhookup

      You mean like this announcement that came out yesterday from the league and was discussed here on Equalizer?:

      Following the College Draft, a two-week period commenced in which teams
      could sign four – and in some cases five – additional players of their
      choice. The teams allowed to sign five additional players during this
      period were the Chicago Red Stars, Seattle Reign, Washington Spirit and
      Western New York Flash due to unforeseen absences or late season
      arrivals of allocated players. The two-week period to sign additional
      players ends today, at which time each NWSL roster will be at a maximum
      of 15 players.

      • That fifth one is to replace Arod though. Washington is getting a fifth to make up for missing two NT players for part of the season. Seattle is also missing a USWNT player to Europe as well as a Mexican player to Europe for more of the season than the Spirit are. They should get Six free agent signings then. One additional one for Arod and one on the same basis Spirit is.

        • randomhookup

          My apologies – I missed your aside. The info flow on these “part year” situations isn’t clear yet. The Washington situation is the 1st to pop up.

          • No worries. Seattle’s fluid roster situation isn’t easy to keep track of. For them or for us. 🙂 I wasn’t thrilled Seattle was going to miss two NT players that long, but as Washington was too I had to handwave it away in the spirit of fairness. Now that they did address Washington’s situation it is weird they ignore the same situation in Seattle. Ugh. Maybe I should just plug my ears and hum a tune until April. Having fairness triggers isn’t a good trait to have at the moment.

          • Steglitz49

            Those pesky European teams paying top €uros for top talent. Rotters, the lot of them.

            Remember when LA Sol had Miyama, Marta, Abily and Frisk playing for them? Pretty frisky, eh what?!

        • Steglitz49

          Is it reasonable to expect replacement for pregnancy? After all it is a natural event. Indeed, three top players got married about the same time: A-rod, Heather O’Reilly and Yuki Ogimi, and you could say that A-rod is the first to score. The other two may not be too far behind?

          Mrs Ogimi is the odd one out in that she prefers to play under her married name, the other two keeping their maiden names on their shirts. Also, her romance blossomed with her in Germany and he in Japan! “Handies”, as the Germans call cell phones, have a lot to answer for.

          • Since this is a unique allocation situation and before the season starts then it is reasonable to expect something. It is unlike other leagues. If this happened to a free agent Seattle scouted and signed I wouldn’t expect anything from the league for example. Be it that free agent playing overseas or having a medical event. That’s the difference between allocated players and free agents. Allocated players came to the teams in a different way than free agents and the league/feds have a responsibility for the former while teams do for the latter.

          • Steglitz49

            OK. Fair enough. Have Tome Sermanni select one and send her to Seattle. Or let them sign an extra foreign player? Mrs Ogimi, perhaps!

  • ToSeek

    They’ve got a superb midfield and some good forwards, but they’re going to have to work to find defenders – Taylor’s the only one they’ve got so far who’s unquestionably starting caliber. Or maybe they’ll just be like the WPS Washington Freedom, winning matches by scores like 4-3.

    • Steglitz49

      Maybe they are planning to sign Ms Iwashimizu as one of their foreign players?

  • Adriana, Kerr, Abby, Perez, and Carli? That will make for high scoring games. Probably on both sides though as I get no sense of their defense outside of Franch.