Boston acquires Dallstream, attendance update

Jeff Kassouf April 27, 2011 7

The Boston Breakers have traded away their second round pick in the 2012 WPS Draft to Sky Blue FC in exchange for Kiersten Dallstream.

Dallstream was drafted by the Los Angeles Sol in 2010 but the team folded and she was picked up by Sky Blue FC.  There, the versatile defender/forward began to pick up minutes until a season-ending foot injury put her on crutches for the remainder of the year.  She could factor into Boston’s immediate plans.  The Breakers are in need of a forward who can pick up the scoring load.  Dallstream, however, is unproven at the WPS level after an illustrious career at Washington State and as a U.S. youth international.

“With the depth of attacking players we have, we felt like this was the best thing for both Sky Blue FC and Kiersten at this time,” Sky Blue FC Head Coach Jim Gabarra said. “It is always hard to trade or release players, but it is part of our business. We all wish Kiersten good luck in Boston.”

Attendance watch:

This weekend’s two WPS games yielded attendances of 1,224 in Florida and 3,075 in Atlanta.  That brings the average attendance to a whopping 3,125 fans per game.  That number is flirting with being below 3,000 for the first time ever and, with magicJack home games promising little more than 1,500 fans at capacity, will probably dip below the 3,000 mark.  For that reason, we will also keep track of the average figure sans magicJack.

Excluding magicJack’s home opener, the average attendance rises to 3,505.

Every team except Western New York has played a home game.  The Flash opens its home slate on Sunday at Sahlen’s Stadium against Atlanta.

Also, be sure to check out Nothing But Nets in the fight against malaria.  Some of your favorite players are supporting the cause:

  • jim

    i dont think you even apply magicjack’s totals in the equation until they have 3000 temp seating in place with standing room which he sells. 3500 isn’t bad. wny has its’ home opener. that could be 5000+ or a miss. who knows since they arent publishing pre-game sales. also boston is at home. wny and boston could put up 9000+ between the two this weekend if the weather is good.

    • I’ve been told that there has been very little presold tickets for the match in WNY. Unless they get a huge walk-up, the crowd won’t be that big. Boston is also expecting to be more in the upper 3,000’s this season, but they did exceed self-expectations with the home opener crowd.

      • jim

        excellent for boston if they are meeting the expects this season. boy, he renamed the stadium and has been getting the word out about the flash in rochester, and is selling the best seats in the house for 20$. i’d hope the walk-in gets them over 4500. that’s sad if rochester fans will put 7000 in for a semi pro rhino game but near nothing for a top level wps team.

        i think everyone can say that the 2nd half of some wps games have been better than mls games this season. atl vs wny 2nd half was unreal. sky vs philly was a winner. thanks for the updates.

  • Andy Crossley

    Dallstream information is not quite correct. She never played for the Sol in 2009 because she was still in college. She was a first round draft pick of the Sol in 2010, who folded several days later. Sky Blue then picked her up in the dispersal draft, so she was a rookie last season.

  • So how low can the attendance number dip before they are forced to pull the plug?

    • That is a good question and one to which I don’t really have an answer. I can say that attendance, even without magicJack, will again be lower this year, but what we are told is that the business model is adjusted for that. I would say it would not be at all surprising to see an average attendance figure around 3,800 or so even without the magicJack figures.