Washington Spirit revamp logo, add more VIP seats

Meg Linehan January 30, 2013 19

The Washington Spirit unveiled a redesigned logo and announced an expansion of the VIP seating area at their home venue today in a press release.

The new logo was designed by freelancer Pete Schwadel in collaboration with the Spirit front office. The new logo ties into the patriotic themes of the old logo, but also uses both “Washington” and “DC” to link the team with the District and the greater Washington metropolitan area.

The team added over 350 additional seats to the VIP Reserved seating area at their home venue, the Maryland SoccerPlex.

Prior to the press release, the team published the new logo on their Tumblr, continuing the new trend of breaking news on social media websites.

While some might find the timing of a logo and branding overhaul curious for such a young team, Spirit GM Chris Hummer said, “We collaborated for a few weeks with a great designer who offered his help, and the result was just too good to pass up.”

  • Steglitz49

    Is it really cricket to appropriate the national flag like that? Is it not lèse majesté?

    • Anthony Clauser

      It’s quite common and has been around in some form or another at least since 1782 when it was used as part of the Great Seal of the United States.

    • Anthony Clauser
  • ToSeek

    I also note that they’ve appropriated DC United’s black-and-red, presumably in a nod to them.

    • According to the release, it’s navy. To keep the whole red, white, and blue thing.

    • Steglitz49

      I thought black-and-red were the colors of Milan.

  • Steglitz49

    Tobin Heath has played her first match and scored her first goal for PSG. It was a French Cup match against a D2 side. The Cup the ladies compete for is most handsome, a sort of giant Paul Revere bowl.

  • notimpressed123

    This logo was too good to pass up?

    Somebody must be drinking to believe that….

    • Don’t be a poop. It looks way better than it did before. I’m glad they were willing to take a second stab at it.

    • Steglitz49

      Your point is well taken. “Worthy” or “precious” are descriptors that leap to mind. It is dreadfully dull. The dead parrot sketch comes to mind. In short, there is no spirit in this logo. Hopefully the spirit will be on the field.

  • Slicey

    I think it looks great and totally appropriate for DC and a team names Spirit to use red, white, and blue; the stars and the stripes.

    The 11 stars kind of bother me, however. Usually when there’s a seal, crest, flag, whatever, every element is symbolic. But unless 11 means something to anyone, I’m guessing that’s just the number that happened to fit in that space.

    • Steglitz49

      The number of players on the field at any one time for a soccer team?

      I suppose you could have 22 as in “Football is a game where 22 people kick a ball around for 90 minutes and then the Germans win on penalties” (Gary Linkeker).

    • From the press release: The 11 stars in the crown represent the players. The 12th star represents the fans. (The 12th star is the one inside the soccer ball, for clarity.)

  • ToSeek

    As I suspected, “adding” additional seats to the VIP Reserved seating area did not involve any additional seats, just redefining two more sections as VIP Reserved. But the bottom line is that it’s great that there’s enough interest for that.

  • Derek

    ITs a much cleaner logo, definitely an improvement. The eagle talons on the ball is cool, though hard to make out what it is without knowing.

    • Steglitz49

      Talons! So. That is what they were. I thought it was Aladdin rubbing the lamp to release the spirit.

      • Cyclops Mr. T is what I’m pulling for.

        • Steglitz49

          Was not Cyclops bested?