LeBlanc joins magicJack, Maron and Rasmussen move onto Sweden

Jeff Kassouf August 1, 2011 7

Several sources saw Karina LeBlanc at magicJack’s 4-0 victory over the Boston Breakers on Saturday and The Equalizer has confirmed that the Canadian goalkeeper has joined magicJack. Additionally, goalkeeper Brett Maron and forward Johanna Rasmussen have chosen to pursue playing opportunities abroad in Sweden.

Several sources, including The Equalizer’s Jess Fainberg (who covered Saturday’s game at FAU Soccer Field) saw LeBlanc on the sidelines for magicJack Saturday.  Dan Borislow, magicJack team owner, confirmed that she has joined the team.

It is unclear which teams Maron and Rasmussen will be joining in Sweden, but Borislow said he was happy to help them explore new opportunities. Rasmussen is a Danish international and the move would allow her to play closer to home.

“Brett and Johanna asked me for the opportunity to play in Europe now,” Borislow said. “They have been great teammates and are very good people. I wanted to help them and honored their request. As you know Jo is from Europe and not completely knowing the future in the U.S. for them, I was happy to help them. They played with a lot of effort this year and had some good games for us.”

LeBlanc is fresh off a disappointing Women’s World Cup for the Canadian Women’s National Team, which went 0-3 and exited in the group stage. She last played in WPS in 2010 when she split time with Val Henderson in net for the Philadelphia Independence. She joins U.S. internationals Hope Solo and Jillian Loyden in what is a very experienced depth chart of magicJack goalkeepers.

  • This suggests to me that magicJack isn’t expecting many minutes from Hope Solo for the rest of the season.

  • Terry Lash

    Further, I would guess from Solo’s behavior that she will not be returning to MagicJack next season, even if it is around.

    • Ding, ding, ding. I said this on the radio on Saturday. I have no confirmation, but I don’t see her putting on a magicJack jersey again.

  • Zach


    If you haven’t seen this item, it’s quite the eye-opener. Magicjack giving FAU an 80/20 cut and then a reported 100% cut for the two games post-WWC? Huh?

    • Thanks for the link. Saw that elsewhere, too. It is….interesting, to say the least. I think it could be an attempt to get on the good side of FAU in hopes of getting a permanent stadium.

      • Tom

        Nice to be on their good side, but how much business sense does it make to have your landlord get used to receiving 100% of your revenues, especially if you’re likely paying the most salary of any team in the league? Could this just be cashing in the chips before folding?

  • newsouth

    Make sense from MagicDan’s standpoint. Really, the team is basically a billboard for his company. The cost must fall in MagicJack’s advertising and marketing budget, so he isn’t exactly looking for a profit on his books for the text man. At the end of the tunnel is possibly a nice 5000 seat stadium or will he use the football stadium and the university will just put down soccer lines?