Flash on verge of hosting final after 2-1 win over magicJack

Jess Fainberg August 11, 2011 5

On a night full of screaming fans and some of the world’s best women soccer players on one pitch together, the Western New York Flash inched closer to securing first place in WPS and the right to host the championship with a 2-1 win over host magicJack. For magicJack, Puma’s Project Pink night took place to support and provide awareness of breast cancer. The team decided to donate their proceeds to the local Susan G. Komen charity.

In anticipation of a packed house, Florida Atlantic University (FAU) added an additional set of bleachers to their stadium in order to increase attendance at the magicJack home games. FAU also provided extra security, including campus and local police for the game. In front of a sold out crowd of 4,011, Marta’s two second half goals led the Flash to win their fourth game in a row. Much of the first half was wide open, with not many scoring chances coming from either team.

The tempo of the game picked up greatly in the second half. Both goalkeepers, Jill Loyden for magicJack and Ashlyn Harris for the Flash, played strong games for their clubs. In the 65th minute, Western New York went up 1-0 after Flash captain Caroline Seger found Marta on a through ball in the middle of the field, Marta then slotted the ball in the right corner past Loyden. The magicJack defense made up, of Marian Dalmy, Becky Sauerbrunn, captain Christie Rampone, and Tina Ellerton did a solid job of marking Western New York’s powerhouse forward trio of Christine Sinclair, Marta, and second half sub Alex Morgan.

MagicJack broke the tie six minutes later in the 71st minute off a Sophie Schmidt goal. Midfielder Sarah Huffman played in a corner, which was headed away by Sinclair. The clearance went right to Rampone who found Schmidt and the Canadian placed the ball near post past Harris. That was Schmidt’s first professional goal in WPS.

In the 74th minute, Marta took a corner kick for the Flash and the initial kick was cleared by magicJack player/coach Abby Wambach. Seger kept the play alive by finding Marta on the right flank and Marta sent the ball in looking for one of her teammates to tap it in, but instead the well-placed cross bounced into the back of the net.

In a display of rare player management, magicJack kept all their starters in the match the full 90 minutes, making no substitutions. In attendance was U.S. Women’s National Team and magicJack goalkeeper Hope Solo who is out recovering from shoulder surgery for the rest of the season. Solo addressed the fans at half-time thanking her teammates, fans, and magicJack owner Dan Borislow. Solo said it that this time she wants to recover naturally.

“My goal is obviously to be 100 percent for the Olympics with no medicine,” Solo said.

With third place already locked up, magicJack will play their first play-off game next Wednesday, August 17th, at home in Boca Raton, FL. magicJack will find out who its opponent is after the Boston Breakers/Sky Blue FC game on Sunday. The Western New York Flash continues to fight with the Philadelphia Independence for first place in WPS. The Flash’s next match is against the Atlanta Beat in Rochester, NY on Sunday night at 6 p.m. on Fox Soccer.

Check out full post-game audio and video of all three goals here.

  • Liliana

    Although Hope´s speech was nice,I have the feeling Borislow manipulated her words. It´s weird that after Solo being MIA from games (and I know she is recovering, but I mean as an audience member)for o long, and then showing up and telling all these amazing things about Borislow, one is left to wonder the real reason behind her presence and what she said. On the other hand, was a bit rude towards the press how Mr. Borislow was
    ¨controlling¨ his players, I know he is the owner of the team and can tell the players what to do, but pulling a player out of an interview, mid-interview nonetheless, or interrupting the player with silly comments, can be seen as a sign of someone who has 0 respect for the press or anyone else for that matter.

  • Jess

    I was impressed with Mr. Borislow on Wednesday night. In past games he has stayed out of getting involved, but he did a nice job managing a very, very hectic night. By managing I mean making sure players were available to talk to the press, and making sure they weren’t there too long. After the games, the players want to sign autographs and take pictures with the fans, they look forward to thanking everyone for their support. Pulling players out after a few questions wasn’t out of line, in my opinion. I have spoken to Mr. Borislow on many occasions and have never once felt like he did not respect the press/media.
    In regards to Hope Solo, she is not listed as an active player on magicJack’s roster (don’t freak out people, it just means there is no chance of her stepping on the field and playing.). Another example of being “not rostered” is Lindsay Tarpley, who we all know underwent ACL surgery pre-WWC. Some may not like her not being present at games, but it’s understandable, again, in my opinion.

  • Liliana

    But what did you think about Hope´s speech and how she praised Borislow after reading about all the issues he has been having with the league and how he was treating players back in July?
    I mean, I haven´t interviewed him, so I am just wondering if everything that one is reading in the press is true, or what is going on with this guy? And about the interviews, I agree that they had to be quick, cause it was really a very hectic night, but just the way he pulled them out, and how he interrupted some interviews with comments, in my opinion, seemed rude. And also, it was a sign of unprofessionalism that the owner of the team was taking on this job, gave me mixed feelings about what is really going on behind the scene.

    • newsouth

      I’d like to know how you came to that conclusion. This is the girl who ripped the National Team Coach 4 yrs ago. She’s making more money from endorsements than MagicJack, can easily get the same money on another roster next season. I think if he was the GREAT monster people said she’d be the first one ragging him and walking off of the team to get more endorsement. Think on that one for a moment. I think the danger with him and players is he wants to coach (practice and game time) but doesn’t have a CLUE at the professional level. He even has a coach for his U14 team.

      • Liliana

        I didn´t arrive to any conclusion, I was asking cause I have never interviewed him, and giving my opinion on what I witnessed that day. So you tell me for what reason his whole staff quit, and why magicJack players were anonymously complaining about his attitude towards them a few months back…or what about all the statements the WPS has issued about his lack of professional behavior,or even not paying his debts to the league, or denying access to a reporter to interview players some time ago…so, to conclude (and yes, this time I am arriving to a conclusion), it is clear that the danger it´s not just about that he wants to coach,there are several other and more important facts to look at, think on that one for a moment.