Paulson: Thorns FC deposits top 3,500

Jeff Kassouf January 4, 2013 8

Portland Thorns FC season ticket deposits continue to rise to what could result in unprecedented numbers for a women’s soccer team.

On Dec. 21, owner Merritt Paulson tweeted that season ticket deposits had topped 2,000 and we pointed out that such a figure would already mean more season tickets sold than any WPS team ever achieved. That figure would also be on pace to top any WUSA number.

Now, Paulson reveals that deposits have topped 3,500:

So, if those deposits all turn into season ticket purchases — and the number continues to go up — Portland Thorns FC will be the best supported women’s soccer team of all-time before even playing a game.

But the “if” is critical here.

Paulson acknowledges that over half of those deposits are Portland Timbers season ticket holders, which means it did not cost them any money to make a deposit. Non-season ticket holders only need to plunk down $25 to reserve a ticket and all deposits are refundable.

So if, say, stars like Megan Rapinoe, who is rumored to be headed to Lyon this spring for a short spell, don’t end up in Portland jerseys, perhaps some fans will pull their commitments. The supporters culture in Portland for the Timbers has been one of the best in MLS, which bodes well for Thorns FC’s hopes of turning all these deposits into hard cash and butts in the seats.

  • Steglitz49

    Much more important news. Allegedly, Tyresö FF, who won the Swedish Damallsvenskan in the very last match against Malmö, for next season has acquired Christen Press from Göteborg FC!

    If this is confirmed, it means that Christen will not be playing in the NWSL. Why she has chosen to leave a team in the QF of the ladies’ CL which has a good chance of reaching the SF is a bit odd, but there indeed you have it.

    Tyresö also allegedly have signed Malin Diaz Pettersson from AIK (a team in central Stockholm, while Tyresö is an outer suburb). Malin scored the winning goal for Sweden over Spain in Euro U-19 in Turkey earlier this year (from a cross from Elin Rubensson of Malmö).

    • Joshua

      “Allegedly, Tyresö FF, who won the Swedish Damallsvenskan in the very last match against Malmö, for next season has acquired Christen Press from Göteborg FC!”

      Not Allegedly. In Fact. Tyreso FF HAS acquired Christen Press from Goteborg.

      Ms. Press has confirmed on her Facebook page:

      “Excited for my new adventure in the new year on my new team Tyresö FF based in Stockholm, Sweden. I feel blessed to have this opportunity!”

      On twitter: Christen Press‏@ChristenPress

      “I look forward to a future playing soccer at home in the US in front of family, friends, and fans. But for now, Sweden is calling!”

      Of course this also means no Christen Press in NWSL in 2013.

      • Steglitz49

        Thanks for the confirmation. Much obliged. (I neither facebook nor twitter, though you might contend that some of my comments may be a bit birdbrained.)

        Did Ms Press say anything about why she decided to continue to take the Swedish krona. Was it just more kronor or did she have a Damascus-like moment? While we are at it, do you know if any other significant movements have been announced?

        • Joshua

          There was no elaboration, just the statements I quoted.

          On another website, someone did comment that Goteborg FC has a history of losing it’s top players to other clubs. Another commentor suggested there would have been a conflict between USWNT training camps and Goteborg CL matches if Ms. Press stayed at Goteborg and that Goteborg didn’t want to “release” Press for USWNT duty. Tyreso isn’t in CL play until the fall and won’t be quite as reliant on Press as Goteborg was in 2012 for obvious reasons. (Is Marta going to be returning in 2013?) so losing her to the USWNT won’t be quite so traumatic.

          No mention of NWSL.

          Question to anybody: Are USWNT players -required- to play in the NWSL?

          Steglitz49, you need to get with the times. The web is a’changing, to quote Bob Dylan. It’s twitter and facebook now. NWSL already has a twtter account and a facebook page. No Webpage yet.

          • Joshua

            “Clock ticking…” answers my question about the NWSL and the USWNT members.

            Thank you, Jeff.

          • randomhookup

            I don’t think the USWNT can really require the NT players to play in the league, but, as in the days of the WPS, they won’t get NT salaries if they go overseas. They have already said they expect some NT players will want to play elsewhere.

          • Steglitz49

            “T(w)itter ye not!”? (A bit weak but I could not resist it.)

            I daresay that given Tyresö’s economy and the strength of their stable, they assume that they can cope with Ms Press’s occasional absences. The reason that FIFA put rules into place for NT service was to protect poor countries because clubs were unwilling to release their players for NT duty. It seems that the USWNT is causing needless friction.

            Gbg apparently earned ca $200k from Lyon for Lotta Schelin. Maybe they will pick up some fee for Ms Press (cf quarrel between Man Utd & Spurs)? The clubs in Malmö who raised Zlatan still get a % of his transfer fee even after all these years.

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