Canberra signs Mewis for final two weeks

Jeff Kassouf January 1, 2013 8

U.S. U-23 midfielder Kristie Mewis has signed with Australia’s Canberra United for the remainder of the Westfield W-League season, which ends on Jan. 12. Mewis just completed her senior season at Boston College and is expected to be one of the top picks in the NWSL College Draft later this month.

Canberra announced the signing on Tuesday. Mewis is being called “a replacement player for injured midfielder Sally Shipard.” Only two games remain on this season’s schedule for Canberra, which sits middle of the table on 15 pts. from 10 games.

“We are delighted to be negotiating with Kristen to join Canberra United and are looking forward to seeing her in action,” Canberra United CEO Heather Reid said in a statement. “She comes to us highly recommended and follows in the footsteps of Taryn Hemmings and Nikki Washington as quick, talented, forward thinking players that are game changers. With Nikki going back to the USA for family reasons and the unfortunate knee injury that has ended Sally Shipard’s season, we had a place available on the roster and are sure Kristen will make a big impression.”

The short stint should provide Mewis with good experience ahead of what is expected to be her professional debut in a few months time in the NWSL.

“I love it [the pressure], I’ve been in situations like this before, travelled everywhere with the youth national teams and been under all sorts of pressure,’’ Mewis told the Canberra Times on Monday.

  • randomhookup

    Looks like she has graduated early, so she is in great position to kick off her professional soccer career.

    • LetsDoThis

      Did she really graduate early or does BC just have two semesters with a long winter break thats about a month and a half off.

      • randomhookup

        Pretty sure she graduated. BC gets back to school on 1/14. Here are some of her recent tweets that indicate she is done:

        Kristie Mewis @KristieMewie
        Two weeks left of college..where did the time go BC.

        Kristie Mewis @KristieMewie
        Last class forever and I have to end it with Tecce. #blinking #feetup #booscoming

  • Steglitz49

    She has as many assists (what happened to the term “goal giving passes”?) as goals, like Alex Morgan. Maybe something special in the making here also.

    Is this going to be the pattern for NWSL players — to play in USA in the summer and in (English-speaking) Australia in the winter (which is their summer)?

    Given that the NCAA assembly line keeps churning out tons of these quality players each year, where will they all go? Of course, most will go into their chosen professions and have soccer as a hobby but if only 2% wanted to try soccer as a career, the system will not cope.

  • TsovLoj

    Two games is barely going to pay for a round trip flight, or maybe not even, so presumably she’s doing this for exposure and development.

    • Steglitz49

      Your point is well taken. On another stage it would be called an audition. Or, as you write, maybe it is even a loss-leader. Best wishes to her!

      If there is a good fit between the NWSL season and the Australian season, some NWSL-players can have two jobs. Seasonal workers. The only fly in the ointment could be USWNT training camps, as we have seen in Europe.

    • randomhookup

      I certainly hope they are paying her travel expenses.

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