Report: Flash to receive $24K for allocation shortage

Jeff Kassouf January 22, 2013 4

The National Women’s Soccer League has reportedly decided how it will compensate the Western New York Flash for allocating the team one less player (six) than each of the other seven teams in the league.

Jeff DiVeronica of the Rochester Democrat & Chronicle reports that the team will receive $24,000 in compensation. That sounds suspiciously like the same figure that we reported as the likely maximum per-player salary for free agents. Coincidence? Doubtful.

That number more or less tells us there will be a $24,000 cap on per-player salaries, since the compensation is meant to make up for leaving the Flash one player short of every other team.

As for the supplemental draft we confirmed on Friday with NWSL executive director Cheryl Bailey, Jenna Pel reports it will take place on Feb. 6. A schedule could be released as early as Feb. 1.

  • Steglitz49

    Have I understood this right? You win two Olympic golds and a World Cup silver and you are valued at $24,000.

    It seems like you go to a pedigree dog-show and have been promised 3 hounds but you only get the malamute and norwegian elkhound that you opted for but they were out of rottweilers, so they gave you the cash to buy a Heinz 57 varieties mutt.

    I must be missing the point.

    • randomhookup

      No team was guaranteed they were getting one of the Olympians to fill each of the 3 spots … only someone from the USWNT pool (one of the GKs allocated has 0 caps). If I’m at the bottom of the allocation list, I might as well be given the money to go get who I want rather than the 24th player allocated. They will be fine… WNY has won 3 league titles in 3 years in 3 -different- leagues; they know how to find good players for their money. $24k is the going rate the league has established for now (pretty good on a $200k salary cap to acquire 13 players).

      • Anthony Clauser

        Harris may have 0 caps, but the only team that wouldn’t want her is the one that got Hope Solo. She is a very capable GK.

        • Steglitz49

          Agreed. When there is such a good goalie like Hope Solo, it is hard to get any caps unless like Japan the NT manager is prepared to alternate two players.