Osborne, Henderson, Long reveal teams

Jeff Kassouf January 19, 2013 4

Free agency has begun — sort of.

As we explained in the past couple of days, “free agency” in the NWSL won’t be so “free.” Each team will have the ability to sign four players of their choice before drafting players from a supplemental draft.

Despite teams not yet being able to officially announce players (or can they? See here), some top free agents have already revealed where they are playing.

Leslie Osborne tweeted on Wednesday that she was headed to play for the Chicago Red Stars.

Osborne played the last three seasons (two in WPS, one in WPSL Elite) with the Boston Breakers), serving as the team’s captain. She played for FC Gold Pride in 2010.

One of the other most coveted post-allocation midfielders has found a team, too. Allie Long revealed on Thursday night that she will add to a Portland Thorns FC team already stacked with national team talent.

Finally, forward Melissa Henderson, who played briefly with the Osborne and the Breakers last season, has signed with what looks to be a very solid FC Kansas City team, on paper, anyway.

  • flashfan

    well to hell with the lot of em

    • Steglitz49


      • Keith Miller

        The clue is in their username. 😉

  • Steglitz49

    These 3 examples illustrate the strength in depth that USA’s ladies football has. Only Germany and, possibly, Japan are remotely near USA’s ladies. Norway seems to be rebuilding and seeing how dominant Norway’s ladies are in sports that they make an effort in, Norway could be a force in Canada 2015.

    Free Agency seems an odd term. If a club wants to sign you and you want to play for them, Bob is your uncle, is he not? PSG acquired Ms Horan (and then Ms Rapinoe) while Bayern hired Ms Brooks and Liverpool Ms Engen. I am probably missing something here. Maybe someone can explain the facts of soccer to me?